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  1. FriendCalledFive

    Star Citizen: Around the Verse - A New Origin

    Upgrades keep the insurance from the ship you are upgrading from. To get LTI you need to buy the warbond 100 series with real money.
  2. FriendCalledFive

    3.5 added to Roadmap

    Good spot! Sadly I sold mine, but could be interested again if they give it a proper cockpit view for an exploration ship.
  3. FriendCalledFive

    3.5 added to Roadmap

  4. FriendCalledFive

    3.1.3 is Live

  5. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/4/thread/star-citizen-alpha-3-1-3-ptu-745418-patch-notes There is a nice selection of ships to fly and 100,000 aUEC to go wild with
  6. FriendCalledFive

    my Build is finished

    Nice to see another Rift owner, there don't seem to be many of us in the org
  7. FriendCalledFive

    Star Citizen Alpha 3.1.2d PTU

    Am guessing they want to get it released before the Free Fly weekend starts today.
  8. FriendCalledFive

    The age old question. AMD or Intel.

  9. FriendCalledFive

    Star Citizen: Around the Verse - A New Origin

    Am just annoyed I can't downgrade my 315p to a 100i (315p is linked to package).
  10. FriendCalledFive

    Star Citizen: Around the Verse - A New Origin

    I will likely be upgrading my Aquila to the 600i Exp.
  11. FriendCalledFive

    Do new/updated ships always get a discount?

    LTI seems to be becoming a lot rarer now, even on warbond ships.
  12. FriendCalledFive

    Do new/updated ships always get a discount?

    Ships going on sale means they are available to buy, not at a reduced price. Occasionally there are starter packages at reduced sale prices. Concept ships go on sale with a cheaper warbond variant which means you can only buy it with real money, not store credit.
  13. FriendCalledFive

    Scavenger hunt on 1st of April

    You have to re-copy your PTU account
  14. FriendCalledFive

    3.1 PTU is now open to everyone!

    3.1 hasn't launched, it is in PTU phase. When it does launch all your credits get reset, as they do with each update. All you have are the ships you own.