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  1. 3.0 ooops

    That is odd, I stick to my cutlass nearly all the time for trade runs, it is normally rock solid at Levski! My Titan has issues when taking off at Levski.
  2. 3.0 ooops

    I had cargo on board my ship, I made it back to Olisar to sell it before I left the server. I had the back to bed thing once, I detest the getting up animation so much, that is the worst part of the game for me, so having to do it twice was very irksome!
  3. 3.0 ooops

    I had a wierd one the other day, I was playing SC in Bigscreen in VR showing it off to a couple of randos, I took off from Levski, was flying away from it for about 10 seconds, then the next thing my Cutlass is glitching around in the edges of the hangar, I managed to untangled it after a frantic 30 seconds, and fly out of the hangar again.
  4. First Cargo Run

    It is pretty much unflyable for me with mouse. I use HOTAS normally, but in 2.x I could use a mouse for basic stuff, but now a joystick is the only way to control a ship. Mouse never feels immersive to me anyway.
  5. Building a simpit

    Personally I don't use rudder pedals, twist joystick works a lot better in my brain, but when I have tried it I was able to use my racing pedals, you either need to set them up as a combined axis or separate (can't remember which works) and then just configure them to taste in each sim.
  6. My simpit (not finished)

    The keyboard is wireless so I can either have it up there, or bring it onto my lap, although the wheel gets in the way of the top rows of keys. Is ok for wandering about with. I also move the joystick to the PC to make getting in and out easy. Yes, plenty of leg room for the pedals, I am not using them for SC yet. Am hoping we will get wheel control options for land vehicles.
  7. That will likely be the culprit. My secondary rig has a 6GB GTX1060 and that uses 75% of the VRAM on the lowest settings. My GTX1080 uses 80% of its 8GB on Very High.
  8. My simpit (not finished)

    Very nice. Mine is a bit more ghetto:
  9. Star Citizen Config Tool

    Ah, that might make sense, I will give that a try (am not sure why I didn't think to try that myself!), thanks Update: Fullscreen windowed works, I hang my head in shame I didn't to do that myself!
  10. Star Citizen Config Tool

    I don't know about you guys, but I have been struggling to get manual change of resolution to work via user.cfg
  11. My PC build

    Run the benchmarking tool from userbenchmark.com to see how your odd RAM is performing. Here is my system: http://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/6679653
  12. Wow, I just managed to hit 60fps in the PU! It was sporadic going between 20 and 60, but I had never seen over 40 since live was released. Gotta love this NVMe drive!
  13. I found that site earlier when DivoH posted his specs earlier, it is great! I bought the NVMe drive, but found the performance was only about 30% above my SSD's, although SC did seem to run smoother on it. I found my mobo is cr*p and runs the NVMe at a much reduced rate. I ordered a PCIe to NVMe adapter and put it in today and it is massively faster on benchmarks, I was just disappointed by SC. Hopefully the servers were having bad day.
  14. Yeah, I just upgraded to an NVMe drive, and jumped into SC and got very poor performance, but I have no idea if that was the server or if something is screwy my end.
  15. I named it "Xanax"

    Nice one. I love that userbenchmaark.com, I hadn't seen it before your post, am working on tuning my PC up at the moment so that is very useful

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