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  1. I have a cheap Sades headset I am very pleased with. It doesn't have massive amount of bass as you would expect for the price, but it is good enough for gaming and the mic is very good for the price. https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00XCDXWQ6
  2. Another key thing to know is that Lorville is 2000ft (or whatever units it is) up, which is very worth knowing when you are using your altimeter to judge your descent.
  3. I have Prospector, but will be happy with occasional crewing duties.
  4. I was in the lower turret which puts you in head f*** mode
  5. Posting reeddit link where you can get the full size image, posting in the gallery here kills image quality.
  6. We haven't done one in a while. Might be nice to do one after the next org meeting. There are several people on TeamSpeak playing most of the time so you can usually hook up with someone to play together, sometimes they become larger events.
  7. I have had a connie for quite a while and haven't gelled with it at all. I am selling some of my smaller ships to get bigger ships I actually like.
  8. So far I have upgraded my Aquilla to a Carrack and sold my Vulture to pay the difference.....more changes to come over the week
  9. We have chatrooms in TS, lots of people are there!
  10. Remi doing a FOIP call to me with Money and Slaine in the background. Seeing the feed from his mobiGlas in my HUD was pretty damn cool.
  11. There are 2M free to make accounts, I would bet half of them haven't pledged.
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