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    FriendCalledFive got a reaction from LordSeb in Is this a graphics card issue? Just not enough oomf.   
    That will likely be the culprit. My secondary rig has a 6GB GTX1060 and that uses 75% of the VRAM on the lowest settings. My GTX1080 uses 80% of its 8GB on Very High.
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    FriendCalledFive reacted to Bursar in Is this a graphics card issue? Just not enough oomf.   
    Pulled this from the Wiki:-
    System Requirements
    Minimum System Requirements[19] for Star Citizen, as of March 16, 2016 (Star Citizen Alpha 2.2.2) are:[20]
    OS (Operating System): Windows 7 service pack 1 (64 bit), or Windows 8 (64 bit) Processor: Quad core CPU more that Intel i5 1700 RAM: 8GB Memory GPU (Graphics Card): DirectX 11 graphics card with at least 4GB Video RAM Recommended System Requirements As of June 11, 2016, Alpha 2.4.0 are:
    OS (Operating System) - Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8 or 8.1 (64-bit) or Windows 10 (64-bit) Disk space - 200 GB SSD Processor - Quad Core CPU (Intel Core i7-4770K or comparable) RAM - 16 GB RAM GPU (Graphics Card): DirectX - Version 11- AMD A10-7700K, AMD Radeon HD 7990, GeForce GTX 780 or similar with at least 4GB Video RAM System Requirements will change as the developers continue update and optimize the testing modules of Star Citizen. The game's final recommended system requirements and minimum requirements, at launch, may be vastly different to those above.
    As you can see they are suggesting at least a 4GB card. PErsonally I prefer NVidia over AMD and have done since AMD swallowed ATi. Ive never had issues with them, but its subjective
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    FriendCalledFive reacted to Roy in Star Citizen Config Tool   
    If I'm not mistaken (which isn't unheard of at all )  user.cfg changes work for windowed mode ( so you'd have star citizen occupying part of  your screen .. not the whole screen in lower resolution ) .. I doubt it will work in full screen mode
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    FriendCalledFive reacted to FoggyEagle in SC Ship Concept   
    Definitely it looks great.
    But why not try to wrap the hull of the ship around the barrel, so that the axis of fire passes through the center of the mass? Next time? Just an engineering issue..
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    FriendCalledFive got a reaction from AthomSmasher in Excellent video showing performance of 3.0 on different hardware   
    tl;dr - SSD is vital, 16GB RAM next most important.
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    FriendCalledFive reacted to Osi in New Beginnings - ideas for 1st base deployment   
    Hi Guys,
    Welcome to the group, here is some ideas i've thought of that might help us get a good start in star citizen, and successfully deploy our 1st org. settlement.
    1. Location, Location, Location
    At the start of the game it might feel tempting to just set off and build our own settlement to get started mining, but unless we know where the good areas are, (we might find some good ones during the PTU / beta phase), but we may miss something even better, we might have to hold off jumping straight in but it will all depend on how much exploration we do until launch.  Ideally id love to start on launch, but I think we might still need a period to build up some UEC balances, this might work better in our favour as we might have enough resources at this point to build multiple on 1 visit.
    Ideally this location will also not be too far away from market maybe somewhere in the range of (250-500 km away) where there is a high demand for the minerals were extracting/refining and also as not to be too easily discovered by passers by and within range of UEE patrol defences (to be determined).
    Ideally I think once we have identified a great location for our first base in the UEE, we will need an armoured escort mission with military to take the beacon to said location, (does the beacon need to be protected?) and then securely delivered to the nearest UEE land claims office.  Once the land is in our name I suggest we gather all the people looking to construct a settlement and build 1 central base with a manned presence and most of the facilities we need at this location and ensure it is well defended.  Around this location either within the 8x8 km range or just outside in another org. owned land claim, we build more mining/refining facilities, which can easily be accessible from the main base facility.
    Initally I see us bring the pioneer down to the planet and building the outposts, but I think we will need a decent military presence during this op, and an Idris delivery of several ground vehicles, for base defence including several tumbril Novas and cyclones for masking the IR signatures of the larger ships.
    3. Future Trading base
    I see us late on building a trading base away from our farms and central base as to not give away our location (very important) we could set this up at the market if its safe enough to do so, or build it in a separate location nearby the major market.  At this location we will setup outposts with defences, and another manned presence and sell product straight from our merchantmen, either by creating contracts or selling to traders directly. We will need a beacon cyclone at this location to give traders awareness of its location, we might need to have level of military presence here at all times.
    4. Outposts in Other Systems/ Non UEE territory.
    After we have successfully built up enough capital to build more risky operations away from home.
    Please feel free to add to the discussion.
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    FriendCalledFive reacted to Roy in Excellent video showing performance of 3.0 on different hardware   
    I'd say - check userbenchmark - no harm I hope   http://www.userbenchmark.com/
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    FriendCalledFive got a reaction from AthomSmasher in Excellent video showing performance of 3.0 on different hardware   
    tl;dr - SSD is vital, 16GB RAM next most important.
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    FriendCalledFive reacted to DivoH in I named it "Xanax"   
    Case:  Corsair crystal 460x
    PSU:  Corsair RM750X
    Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix z270f
    CPU: Intel i7 7700K 5G
    RAM: Corsair 2x8GB 3200MHz
    Graphics card: Gigabyte G1 Gaming 1070  Boostclock:2113MHz
    Sound card: Supreme FX (onboard)
    Hard Drive(s):  Nvme ssd samsung 960 pro 512GB
    Optical Drive(s): None

    Monitor: HP2311x (i know what you're thinking,i ran out of money ;p )
    Speakers:Trust Titan 120W
    Headset:Razer Kraken USB
    Keyboard: Corsair K55
    Mouse: Razer Deathadder chroma

    Operating System: Windows 10

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    FriendCalledFive reacted to AthomSmasher in Squadron 42: Pre-Alpha WIP Gameplay - Vertical Slice w/ Director's Commentary   
    Another take on the Vertical slice; interesting and informative, I thought.
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    FriendCalledFive reacted to Bursar in 3.0 Cutlass Black   
    And lo it has come to pass that on this day I completed a faultless mission using a Cutlass. It wasnt very difficult, collect some cargo and transport it elsewhere. Interestingly though there were a couple of chaps who decided to try & drop me out of Quantum. It worked - twice, but judicious use of the afterburner and re-jumping solved the issue. The Cutlass has performed flawlessly. It is agile enough without being twitchy. Fast enough without being silly. Comfortably maneuverable while still being predictable and docile. It has very adequate firepower AND a turret should it be needed. Cargo is proportionate and easily accesable.
    Compared to a Freelancer, personally while I have both a Max & Dur, I am giving serious though to converting something else into a Cutlass Black - simply because it is so friendly and easy to use.
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    FriendCalledFive reacted to Akanoes in I guess there was a sale..   
    And I came too late =<

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    FriendCalledFive reacted to ichi in Livestream postponed 24 hours!   
    the original SQ42 demo was called the Morrow Tour, so this version is called the Two Morrow Tour
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    FriendCalledFive reacted to Bursar in Livestream postponed 24 hours!   
    And we're surprised that CIG have missed another target? It's what they are all about.
    To quote Douglas Adams - "I love the sound deadlines make as the go whooshing over my head" - this should be the motto of CIG
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    FriendCalledFive reacted to AthomSmasher in Very happy bunny!   
    I like Happy Bunnies so here's my very moment; same as yours:

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    FriendCalledFive got a reaction from ichi in Very happy bunny!   
    Just did my first flight from Olisar to Delamar and sucessfully landed on the planet. Magical moment

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    FriendCalledFive reacted to ichi in Why its important   
    In a conversation last weekend a member asked me what the Academy was, and as a followup question wondered why it was important for us to be spending time and effort now to build up an organizational structure.
    Basically why can't we just log on and play together?  why do we need to have divisions, policies, and things like military ranks and roles?
    ... and those are valid questions, gaming isn't a job, it shouldn't be like work or too overloaded with rules and requirements.
    Today's SCStats provides a good start to answering those questions  
    Tactical Advance is the 9th largest Org by straight membership, and 6th largest by AMMAS (basically Mains minus Affiliates).  Its easy to fall into the trap that the merry little band of folks who have been active over the last few months, while SC goes through a prolonged content drought, represents who and what we'll look like when 3.0, 4.0 or live drops.
    I believe that as time goes by some orgs will grow, some will shrink, and some will collapse or explode dramatically.  Our efforts now are simply to provide Tac and the Org leadership with the ability to handle the large numbers of members that we expect.  May turn out to be overkill, but its better to be prepared to be a large, active Org than to sleep on it and accept the chaos that is bound to ensue if we do not take the steps to be prepared.
    Fortunately the systems, principles, and guidelines are in place, they make sense, they're minimal, and they're designed to provide the maximum freedom and support for us to enjoy this game in our own individual ways,  while giving us the structure necessary to reduce drama and XSBS when this place is packed.
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    FriendCalledFive reacted to Lumpy in HUD add-ons and interface apps   
    I didn't know that existed.  That might be the perfect "tool" for someone like me who doesn't type and can't memorize all the key bindings. Thanks for info.
    P.S..  tried Roccat Power Grid several times. My tablet just refused to communicate with my pc.
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    FriendCalledFive got a reaction from Naraul in HUD add-ons and interface apps   
    I just use a Cougar MFD, similar functionality and a lot less faffing about.
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    FriendCalledFive got a reaction from Naraul in HUD add-ons and interface apps   
    I just use a Cougar MFD, similar functionality and a lot less faffing about.
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    FriendCalledFive reacted to ichi in Using VoiceAttack in 3.0 PTU   
    video of me using VoiceAttack to wake up in Port Olisar, get a ship, travel to a moon
    basic commands include loading a profile, adjusting TrackIR, even controlling video capture, as well as loading a ship and controlling movement
    I use a HOTAS so everything is designed to allow me to not take my hands off the stick - still a long way to go before I release the full profile but here's where we're at 
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    FriendCalledFive reacted to ichi in Anniversary Sale - What's everyone getting?   
    I truly hope for a better view when the DUR is finally ready
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    FriendCalledFive got a reaction from ichi in Anniversary Sale - What's everyone getting?   
    I upgraded my Freelancer DUR to a Prospector last night, I couldn't stand the crappy cockpit view on the Freelancer any more. The prospector is just a nice touring ship whether I want to get involved with mining or not. I also have a 315p for exploration.
    I picked up a Super Hornet as well! Am getting scary close to Concierge now!
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    FriendCalledFive reacted to DaftOlll in Medical Condition   
    Game development supporter. I guess? .... I hope? 
    11 ships, buying a herald today lots of CCU, on top of that crazy plans for buybacks in the future. Yep is a condition.
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    FriendCalledFive got a reaction from DaftOlll in Medical Condition   
    Having the wrong financial priorities

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