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  1. x_wardaddy_x

    anyone play dayz standalone?

    Im in the uk my steam name is same as on here and i play whenever my kids will allow me to.....anyone can add me on steam im quite new to pc so i dont have many friends on steam
  2. im looking for dayz standalone players to squad up with, im quite new to the game and always getting lost but dont mind if your also new so we can learn together or if your experienced at this game and can help me find my way.
  3. x_wardaddy_x

    My dog died.

    So sorry to hear this, take as much time as you need, you made the right decision a hard one but the right one we all look forward to hearing from you when your ready to return
  4. x_wardaddy_x

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    Steam: x_wardaddy_x psn: x_wardaddy_x
  5. x_wardaddy_x

    poor mans rig

    thanks for the advice guys much appreciated as im new to pc gaming, i bought this rig second hand for £300 to get me started if anyone could tell me if i got a good deal for the money or not that would also be much appreciated thanks
  6. x_wardaddy_x

    poor mans rig

    Case:corsair carbide series 330r mid tower casePSU: corsair cx750m 750w psuMotherboard: asus a88xm plusCPU: amd fm2+ kaveri a10 7700kRAM: 8gb corsair vengeance proGraphics card: asus nvidia gtx 760Sound card: noneHard Drive(s):1tb hdd and 120gb ssdOptical Drive(s):Monitor: using an old tv at the momentSpeakers: none apart from whats on the tv but i use kotion each headphones as the tv speakers buzzOperating System: windows 8.1 pro looking for advice on what should be upgraded first any input welcome apart from telling me im poor as i know this.