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  1. MIA

    So final update i guess guys! Over the last week I've flown my first few routes with actual paying passengers, slowly being dragged up to line standards :D It's currently very busy for me especially with the 25min turn arounds on the ground! Over the course of 3 days of flight I've done 22hrs of flight time and by the end of the week I expect to have made that up to about 45hrs. To put that into perspective that's about a quarter of the actual flight time I'd previously done in light aircraft over 4 years for my training! I still can't believe I'm getting paid to do this Who knows, maybe one day one of you will be on one of my flights :D
  2. MIA

    so yesterday i flew this :D 6 takeoffs and 6 landings in 40mins haha fun times :D
  3. MIA

    in this case a touch and go had to do 7 touch and go's, one full stop landing Only difference being full stop used autobrake, speedbrake and reverse thrust
  4. MIA

    it can be quite daunting looking at all the buttons and switches the first few times https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByoLGz4DtpKwODJfUF9Idmd4UGc a video of one of my landings during circuit training today for anyone who's interested
  5. MIA

    If it has a multi pilot option give me a shout and I'll jump in with you if you like that is haha all sims done now
  6. MIA

    The easyjet one? They were the scarebus a320's i believe with the dodgy side stick Yeah will probably be a bit nervous the first time, but i have some more training specifically for that tomorrow morning. 4am start
  7. MIA

    Passed my Licence skills test today on the sim, next comes 6 takeoffs and landings in an empty real 737
  8. MIA

    At almost 13mil USD it better do! ;p
  9. MIA

    Step 3! First time with the full motion on today! Was so much fun First landing was terrible (didn't look down the runway enough during the flare so had a very "positive" landing) All further landings were near perfect Lots of manual flying getting used to the feel of the aircraft!
  10. MIA

    I'm game for that!
  11. MIA

    Yeah that's a fixed base sim. We mainly use them for procedure training like basic aircraft set up and shutdown, equipment operation etc.
  12. MIA

    http://imgur.com/UEHpBF6 step 2
  13. MIA

    https://imgur.com/a/lSIng Step 1
  14. MIA

    Just wanted to keep you all in the loop: I've recently accept a position with Ryanair to train on their 737-800s (very expensive new ship to play with). It's taken many years to get here, so I'll probably be gone for a while for the training, but I will be back (probably before SC is released - more likely before 3.0 drops!) I'll try stop in every so often and post some pics of where I'm at with the training! V
  15. new variants

    the new sabre variant looks nice

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