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  1. FoggyEagle

    Anvil Lance

    Definitely it looks great. But why not try to wrap the hull of the ship around the barrel, so that the axis of fire passes through the center of the mass? Next time? Just an engineering issue..
  2. FoggyEagle

    The Pioneer is now on sale! ($850)

    I'm sorry, but I can not encourage CIGs to sell the claim to the land for $ 100 for a piece of 8x8 km virtual land. I have to melt the Pioneer. I hope I'll can to rent it in the game by in-game money. If I'll need it at all.
  3. FoggyEagle

    Teaser Ship Speculation Thread

    Maybe, Carrack's scout?
  4. It's work on https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/Packages/Aurora-MR-SC-Starter $5 discount
  5. FoggyEagle

    The Pioneer is now on sale! ($850)

    I replaced the Herald, 600i, Orion and Hull-B on Pioneer. Now I can build a hunting lodge on a decent planet protected by UEE Then I'm ready to give in lease the Pioneer. Construction materials and other costs at your expense
  6. FoggyEagle

    Gamechanger Finally Revealed?

    https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/16163-The-Shipyard-Careers-And-Roles section: Ship Roles: A Visual Guide https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/65394/thread/the-shipyard-a-guide-to-the-new-ship-matrix/540943
  7. FoggyEagle

    Gamechanger Finally Revealed?

    I wanna CCU the Terrapin to BMM, because CIG nerfed Terrapin's range The question still is: will the "Pioneer" be in demand in our organization?
  8. FoggyEagle

    Gamechanger Finally Revealed?

    I definitely will not melt my Armada-Pack. I said about my others ships
  9. FoggyEagle

    Gamechanger Finally Revealed?

    Based on the arguments about renting places for ships in the hangar, ( http://forums.tacticaladvance.co.uk/topic/7133-monthly-parking-fees/ ) I can melt my 4 present ships and try to buy one "Pioneer". The question is: will this "Pioneer" be in demand in our organization?
  10. FoggyEagle

    3.0 Evocati

    Interesting, how to stored ships? Will need to check key binding
  11. IMO best Carrack raider group gonna be: 1 Carrack 1 Gerald - to keep HQ informed about path 1 HULL-B - for resupply 1 Starfarer for refuel If it'll be possible to transporting fuel for Carrack by HULL-C, we'll need the Starfarer in base system just to refine fuel for HULL-C to transporting it to the raider group and transporting the found artifacts to the base system for research in Endeavor, so we can keep fuel harvesting and research ship in the safe place
  12. FoggyEagle

    Speculative ships?

    Somehow I thinking about mobile space base for organisations HQ, with big living section, medical, repair and cargo modules. With players and ships (till large as Constellation) respawn.
  13. FoggyEagle

    Q&A: Origin 600i

    IMO, 600 - is a good replacement for a Phoenix, if someone was too late to buy it with LTI.
  14. FoggyEagle

    Ship Data by Shoklar

    + medicall Cutlass RED and Endeavor Hope