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  1. Looks Great

    I agree. Nice and clean. Thanks to all.
  2. The answer is, no. Haha, didn't even know there was one. EDIT: just found it, little masked men (spoiler)
  3. Impact of the delays etc..

    Me too. The key word is "relaxing". With a beer, or two.
  4. Tumbrel Cyclone is out!

    I tried it, "upgrade not available". It's tricking us
  5. Tumbrel Cyclone is out!

    If you click on a ship it says upgrade not available. So far only ccu to other Cyclones. At least that's what mine is doing.
  6. Tumbrel Cyclone is out!

    Thanks guys, it's a live and learn moment I saw the part about ccu to variants not thinking it meant not to ships. Like TD said, I can melt it for credit. Or maybe I will learn to love it.
  7. Tumbrel Cyclone is out!

    Seriously?? Where did I miss that! Well I sure screwed that up. Last thing I need is a dune buggy.
  8. Ha-ha, not really I don't think but got it anyway
  9. Tumbrel Cyclone is out!

    I only have one ship and I would like to start the game with at least one LTI ship. Not sure yet what it will be.
  10. Tumbrel Cyclone is out!

    Looks like pre-sale gets you special skin(black) and a "forum badge" whatever that is.
  11. Tumbrel Cyclone is out!

    Well, bought one. If nothing else, good LTI token. edit: just realized this is pre-sale... should I have waited?? Better choice tomorrow?
  12. Thanks ichi. I'm going to see how well that will print. Looks good to me.
  13. That helps me a lot Roy, thx. I can study that. Still would love something printable to 1 or 2 sheets for future.

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