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  1. Lumpy

    Funny FOIP video (made me laugh anyway)

    That is funny. Probably what FOIP is destined for.
  2. Lumpy

    No Man's Sky

    Well I'm approx. 160 hrs in and still having fun. The updates are coming fairly regular and they are adding enough new stuff to keep me busy. Base building, land vehicles, exploring etc. It was worth buying.
  3. Lumpy

    No Man's Sky

    I agree on both points.
  4. Lumpy

    No Man's Sky

    Your right, very much like Sudnautica. I'm 16 hrs. in game and for me it's fun. Nothing like SC but I didn't expect it to be. Kind of confusing at times so a big thanks to all the people that post tips and tricks etc. A great way to kill time waiting and half price always helps.
  5. Lumpy

    No Man's Sky

    I bought it and l'll give it a try after I finish Black Flag...aaarrrr matey. I have to admit, a pirates life is kinda fun.
  6. Lumpy

    No Man's Sky

    I remember the original reviews on release and it was pretty bad. I just watched the trailer for "Next", the next free update and read a few newer reviews, looks like it's improved a lot. It does have a Subnautica look to it Friend. Multiplayer as well. Half price on Steam just might make me give it a try.
  7. Lumpy

    No Man's Sky

    Do you think it might be a way to kill time waiting for SC? I'm playing Assassin's Creed Black Flag right now. Lot's of fun and cheap on Steam sale. Just finished Subnautica. I loved it.
  8. Lumpy

    Immersion up the wazoo

    Good info guys.
  9. Lumpy

    Immersion up the wazoo

    Thanks for the post Remulos. I was planning on using Voice Attack in the future when we have more of a game to play. I don't use the keyboard well, always have to look down, so it's good to hear that VA works well.
  10. Lumpy

    Do we have a Discord Channel?

    Aha, I saw that guy.
  11. Lumpy

    Do we have a Discord Channel?

    A bot?? No clue here.
  12. Lumpy

    Do we have a Discord Channel?

    I'm thinking not. It's pretty quiet around here.
  13. Lumpy

    4 years with the ORG!

    Congrats AirBorn. Lets hope we have a finished game before another 4 years pass.
  14. Lumpy

    Interesting Article

    Thanks for the post. Very good read.
  15. You bring up very good points Drakin. I have no idea how this will play out in the end because everything is in a state of change right now. Is it possible we won't get to choose who and where we play? Maybe "international" orgs won't be viable. Is anything for sure yet? We are in wait and see mode.