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  1. Apology accepted but I'm not sure it's necessary. I was present for most of the attempt to group up and I didn't find you annoying. I've heard a whole lot worse. Open mics are an issue but again, it wasn't that bad in my opinion. I think the inability to team up easily is more of a frustration. Edit: Twitch stream? Were we being recorded?
  2. Thanks T_D for the info. Funny, I just bought a single Thrustmaster 1600M. My first joystick. One problem I was having with mouse was even at full stop and hand off the mouse my ship was always drifting. It was difficult to keep it stationary. I never learned to type so I'm always looking down at the keyboard. I'm hoping fewer buttons is a plus for me. After approx. 2 hrs with the stick I have found that as soon as I relax my hand on the stick the ship becomes stable. This is an improvement for me. I'm not an expert flyer and the stick is going to be a bit of a learning curve but like you I'm giving it a good try.
  3. Thanks for posting RSL. Very interesting to watch. It's nice to see a positive report on the state of our game.
  4. Wow! Big project and a great dream. Go Tac go! Keep us updated please.
  5. I've read a few comments on our forums about these two options and I really had no clue as to the differences. Honestly, I've only used TeamSpeak and not very much. I came across this video and it helped me understand a little better. I'm personally not into "social media" so Teamspeak looks good to me. It looks a bit more simple. Until we actually have a full game to hang out in I'm not sure it matters too much?? Or does it P.S....video is kind of old so maybe not current. P.P.S...I just received an email telling me we now have a Discord to hang out on. Not sure why we needed it?
  6. Merry Christmas fellow space travelers. And all the best in the New Year.
  7. The Org section of the RSI website has us at 1321 members but we show 2219 on here. Not a big deal but just curious. Why the difference?
  8. Plain old Logitech G430's for me. Had them a few years now and they have been dependable, comfortable and sound is good enough for my ears. https://www.logitechg.com/en-ca/products/gaming-audio/g430-7-1-surround-sound-gaming-headset.html
  9. After a little bit of fooling around I've decided to stick with my pc and monitor. The tv is a family use item and I prefer the solitude of pc gaming. No need for the big screen... just sit closer to the monitor
  10. This little item was news to me! Steam Link, a free app for smart tv's. Streams from your pc to the tv. It's in beta now and available free on Play Store. I'm thinking most of us use Steam. I tried it today and I'll be damned, it works! Tried Metal Gear 5, Dishonored 2, No Mans Sky and they all worked. I'm not used to a controller so I sucked but they looked great on a 65" OLED. Very weird seeing them on that big screen, ha-ha. I have an old "no name" wired controller that worked so now to try wireless keyboard and mouse. I guess this might be old news to some https://store.steampowered.com /steamlink/about
  11. Wow! It looks like the year of the space game. I might try a couple as time killers while waiting for SC. That Squadron 42 looks kinda cool ha-ha. Thanks Tac.
  12. That is funny. Probably what FOIP is destined for.
  13. Well I'm approx. 160 hrs in and still having fun. The updates are coming fairly regular and they are adding enough new stuff to keep me busy. Base building, land vehicles, exploring etc. It was worth buying.
  14. Your right, very much like Sudnautica. I'm 16 hrs. in game and for me it's fun. Nothing like SC but I didn't expect it to be. Kind of confusing at times so a big thanks to all the people that post tips and tricks etc. A great way to kill time waiting and half price always helps.
  15. I bought it and l'll give it a try after I finish Black Flag...aaarrrr matey. I have to admit, a pirates life is kinda fun.
  16. I remember the original reviews on release and it was pretty bad. I just watched the trailer for "Next", the next free update and read a few newer reviews, looks like it's improved a lot. It does have a Subnautica look to it Friend. Multiplayer as well. Half price on Steam just might make me give it a try.
  17. Do you think it might be a way to kill time waiting for SC? I'm playing Assassin's Creed Black Flag right now. Lot's of fun and cheap on Steam sale. Just finished Subnautica. I loved it.
  18. Thanks for the post Remulos. I was planning on using Voice Attack in the future when we have more of a game to play. I don't use the keyboard well, always have to look down, so it's good to hear that VA works well.
  19. I'm thinking not. It's pretty quiet around here.
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