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  1. Lumpy

    Immersion up the wazoo

    Good info guys.
  2. Lumpy

    Immersion up the wazoo

    Thanks for the post Remulos. I was planning on using Voice Attack in the future when we have more of a game to play. I don't use the keyboard well, always have to look down, so it's good to hear that VA works well.
  3. Lumpy

    Do we have a Discord Channel?

    Aha, I saw that guy.
  4. Lumpy

    Do we have a Discord Channel?

    A bot?? No clue here.
  5. Lumpy

    Do we have a Discord Channel?

    I'm thinking not. It's pretty quiet around here.
  6. Lumpy

    4 years with the ORG!

    Congrats AirBorn. Lets hope we have a finished game before another 4 years pass.
  7. Lumpy

    Interesting Article

    Thanks for the post. Very good read.
  8. You bring up very good points Drakin. I have no idea how this will play out in the end because everything is in a state of change right now. Is it possible we won't get to choose who and where we play? Maybe "international" orgs won't be viable. Is anything for sure yet? We are in wait and see mode.
  9. Lumpy

    Sea Of Thieves public beta open for 2 days

    I watched a few you tube vids. It looks like a lot of fun. A group that plays together on a regular basis would be a big advantage. I'll keep an eye on it, do some more research. Thx Friend.
  10. Lumpy

    Star Citizen: Cutlass Black Cinematic

    Fun to watch. Thx Friend.
  11. We've come a long way since Sputnik.
  12. I could have sworn that Arc Corp Mining was a safe zone. Lost about 4000ue worth of cargo. Some dumb ass blew up my ship there. Am I missing something?
  13. Lumpy

    Ship destroyed on pad?

    I'll never understand the feeble mind that gets joy out of things like this. You must be right, I couldn't draw my hand gun but his ship was firing no problem. It seemed closer than 2500m but hard to tell. Oh well, online gaming. I couldn't sell for profit at Levski so tried Ar Corp...my mistake
  14. Lumpy

    3.0 ooops

    Landed at Levski twice in my Cutlass. Last time, there was a ship upside down in the bay I was directed to but I managed to set down beside it. Little scary but I made it. Slow, slow slow!
  15. Lumpy

    First Cargo Run

    Thanks Roy.
  16. Well, I started out doing a fetch some seeds mission but the guy would not give them to me sooo, there was a terminal there and I bought some booze and food. It was really a treat to actually see cargo in my Cutlass (I know, easily amused). I played safe and only risked 2000ue. Almost doubled my money when I sold at PO. Did a night landing at the farm and almost got the hang of the star map. It was a good couple of hours. That was the first time I could actually stay logged in for more than 30 mins. I'm having big problems with "floaty" mouse when flying though. It's like serious over steer. Not sure what the fix is. Any input appreciated.
  17. Lumpy

    First Cargo Run

    That sounds like it's worth a try Roy. I'm not sure how to "remove" one but I'll take a look next time I log in. As the game progresses I may end up using a joystick but I'm not making any investments until closer to a finished product. I might even have an old Wingman around
  18. Lumpy

    First Cargo Run

    Actually that is a "big" tip I never thought of that. Thanks much. I remember mouse being a lot better before 3.0. There used to be some options for mouse control but my memory sucks.
  19. Lumpy


    All the best to all...
  20. Lumpy

    Steam Holiday Sale

    I think your right, daily "highlighted" deals. But looks like good deals.
  21. Some pretty damn good prices on Steam right now. New deals every day until Jan.4.
  22. Lumpy

    HUD add-ons and interface apps

    I didn't know that existed. That might be the perfect "tool" for someone like me who doesn't type and can't memorize all the key bindings. Thanks for info. P.S.. tried Roccat Power Grid several times. My tablet just refused to communicate with my pc.
  23. Lumpy

    Anvil Lance

    Looks like a "sniper" to me. I love it!! I suck at dog fighting but a long range sniper is right up my alley.
  24. Thanks ichi. Great info.