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  1. Engineering - Shipyard Post

    Thanks for the post ichi. I'm loving the new ship info that's coming out
  2. It's taken me a long time to realize just how important ground vehicles and a ship to haul them in is going to be. For the longest time I figured SC was going to mainly take place in space. Not anymore. It seems that most everything I see lately is planet-side. I'm OK with that. I'm not regretting my upgrade to a Cutlass Black. It just might turn out to be the minimum starter ship for me. I was planning on earning everything "in game" but there might be a small ground vehicle in my future.
  3. I guess your right RSL. Planets are the big thing right now. I forgot about space stations. I agree on the Dragon Fly. My first choice so far.
  4. Ships and ideas

    I can't help with info on max numbers but I'm signed up for this and have a Cutlass so I'm curious too.
  5. 3.0 Evocati

    I see a BIG learning curve for me! Yup,slow learner
  6. WOW! Snow pic.

    Saw this on Reddit. Beautiful!
  7. WOW! Snow pic.

  8. WOW! Snow pic.

    Thank you, thank you. I thought it did, ha-ha. I've done a lot of driving in deep snow and that pic looks very real.
  9. Somebody on Reddit posted that it looked like the pilot was sitting on the crapper. Now I can't un-see it!
  10. Star Citizen METAGAMING

    This seems to be a normal occurrence on Eve. I've read about numerous betrayals, spies, turncoats etc. My impression is its very lawless. No consequence to bad behavior. I agree TD, hope we don't have to put up with this kind of drama. Too much like the real world.
  11. MIA

    Thanks for sharing vid. Nice job. I spent some time in a 727 sim so it looks a little familiar. P.S...not flying, just along for the ride.
  12. Is it still working? I'm trying to change ship to Cutlass Black...no luck. Seems dead.
  13. Signature generator??

    Thanks Roy. No problem.
  14. Signature generator??

    Ha-ha, I'm not sure. I always felt the Cutlass would fit my play style. I never really liked the Penguin. And now I own a Cutlass...for now.
  15. Meet the MISC Prospector

    Sweet! Thanks for posting. Edit: check out approx. time .044...Vandul or something alien. Can't take credit, saw it on Reddit
  16. Aha. Thanks again. I've always liked the Cutlass since a free fly last year. So maybe...
  17. Many thanks for the link Akanoes. Where the hell do you find this (gamescom promo) on the RSI site?? I can never figure out where these things are.
  18. Looks Great

    I agree. Nice and clean. Thanks to all.
  19. The answer is, no. Haha, didn't even know there was one. EDIT: just found it, little masked men (spoiler)
  20. Impact of the delays etc..

    Me too. The key word is "relaxing". With a beer, or two.
  21. Tumbrel Cyclone is out!

    I tried it, "upgrade not available". It's tricking us
  22. Tumbrel Cyclone is out!

    If you click on a ship it says upgrade not available. So far only ccu to other Cyclones. At least that's what mine is doing.

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