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  1. Hey guys, some of you very kindly offered to hang out with me on my stream so I just wanted to give you that info. I stream on twitch at https://twitch.tv/remulos1 Monday-Thursday at 4pm UTC and I'm usually there for around 2 hours. Most of the time I remember to set up a channel in TS and I'm in there while I stream. If you want to come and chat about the game, whether your playing with me or not, you are absolutely welcome! If you don't want to chat or play and instead are content to watch me suck at flying then feel free to drop by the stream. Thanks! P.S. I sometimes stream Monday-Friday at 12am UTC but this isn't always SC and is also pretty sporadic.
  2. Very nice indeed! What BOSE sound system is it? I love the meshify and define C cases.
  3. I was just reading Tac's plans for 2019 pay and, once the character DNA system Congress in so characters are a bit more unique, I think it could be really cool to have short intro videos or ads filmed and voiced in-game for the different divisions. It would certainly be easier than trying to find and read through into posts and could be more informative than the division ads we have now.
  4. I know we, as an org, prefer TS to the voice comms in discord but why don't we have a chatroom like discord? ...it's lonely in Thailand.
  5. Must... complete... single planet... challenge... In all seriousness, the last week of my life has been spent playing Stellaris and watching Dragonball Z for about 18 hours per day. I need a holiday.
  6. What is the absolute worst thing for an unemployed gamer with an addictive personality and no sleeping pattern? Stellaris. f**k Stellaris. ...I just can't stop!!
  7. I've bound push-to-talk (teamspeak) and push-to-mute (voice attack) to the same button on my mouse Edit: Benji beat me too it
  8. If you do use it in the near future let me know, I added some custom commands and I'll share the profile. (I mostly wanted to add in some afterburner pushes because I'm lazy) EDIT: I'm also beginning to explore with some evasive maneuvers using voice attack. I'm determined to never touch a keyboard haha
  9. Because of my move to Thailand I had to get rid of my HOTAS setup and start learning mouse and keyboard again. Compared to the HOTAS it's really clunky, having to have my hand dart all over the keyboard to get to different functions seems so bad when I've spent all of my time in SC having a huge number of buttons close together on a joystick or throttle. While I probably wont get another HOTAS system until I move back to the UK in 4 years (I want to get a vkb HOSAS setup) I spent some time to get my Trackhat and Voice Attack setup recently and I love it! I got the HCS Vasco voicepack so I get to fly around and chat to Brian Blessed and it feels really cool to give voice instructions, receive a response and see them carried out. It's not perfect as the HCS people can't keep up with all the different keybindings and some of the systems in game aren't stable enough but what is there is reallllllllly cool.
  10. There's so much lore about the systems that mentions lifeforms on other planets I think there need to be an Arc. Like a mobile zoo ship.
  11. I currently have 2 Cutlass Black, 1 Constellation Aquilla and 1 Dragonfly. I've liked the look of the Terrapin since its announcement but I can't put any money into the game right now. Do you think it's a good idea to get rid of the Aquilla for a terrapin? Maybe swap the Aquila and one of the cutlass' for a terrapin and a hornet? I know the standard response is "depends what you want to do" but I'm not sure what I want to do or how many people I'll be able to do it with now I'm in Asia.
  12. I have flight simulator X in my library but never got around to playing it haha. I think I'll see what the prices are like in Thailand for HOTAS or HOSAS but I'm definitely going to get voice attack. It's cheap enough to try it out without eating to much money if I don't use it.
  13. I currently have a saitek x52 pro but when I move I won't have the space to take it with me. I've actually never used a mouse and keyboard with star citizen so I'm going to have to re-learn how to play the game. I'm considering this as an opportunity to revamp my setup so what do you guys think is the optimal hardware configuration? Some popular examples: HOTAS + trackIR Mouse + joystick 2x joystick EDIT: I've also just learned about the Brian Blessed HCS voice pack for Voice Attack so I think I definitely need that!!!
  14. Welcome to the club! It's good to see another member who likes naming the ships We are looking to start an Endeavor Club where fans and owners of the Endeavor can have a place to discuss all things Endeavor including load-outs, mods and upgrading so once that goes up you should definitely join! As far as I can remember we are still looking for someone to run the group, if you have any interest in this you should contact SlaineUK or bog. There is also a Herald group which I run so if you want to join a community of people interested in that ship then you should join it!
  15. I have been a big fan of the 9-series Longsword for size 1 weapons lately, having done a lot of Arena Commander in my P-52 Merlin. It's punch-through makes it much more viable against larger ships in my opinion. What do you guys think? Do you have a preferred loadout?
  16. This is a terrific idea as long as it stays open to all. If you are looking for any help in setting it up then I am more than willing.
  17. I don't want to spam so this is the last I'll post on the matter but there is a new post tonight to explain what cryptocurrency is and there will be a new post ever weekday this week so please check it out and let me know your thoughts. If you're not already interested in cryptocurrency then I'd value your input even more!
  18. We're waiting for the database to be transferred to the new server and it will also be integrated into the new sites division mechanic coming soon™. As far as I understand it, it was maintained by 22Actual so it's not unreasonable to expect that it will take some time to get it sorted. Don't want to disturb the guy too much. EDIT: By 'we' I mean the Devs, I'm about as useful as a sponge in the desert.
  19. I have started a blog to explore new and upcoming technologies in a beginner friendly way. The first series is about cryptocurrency so I've you're interested in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies or just want to help me out then please give it a read. Let me know what you think! https://notquitetechsavvy.wordpress.com/2017/09/04/im-late/ P.S. This post isn't spam because I only started looking at crypto after a conversation with Tac
  20. I'll be there! I've been waiting for this all year! Should be a good opportunity to get a large number of Org members together at once as well.
  21. Hi Everyone, This is obviously speculation at this point but there are some geographic markers we may be able to use to detect direct artist input. In the 3.0 build, the planet geography which is procedurally generated (without artist polish) will likely be a heightmap based on mathematical models which makes it almost impossible to include things like sheer cliff faces or caves. As there is such a small selection of planetary bodies it is likely that all locations of interest will include some direct artist input on the surrounding geography. This could potentially make scouting for outposts and wrecks, etc. much quicker as we would be able to spot an artist-touched (there has to be a better term for that) piece of geography and know to primarily scout in that area. What do you think? Here is an episode of Subscriber Town Hall from October 2016 where they talk about it, as far as I know this information hasn't been changed since.
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