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  1. I got a Prowler and a Black Dragonfly, that was all, oh and my Connie got an upgrade to an Aquila that will be up for borrow by the explorers and the likes.
  2. To be fair, these two also differ a bit in price even though the most expensive one is smaller in size:
  3. I have one as well, got no issues with it being specialized and it can go away from the fleet, just that it'll be at a disadvantage if it doesn't know what it flies in to, and that's pretty much why you got the stealth
  4. Just a bit sad that the shader are so far off :/. Otherwise a great site and could be very very useful for creating graphics.
  5. I have a few ships: - Constellation Andromeda (will be upgraded to a Aquila later on) - Super Hornet - Sabre - Prowler - Black Dragonfly (not really a ship, but still!)
  6. yeah, I kinda had to buy it xD. love the looks of it and mine will have LTI so I'd happily lend it to the army
  7. Ah, well, they could at least add a price so one would know if it would be worth it
  8. Damn, sorry to hear bro, take all the time you need, there are more important things than the game and the channel. She'll never be truly gone though, you'll always have her in your heart!
  9. Looks good, but seems to miss a cockpit? Edit: Only looked to comment number 6, had I kept going I'd see the cockpit at comment 8 (Bomber)
  10. For someone not all into hotas-gaming at all, what's the benefit of having dual sticks? How does one handle throttle? Does both stick control the ships movement or will one be used for maneuvers and one for aiming?
  11. Star Citizen - Aurori_Swe (feel free to add me so I can actually see you in the verse) PSN - Aurori_Swe Steam - The flying dutch (long story, don't ask) Bnet - brorori#2669 League of Legends - Aurori (EUW) Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/user/Aurori/
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