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  1. PvP with other orgs Feb 2nd

    Greetings Citizens, Our multi-PvP events continue to be a success, so we’ll keep organising them. However, attendance is very variable at times, so we would like you to fill in this survey to see if we can come up with a different time or day to get an even bigger crowd. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Q6X573C We’ll be playing a mix of Star Marine and Arena Commander. Date: February 2 Times: 20:45 Australian Eastern Time zone 20:45 Central European Time Zone 20:45 Eastern Time Zone Communication: We’ve opened dedicated channels on our teamspeak server Teamspeak address: the-bwc.com No password required for the dedicated channels You can download the teamspeak client for free at http://www.teamspeak.com/downloads Be aware that we require users to set up a push-to-talk-button. Commander comms will be set up. We will have a common room and separate rooms per org. Please be on TS ten minutes before the start of the event. Streaming/twitch. Feel free to stream to your heart's desire. We would appreciate it if you would add following message to your stream: “If your organisation would like to participate in these PvP events, please leave a message for DrZombie at www.the-bwc.com.” DrZombie. Black Widow Company.

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