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    @Disc_Jockey I'm hoping to fit either my 85X or the Argo inside. Would be good to be able to park on the edge of the asteroid  belt and send the Argo in to salvage  cargo. 
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    Drake Caterpillar ship tour?
    Thought I leave this here.
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    Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2016: How has your fleet changed.
    With the close of the 2016 RSI Anniversary sale, I though I'd share how my fleet evolved during the week. 
    My initial plan was to get longer insurance plan on my current ships, Freelancer, Andromeda and buy a Sabre. It was a simple case of melting and re-buying the ships and a Sabre with the 4 year packages.  However, I began to seriously think about what I would really like to do in the game, exploration and the supply of expeditions. So I needed a ship for exploration, cargo hauler and fighters to escort them. After watching the Anniversary live stream I was really keen to get the Aegis Comet, also I was only going to get ships that would be flyable now or by patch 3.0. After watching a post on YouTube from NOOBIFIER on how to get an LTI upgrade on a ship, I had a new fleet in mind. During the week I melted ships, purchased ships, upgraded ships with LTI and couple of impulse buys. 
    Now my new fleet consist of:
    ANVIL Mustang Alpha- original pledge
    MISC Freelancer- 4 years insurance
    AEGIS Comet- LTI
    AEGIS Vanguard Warden- LTI
    DRAKE Intro pack- 4 years insurance (Caterpillar, Cutlass Black and Dragonfly Black)
    RSI Constellation Aquila- LTI
    MPUV Cargo- 4 years insurance
    ORIGIN 85X
    So now I'm set to explore and support expeditions. Has any one else dramatically changed their fleet with this years anniversary sale?
    Did you spend within your budget, or are you rationing out 2-minute noodles for the next month? 
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    I known there's been some negative feedback on the new variants, yes I like the comet livery and I was going to buy a Sabre anyway. But what sold me was the LTI, and that everything (including the loadout) I would expect be covered outside UEE controlled space. I'm yet to do some serious dogfighting PVP so I thought it would be good to learn with a loadout designed for that situation. Bring on 2.6 !!