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  1. Prima_Noyan

    List of active members?

  2. Prima_Noyan

    Destiny 2 (PC) Clan Up

    Also got a discord server as well, as TS can interfere with Destiny 2 at the moment. Just as an option for some people who like that App as well. https://discord.gg/rTpMPtk
  3. Prima_Noyan

    Destiny 2 (PC) Clan Up

    I was a D1 PS4 player, and I already love this game with smoother frames and a m+kb. Overall, it feels better... and PvP wasn't as infuriating somehow.
  4. Prima_Noyan

    Destiny 2 (PC) Clan Up

    I have laid out the clan for Destiny 2 on PC You can find it and request an invite here: https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2/Index?groupId=2749499 See you all there!
  5. Prima_Noyan

    Warframe Clan

    Eh... If need be, I can start a new one for TA citizens returning for PoE coming any day now.
  6. Prima_Noyan

    Warframe Clan

    Probably a silly question... But do we have a warframe clan still? If so, Invite request here. IGN: Rambo_Dash Thanks guys!
  7. Prima_Noyan

    Conan Exile (early access)

    I've been playing around with the Admin mode on and have managed to create a pretty cool city with homes for other players to put beds in. I've looked into getting a server that we can use but like it has been said, the servers are experiencing issues if you have people logging in to say an East US server from a West US location.
  8. Prima_Noyan

    Grind Desert Online

    Not yet Tac. I've been fighting tooth and nail for an upgrade to Win10. Finally got it and will be on BDO much more this weekend. I'll post back when I do. Also I have almost all of my gear to +13 and I have a set of DUO's
  9. Prima_Noyan

    Grind Desert Online

    Don't get me wrong, I love this game. But now that My toons have hit lv50 it has become suuuuch a grind. I ran a few dailies and looked up to see that my lv had only progressed about 5% Holy cow! Is there a secret to levelling toward my awakening faster? Any tips would be extremely helpful.