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  • Birthday 07/19/1978

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    Utah, United States
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    Industry (Salvage and Trading); DAta running; & and Science.

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About Me

As far as gaming, I enjoy playing SC and other space games. I also like tactical shooters, strategy games. military  and flight simulators,.


Professionally, I work with medical databases, but my education is in History, Communication/Journalism/Public Relations (with some ecology there, which is an interesting mixed bag of degrees). I also do some side work as a freelance photographer, and do enjoy photography (street hotography, portrait, landscape) as a hobby.


I really  enjoy meeting people from around the world and with different cultures and, opinions, and points of view. 


Warning: I'm a bit sarcastic, so don't always take me seriously.

Despite of the warning, I'm friendly, so if you see me around, just say hi.


SC URL: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/citizens/Roddi

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