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  1. ichi added a post in a topic Nox Sale is now live! ($40)   

    I'll keep the Kue, using others as tokens to get back my Argo and Dragonfly that I CCU'd a while ago
    I got them for less than $30 each in the warbond sale, and they're valued at $40 each for CCU purposes, so its working out to be very economical - if you accept teh premise that pixelated space bikes that aren't completely developed to be used in a game that's in alpha can be economical.
  2. ichi added a post in a topic Aopoa Nox Warbond Presale!   

    what I want

    what CIG has given us

    what I will probably use, because I just purchased a shitload of Nox

    what CIG will probably offer, because multiplayer turrets are a thing

  3. ichi added a post in a topic Aopoa Nox Warbond Presale!   

    I expect that the Rover will not be part of the ship CCU system, but we shall find out
  4. ichi added a post in a topic Aopoa Nox Warbond Presale!   

    Azme (Cloud Imperium Games)
    Jun 23, 11:03 BST

    Hey there [ichi]
    You have reached RSI's Concierge Support.
    To be honest, I'm unsure if ground vehicles will have upgrades to them made available. The last time we had them available, it was just the standalone version, so I wouldn't advise expecting it just yet. I will however pass along your feedback to the Community team. 
    Please let me know if you have any other questions. 
    All the best,
    Concierge Support Rep
    Player Relations
    Roberts Space Industries

    [ichi] (aka: ichi)
    Jun 22, 20:40 BST
    Will I be able to upgrade one Nox from the 5-pack to a Rover when/if the Rover comes back for sale?
  5. ichi added a topic in Ship and Equipment Discussion   

    rumor has it that the Evocati will not get 3.0 this week, but the Aopoa Nox is scheduled to go on sale Friday June 23 for $40

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  6. ichi added a post in a topic Caterpillar Glamour   

    HA!  I've never been lost before, but I didn't know where I was on the Cat for about 10 minutes!
  7. ichi added a topic in General Questions & Chat   

    Caterpillar Glamour
    I don't own a Cat, but I have one available to me to use currently.  I skipped buying this ship because I'm not a big Drake fanboy and it seemed to be, well, it seemed kind of ugly.  Very utilitarian, but definitely a caterpillar not a butterfly.
    So I took it out to Yela and made a video, there is nothing that happens, no shots fired, so its rather boring but flying it around Yela reminded me of why I'm so interested in this game -  its awesome, beautiful, fun in simple ways, and this is at alpha 2.6.3 when we basically have a glorified tech demo with crappy framerate.  When the improvements to assets like asteroids and lighting are implemented, this game will be (even more) beautiful.
    So, here's a little Caterpillar eye-candy, hope you enjoy
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  8. ichi added a post in a topic Happy boy   

    no doubt, its not really soft enough to serve as a pillow

  9. ichi added a topic in General Questions & Chat   

    Happy boy
    look what arrived in the mail today, my new humongous SC mouse pad
    forgiveness please for the low light shot
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  10. ichi added a topic in Star Citizen News   

    This guy just applied to join, should we admit to TA?
    says he's an affiliate of another Org, and not quite 18, asked him to get on TS later to meet everyone
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  11. ichi added a post in a topic Concept Ship: Xi'an Nox   

    what I need to know is will it fit in a 600?
  12. ichi added a post in a topic Monthly Studio Report: May 2017   

    there's a hint about a new ground vehicle, I wonder if its ready for 3.0?
  13. ichi added a post in a topic Around the Verse - Upgrading Ships to Item 2.0, Part 2   

    the Gladius cockpit is a dud tho, everything else is very cool
  14. ichi added a topic in Star Citizen News   

    CIG says moons will have unique grav and atmo
    first word, via Spectrum, we'll see how this plays out, but if it holds true this will be cool
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  15. ichi added a calendar event in Community Calendar   

    Academy Meeting Sandwich


    On Saturday June 10, at 5:30PM UTC (1730UTC) following the Director Meeting the Academy will hold a regular meeting in TS.  The meeting will end prior to the start of the Org General Meeting.
    All members of the Academy encouraged to attend.
    Housekeeping/IntroductionsDiscussion of the Draft Academy Charter (under construction, will be sent out soon)Basic Training ProjectAcademy NameQ&A/General DiscussionDivision Meeting Schedule - discuss members' ability to participate at this time and determine best schedule going forwardPlease reply here with a post if you can attend (or not attend) or if you have an agenda item for discussion
    hope to see you there
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