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  1. ichi

    List of active members?

  2. ichi

    Livestream postponed 24 hours!

    the original SQ42 demo was called the Morrow Tour, so this version is called the Two Morrow Tour
  3. ATV Holiday Special postponed until Fri Dec 22 8pm UTC

  4. new build Monday 691578

  5. ichi

    3.0 Pictures & Videos (ptu and live)

    Ruto in GrimHex Falling through Levski Nox inside a Freelancer
  6. new build Sunday 690275

  7. all your base medics are ours
  8. Not sure what the current plan is, but we used to call it the 'Science and Exploration' Division, and medical was a big component, including cybernetics and medical research The Military Division plans to develop a 'Specialist' series for medics. We're looking for folks with interest in playing as medics embedded in combat squads, as Cutlass Red teams, and as doctors on Endeavors
  9. a bit obvious, don't you think?
  10. ichi

    Squadron 42 Official UEE Announcement

    see the Orion?
  11. new build Tuesday 685185; key mapping changed

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    2. ichi
    3. Bursar


      I always said you were a top man - despite what everybody else says ;)

    4. ichi


      IKR, don't tell anybody, appearances and all


  12. new build Monday 684185

    1. Bursar


      And if it stops me constantly crashing just as I approacha goal I for one will be much happier. Previous ones were better than current version for crashing on me.