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  1. solarfire

    Calling Dibs

    you know i have reserved that Terrapin drakin furthermore i also got access to a Reclaimer when they go live so we will try them out np
  2. it doesn't make sense its like the multiverse all over again we signed up for 1 world / universe
  3. we already have regional admirals for exactly this occasion we have anticipated this kind of setup years back and will have regional or we called it timezone leadership structure with duty officers that will relay info from the shift before and alert the next shift so to speak about any events that occurred in the last timezone. for example i am australian timezone admiral MG is American and Groth was European timezone admiral. we will be able to coordinate our armada between the 3 main time-zones and regions
  4. ATV: Living Idris (Squadron 42) Teaser
  5. solarfire

    PSU AX860 - Owner query

    i went with the Corsair HX1050 and been happy with it, getting a doa is rare but can happen from time to time
  6. when i get back and set up my own for latest version, i will share my hotas config here .....
  7. solarfire

    new Clan Battles Season

    we are on EU server
  8. we need 7 players for the clan battles soo get on warships and lets have some fun !!!
  9. I just noticed your avatar ...... It's great :-D

  10. solarfire

    Around the Verse - 2017 Retrospective

    my comment on fb for atv retrospective was as follows "very disappointing year sighhh " lol
  11. I believe we where thinking of calling the fleet's military division "The Armada" A Spanish word that originally meant simply "armed", armada is now used in Spanish-speaking nations as the name of their national navies. In English, the word usually has historical overtones. The Great Armada of 1588 was a 120-ship fleet sent by Philip II of Spain in an attempt to invade Elizabethan England