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  1. Personally i like AKG The Sennheiser Game one is overpriced for what you get and they feel a bit flimsy if you gona spend that kind of money then go for better quality ps: Sennheiser HD280 Pro are very good quality but no mic https://www.akg.com/Professional Headsets
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    CIG public telemetry

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    looks more like a crime scene the guy standing did it
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    The Kraken Ship purchase email is out!

    all sold out by the time it got to my wave7 lol
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    Mining A Rock

    i did one better
  6. I got this of reddit It seems that Windows 10 RAM management will not allocate enough space automatically to the swap file. This is what you have to do, I translated french terms into english, I hope you can find the settings. In the file explorer, right click on the computer and click on properties, then advanced system settings. A window will popup. Then select the advanced system parameters, click on the Performance properties button. It will open another window. Go to the Advanced tab and click on the modify button in the virtual memory. It will popup another Window. Now you understand this operating system name. You need to open a lot of Windows to do what you want. Anyway, you have now access in to the virtual memory settings. Uncheck the automatic management and select a drive with at least 11GB free. The best choice is a SSD not used by the game, the next choice is the SSD used by the game and the worst choice is a spinning hard drive. Once you selected the drive click on a personalized size and enter a minimum size of 11000 and a max of 11000 to 16000. If you have another swap file on a spinning disk, remove it. I didn't reboot and the system took into account the setting. But maybe you should reboot after this. Another trick I will advice is to re-copy your account to the PTU.
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    How to play SC with 8GB -16 of RAM

    well it gave me extra20 frames
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    Drake Interplanetary - Kraken 2948

    we need many Kraken's
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    So....what ship do you have?

    All LTI Aopoa Nox Drake Dragonfly Black 350r Racer Herald Defender Cutlass Blue Prospector F7C-M Super Hornet Vanguard Harbinger Constellation Phoenix Banu Merchantman Carrack Polaris Idris M (1/4 part owner) lol
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    Super Hornet Anyone?
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    Super Hornet Anyone?
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    Super Hornet Anyone?
  16. this might be fun to use if you are a miner or into salvage https://www.logitechg.com/en-us/product/farm-simulator-side-panel
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    Calling Dibs

    you know i have reserved that Terrapin drakin furthermore i also got access to a Reclaimer when they go live so we will try them out np
  18. it doesn't make sense its like the multiverse all over again we signed up for 1 world / universe
  19. we already have regional admirals for exactly this occasion we have anticipated this kind of setup years back and will have regional or we called it timezone leadership structure with duty officers that will relay info from the shift before and alert the next shift so to speak about any events that occurred in the last timezone. for example i am australian timezone admiral MG is American and Groth was European timezone admiral. we will be able to coordinate our armada between the 3 main time-zones and regions