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  1. Many thanks to u! Yeah ping is the critical thing and don't forget about desynchronization issues in the current Star Marine build, f.e. u shoot straight to ur enemy when he is moving and nothing happens... Hope CIG will fix some issues in 3.0 build. Thank u, hope to play with u soon Yeah that game issues... And not the best optimisation; i haven't got the smooth gameplay on 2560x1440p + GTX 1080 even at low settings, so playing on fullhd with low preset... Благодарю Было бы интересно пообщаться! Вступил в ТА, увидев твой пост об организации на русскоязычном форуме. Thank u. Would be interesting to talk! Joined TA after seeing ur topic on russian-speaking Star Citizen forum.
  2. Just a common game. I hope to see more TA members training in FPS. SC is not only about spaceship flights!