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    Intro - CiNcRoN
    What up!,,, figured I throw that out there before I get this out. 
    *Where are you from? Los Angeles, born and raised.
    *How old are you? 39, for the next 4 years

    *When did you get into gaming? born in the 70's grew up with times, exposed to it all. Had access to a PC at an early age, and stuck with it. Built a newer PC LOL, (Pentium 2 MMX, 3dfx), played doom/quake I, II online on a 56k modem via mindspring, then found out about and attended LAN parties here in SoCAL in the late 90's had a blast, every weekend for like 4 years straight lol, ok,, almost every weekend.... So, certainly not new to gaming here. Played it all, not trying to brag but you know whats up.... FPS, MMOs RTS, been in several guilds, clans over the years, Raids, PK, PVP etc. yeah, that too.
    Mechwarrior Online, Rainbow 6 Seige, Doom 4, BF1, have been the main Games lately, Also play some Elite Dangerous... and of course SC.

    *What do you like to do? If i'm not building my PC, its my Racecar =P and if I'm not driving then its, Drink, smoke, and game, and chill with my GF. (not always in that order)

    *What do you do for a living? Well, because of the exposure to PC's at a young age, I decided to take on PC repair class & get  A+ certified in 1999, did some help-desk in 2000, 17 years later, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu?? um, yeah still working in the IT field. Meh, it pays the bills. Currently holding a position at a Local University as a Sr. Desktop Support Specialist which is fun. 

    *What is your playing style? Support, Glass Cannon, Base Defense, Engineer, Mage, PvP, PK, Raids, 

    *What PC/Rig do you have? Windows 10, z97 Gaming 5,  I7-4790k 16GB DDR3, 970GTX, m.2/SSDs, x55 Rhnio (HOTAS)
    So yeah!, I have a flight stick, and Star Citizen, Bought a Gladius package a year ago, and just upgraded that to a F7C Hornet. Started researching different organizations, and found Tactical Advance, since I got accepted. I figured I drop this intro. Out of all the ORGs TA was the most appealing.... hopefully you guys don't mind me tagging along providing support where needed. 
    Looking forward to some good times in SC with TA.
    You can find me in pretty much any game/service using the same handle, steam, origin, uplay, battlenet. 
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