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  1. Here's the video: http://youtu.be/HHXeMVKyF-E Really hope that helps you in making a decision, but I can't tell you what's right for you, only give you my honest opinion.
  2. If you'd like I can do a quick 360/One controller comparison video while I'm waiting for the next x55 video to finish with the editor.
  3. In the next week I'll have a cutaway drawing for left hand controller, answers from my engineer on making the stick work, showcase of a custom mod for the x55, and software design notes. If you want to contribute simply include your question you want posed to the engineer, or explain a common gripe you have of HOTAS that my design either does or does not fix.
  4. If you don't like controllers, it won't change your mind. But if you want to use a controller, the 360 was, and the One now is, the best... Objectively speaking.
  5. Does kind of confirm my notion that the Connie is a luxury yacht with a bunch of guns bolted on. I'll take my Retaliator or Merchantman any day! As an aside... who's buying luxury and leisure craft... in a video game world?
  6. Alright next update ready to go. Here's the current concept for the left hand control device. You can see that a simple throttle function is combined with 2 additional analog sticks, 4 fingertip switches, and 3 heavy switches for toggle type functions. I believe the ergonomics will be exemplary, allowing your hand to remain in one comfortable position at all times during flight. The inverted stick design will see you actually swiveling your hand as opposed to tilting it, making for an IDEAL control method for newtonian roll and pitch in a decoupled sense. Without further ado: Looking forward to feedback from yall, while I work on the alternate right hand control device and several other projects that I will unveil soon.
  7. It's the same file. I'm being a bit lazy about it. I'm sure I could get down to where the conflict (likely hardware) is and iron it out... but I figure if I just wait more ambitious (less tired) troubleshooters than myself will work up comprehensive FAQs for common problems.
  8. It boils down to this: The windows key has been there for about 20 years. Right there between alt and ctrl on the left side of your keyboard, staring you in the face patiently waiting for people to use it. But like Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V it can't MAKE you use it. People are free to keep using clunky right click menus for copy and paste... and the start menu that you know is the worst way to navigate folders ever.
  9. This is a myth that plays on the "any change is bad" bias of humans. Windows 8, and especially 8.1 is in EVERY way superior to 7. Most significantly it completely started from scratch with the framework and draws far less system resources, while also dynamically managing the resources better. Even the (groan) start button everyone laments like it's the holocaust, is present in 8.1 And if you don't like that it pulls up the start screen, there are a dozen free programs to make it emulate the tired, clustered, and hard to navigate start menu of old.
  10. That's the exact OS I had trouble with. The install of the drivers (as linked by major nelson) caused runtime crashes and weren't recognized by any game I tried. The device manager seems to think it's "generic controller" but nothing beyond that.
  11. Ya. I wouldn't worry about it too much. It's got to be applied to a dozen versions of the OS at least, there's bound to be a couple issues. MS will smooth it out in short order, and the XBone controller IS an improvement over one of the finest controllers ever made, so it is something to plan on getting and be very excited about. BUT from a budgetary standpoint there's no reason to get one until the drivers are a bit more smoothed out... unless like me you have an Xbone.
  12. Xbone drivers are buggy for me thus far. Haven't been able to get it to work with any game my 360 controller works on.
  13. So you might have noticed a bit of delay on my work. There's been quite a few revisions to the throttle, and each one I've gotten more and more excited about. But my rough sketches would make your eyes bleed. Also I've been really sick and my partner has been out of the country, so handling all my investigations solo has kept me a BIT more busy than usual. But I'm gonna keep you guys in the loop and describe a bit of the direction being taken. As of now the left hand unit is less a dedicated throttle and more the beta unit of a 8 axis control setup. It is roughly spherical and functions as a limited throw joystick itself. The thumb rests on a tight but accurate slide used as the true throttle that COULD be divided into a twin throttle possibly. Beside that is another analog stick (making up 2 more axis. And the remaining 4 fingers each have 2 buttons making for 8 buttons, a slide, and an analog stick in addition to the stick it is mounted on. The inspiration came from a rewatch of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam and looking at the MS controls. 2 large trackballs with analog sensitive depressions under each digit. It's incredibly ergonomic and offers the maximum amount of controls without ever moving the hands. That was a jumping off point for the current renders. I've even considered an alternate right hand stick design to make a matching pair. Note I say alternate, not replacement. I'm aware many just love the feel of an actual stick. But anyway, that's the update. Expect hand drawn renders this week of the throttle designs.
  14. I will say this. I've noticed a HUGE amount of posts critical of MKB dominance being deleted by mods.
  15. Oh no. I'm having this. BIG TIME. Turning to face a Scythe is just F'n suicide right now... they will ram you.
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