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  1. EU or NA? I've got 6 Tier 10's on EU.. NA I'm only at Tier 7
  2. Can't wait to get my hands on my Razor! Hopefully I can store it on my Hull Series so while the ship is being unloaded, I can take my sexy Razor around and sight see.
  3. The sheer size of it compared to the people to the left of the picture indicates this is going to be quite large, and heavily armored. I foresee this leading to dedicated vehicle transports, as right now the only thing this could reasonably fit in is an Idris or Javelin.. Possibly the larger Hull's depending on how they do the modularity system.
  4. Badlands skin comes with the normal package, but if you buy the Ground Vehicle package, it comes with a Snow skin for the Nova.
  5. This bothered me as well, that it was in the Vehicle Package but not the normal Warbond package.. Also noticed it came with a Yellowjacket, which is the first time I've seen it since the concept sale.
  6. Really surprised it's taken this long to get the packages updated. I don't think they have been updated since 2015.
  7. It's a survey with how happy we are with the current Subscriber rewards, perks and Spectrum Area.
  8. Post a picture of your setup you tease! Love to see how you got things laid out. Also wish 3.0 ran that smooth on my computer.. Apparently there's still issues using SLI :|
  9. According to the Ship Stats Page (as we all know is useless) Hawk - Size 1, Mounted to a Size 1 Rack Raven - Size 4, Mounted to a Size 4 Rack They read the same as all weapons, or should. Even in the placeholder name for the Hawk it says S1 TBC EMP device, which to me means Size 1, To Be Created.. Even on the Warlock, it says S4 EMP Device.. although it's listed under Weapons and not Missiles.. For whatever reason.
  10. This answer truly irks me.. How does 1 Size 1 EMP =/= 1 Size 4 EMP What the hell is the point of a Size 4 EMP if it has the same effectiveness as a Size 1?
  11. Redid my fleet, grabbed the Hull Series minus the A.
  12. Torn between getting a Starliner and a 600i. Looks like they've made a ton of progress on the 600i for just having the concept sale not long ago.
  13. Sounds like you need one to keep me safe while doing cargo runs!
  14. I would love to try a Track IR system.. maybe move the computer into it's own room. For joysticks, I'm waiting for VKB to come out with their space sim stick and HOTAS. https://youtu.be/PUFIFL7zwXQ One day I want a setup like this, he is using Track IR and Voice Attack.
  15. "No more attack ships! More civilian ships!" - CIG "Ha! Sike! All attack ships!" - 2017 Anniversary Sale Ship looks interesting, but really tired of Fighters.
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