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  1. Post a picture of your setup you tease! Love to see how you got things laid out. Also wish 3.0 ran that smooth on my computer.. Apparently there's still issues using SLI :|
  2. Q&A: Anvil Hawk

    According to the Ship Stats Page (as we all know is useless) Hawk - Size 1, Mounted to a Size 1 Rack Raven - Size 4, Mounted to a Size 4 Rack They read the same as all weapons, or should. Even in the placeholder name for the Hawk it says S1 TBC EMP device, which to me means Size 1, To Be Created.. Even on the Warlock, it says S4 EMP Device.. although it's listed under Weapons and not Missiles.. For whatever reason.
  3. Q&A: Anvil Hawk

    This answer truly irks me.. How does 1 Size 1 EMP =/= 1 Size 4 EMP What the hell is the point of a Size 4 EMP if it has the same effectiveness as a Size 1?
  4. Redid my fleet, grabbed the Hull Series minus the A.
  5. Torn between getting a Starliner and a 600i. Looks like they've made a ton of progress on the 600i for just having the concept sale not long ago.
  6. Sounds like you need one to keep me safe while doing cargo runs!
  7. Preferred flying setup

    I would love to try a Track IR system.. maybe move the computer into it's own room. For joysticks, I'm waiting for VKB to come out with their space sim stick and HOTAS. https://youtu.be/PUFIFL7zwXQ One day I want a setup like this, he is using Track IR and Voice Attack.
  8. "No more attack ships! More civilian ships!" - CIG "Ha! Sike! All attack ships!" - 2017 Anniversary Sale Ship looks interesting, but really tired of Fighters.
  9. I use Auto-Land.. Cause I'm lazy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. 3.0 PTU before Dec 20th

    Congratulations! I played for a few hours, was quite buggy which eventually led to me being stuck in my Caterpillar for about 20 minutes lol.
  11. It's only a size one EMP. I would hope it does very little to large ships. Even the Raven's size 3 EMP might not be enough for the larger ships. Would be a bit ridiculous to have something as small and cheap as a Hawk be able to take down the defenses of a larger ship. I expect it to be able to deal with fighter sized ships, along with Hull A and Hull B. Otherwise it's quite game-breaking.
  12. Bossman, 


    Do we have a group of folks in 3.0 to start doing traderuns and getting the spreadsheet filled?

  13. Hard to say, all the documentation we have says the Carrack comes with a Pisces snub fighter.. Doesn't mean CIG hasn't decided to change the name to Hawk..

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