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  1. That burndown was painful.. That giant spike.. Guessing we'll be lucky to see 3.0 before Christmas.
  2. Q&A: Origin 600i

    Nothing surprising with that Q&A.. Besides people thought this would have 64 S3 Missiles..
  3. Signature generator??

    Because Space Penguin > Cutlass Black. Why would you downgrade like that?!
  4. Meet the RSI Constellation Aquila

    CCU'd my Redeemer for one.
  5. Polaris for a space taxi? I'll take the Polaris and give it a good home.
  6. Figured we got enough topics on this.. Buying page: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/ships/600i/Origin-600i-Touring Brochure: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link//16082-A-Symphony-In-Motion
  7. Gamescom code

    The discount is that you can buy the ship at it's introductory price before the ship is released. Usually, once the ship is "Flight Ready" it'll increase in price then released to the public as a flyable ship.
  8. Big question who is getting one? This can be the taxi to take me from my hanger to a 890 Jump ready to shuttle me around the galaxy!
  9. Next Concept Ship is a Banu

    Way to go Buzzkillington ichi!
  10. May of read it wrong. 890J was revealed at CitizenCon in 2014, the 600i could be following in it's bigger brothers footsteps and being revealed at the 2017 CitizenCon. Or we may get the 600i at GamesCon and something else/nothing at CitizenCon this year.
  11. Speculation is the Origin 600i, the "E Class/5 Series" of the luxury ships. Although the 890J was annouced at CitizenCon, so this might be something else, and the 600i coming at CitizenCon like it's bigger brother.
  12. Originally, the 890 Jump concept sale was $600.
  13. 2017.08.18 - The next concept ship sale will launch on August 25th, 2017 during the Gamescom Presentation. There will be two variants for introductory prices of $400 and $435 respectively. They will have LTI. Per RSI If this is the 600i, that's one expensive taxi!
  14. Speculative ships?

    To be fair, the entire CCU system needs a overhaul. Getting rid of 0$ CCU's is a start though. Should CIG ever actually do it.
  15. So if it's a three-way tie, does that mean we get a event all three days?!

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