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  1. Nyx's & Delamer: A dense asteroid belt circles Nyx’s star at roughly 12 AU. While the asteroid field has seen some mining, it is mostly known as a very good place to avoid unwanted attention. An unknown number of small settlements have been established on asteroids in the area and are home to a variety of fringe colonists seeking anything from life outside the UEE to a platform from which to operate outside the law. Outlaw raids in the system, typically conducted against the trans-Synthworld shipping lanes, are believed to operate out of larger bases in the field. The highlight of these settlements is Delamar, the largest of the asteroids. The size of a small planetoid, Delamar is hidden deep in the Glaciem Ring. Home to an old mining facility that was abandoned by the original prospectors when they couldn’t turn a profit, the People’s Alliance moved in and dubbed it Levski after an old Earth revolutionary. Dissenters of the UEE’s Messer Era, the People’s Alliance transformed Delamar into a hotbed for political radicals and anti-UEE sentiment. While the People Alliance has taken on a more passive role in recent history, Levski still attracts a bunch of politically-minded groups that are similar enough to live together, but different enough in their goals so they never get anything accomplished. Star Citizen: Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy - Nyx System
  2. Next Concept Ship is a Banu

    Nice I look forward to seeing what it looks like maybe another cargo ship !
  3. How XCOM: Enemy Unknown was made

    Love this game can not wait to play xcom 2: war of the chosen )
  4. Hi Peeps, As we have moved into TA we are looking for peeps to join us on our cap ship chat to me Bog or Mak. I have drafted a work in progress doc to how the Idris might operate please leave your thought and comments below this is a work in progress as the game develops this doc will change. 1. http://imgur.com/jrTJFVN 2. http://imgur.com/a/aQAnW 3. http://imgur.com/1LSk4up Regards Slaine
  5. Capital Ship Idris

    Hi Peeps, Thank you for the feedback and comments peeps when I have more time I will look at this again for sure with Military. key points as i see them: Time zones interesting running an Idris 24h that could be a mission in itself great challenge Different missions may require a unique load out agreed Dan AI turrets interesting one more position you will not have to pay for ) Foggy I like your thinking of protecting the captain bridge first however I don't want to have AI in that position Ai should be used as a meat shield for the real marines RS 100% behind you much more having Human AI as meat shields to protect the captain as he runs to his Argo) Thanks for the reply's Regards S. Ps sorry the reply was late
  6. Hi peeps, I am playing these games at the moment you can buy them cheap at CD keys 1. http://www.cdkeys.com/pc/games/steel-division-normandy-44-pc-steam-cd-key £23.99 2. http://www.cdkeys.com/pc/games/warhammer-40-000-dawn-of-war-iii-3-pc-steam-cd-key £27.99 If you do have buy it send me a poke more than happy to play with you. kind regards Slaine

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