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  1. https://ptu.cloudimperiumgames.com/citizens/BooJuice                          PTU if anyone is about

  2. Quick kids go go get your UEC
  3. Where's my god damn Milkfloat ? I want to deliver milk to the verse.
  4. Sweet, time for the Boomstick splatwall painting.
  5. I think it will sit nicely next to my 100i 315p and future 600
  6. The page you were looking for was not found. This could be because of a bad URL, or because the page no longer exists. Error code: 404
  7. Payday tomorrow and i think i will be doing this. 100i LTI to 300i and i see what the 300 rework is like (then have 300 to 315 LTI ready) Then change my starter 315 (3 mth ) to a 325 and have a look at that too. Then upgrade that to something else down the line.
  8. Thinking about getting a 100i LTI and upgrading it to another 315p and changing my starter pack ship to something
  9. £48.00 for a LTI'ed 300i, best deal on the market with the rework coming up.
  10. Came across this video and i'm happy i have my 315P
  11. Hi Trace,


    Have a word with Slaine or Bog on TS about joining Expl/Sci :) 


    Boo Juice

  12. 85X vs 100i= while the 85x is quicker by 45m/s from start it doesnt hold any cargo as the 100i has 2su. But the matrix does say the 85x can hold 2 crew to the 100i 1 crew. As the 85x is Origin i believe you will get the AIR system for that to. Only down side to the 85x is the cargo and price when looking at the two ship side by side. (Plus price but you already have the higher cost one so i left this out) Titan vs 135C= Titan holds 2 more cargo and with the beef up will possible get a nox/x1/df in the back now when empty (finger ccrossed), 135C's AIR system can go longer but the Titan has a better weapons loadout. For me 100i over 85x then Titan over 135C... i think ...
  13. you still have to negotiate the price with Slaine once we find the coal for you.... mining it will seem easy lol
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