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  1. I'll note my ever expanding list of ships here, as the above spreadsheet link doesn't appear to be working: Ships AEGS Avenger Stalker AEGS Nautilus AEGS Redeemer AEGS Retaliator Bomber AEGS Vulcan ANVL Valkyrie ARGO SRV ARGO MPUV Personnel ARGO MPUV Cargo Banu Defender CRSD Ares Ion CRSD Ares Inferno CRSD C2 Hercules Starlifter CRSD M2 Hercules Starlifter CRSD Mercury Star Runner DRAK Caterpillar BIS DRAK Corsair DRAK Cutlass Blue ESPERIA Prowler MISC Prospecto
  2. I may have overlooked it in the Military Roles, but Troop Transport?
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