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  1. Hi all. (Just a baby Org member here, so please forgive my ignorance, as maybe there is some form of this already?) A Full Member LOCATION-MAP / ADDRESS BOOK - broke out by Division. It could be used as a quick reference since there are so many members now. It should be the responsibility of the Members, or Division Heads (and not the Admins) to kept up to date. It could have information like - - Our Hanger Location(s) or if people have a "Preferred" Location. I.E. "My Hospital Ship, or Lab is located on the Backside of Stanton 2A". "Orion ship 'MUNCHY' is mining the OSIRIS BELT ALPHA (This WEEK). - A short note on the times that they are normally playing? (If there is a "Friends" or "Org" list in the game, that can be used to quickly cross reference those Members? Teamspeak is good, but this could help set expectations for the MOB, and make it easier to engage. * Finding members might be easier than I think? However, this could help facilitate finding Org resources and other Teams playing in that part of space already. TIP: Or even when you'll pretty much be on your own there, and should maybe ask for help?
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