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  1. I get on once in a while. Here is my profile. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/citizens/Twistify
  2. Merry Christmas everyone! We got a nice present from CIG it seems. Looking forward to getting this show started!

  3. @icecurle The stream + extra comments from Chris is viewable on the SC YT channel btw.
  4. Thanks for writing all that down, I understand what you ment now. I think i'll be holding on to my cash then and wait for the DUR rework, or some other ship to pop up, to fill in the medium sized explorer gap in my fleet.
  5. I was planning on maybe getting a Terrapin in the future. Please share your problems with it if you don't mind, I don't want to end up with something useless. I'd expect it to be at least a decent ship for 200$. =/ (Maybe make a seperate post or just send me a pm, I don't want to get flack for highjacking this tread)
  6. You might wanna hop in TS and ask an admin or director of some sort. Name changes can make the TS security do wierd things I believe.
  7. Reading some more stuff, including what you quoted, has put me a bit more at ease. I was indeed overthinking it, and it's not that bad at all. If it works like stated, I think it could be an interesting mechanic indeed. It will make things like a 'TacAdvance province', where we centralise our operations, possible. I do however stand by my point about the whole pioneer + claims + bases thing adding a layer of complexity that will need alot of polish, and CIG polish takes time as we all know after The Great Drought... As with everything regarding SC, we will just have to wait and see and "keep the dream alive" as they say.
  8. Don't get me wrong, my biggest dream in this game is the huge TacAdvance fleet, capital ships and all, taking off from our huge planetairy complex to go and defend against some other org attacking our mining operations. Being just one guy manning a turret on one of our javlins, watching our huge base getting smaller and smaller as the fleet moves out... Knowing that WE built that complex will be amazing. But they are already behind several years on some of the most basic functions. Flying still isn't great, controlling your player movement on foot or in eva is still questionable, networking is still an issue. The current networking structure can't possibly support large scale battles. I don't want to fall into a starcitizen_refund melancholy about how it's not possible and all that usual stuff. I pledged because I believe, but this is getting dangerous in terms of releasedate (we are already looking at 2020 at least for PU launch) + it adds another thing that people with lots of money have and others don't. I was hoping it would just be vehicles. The whole selling stuff has always been on the very border of P2W or not P2W. But oh well, in any case it's something for the very far future and not of major concern right now. I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't even in the full launch. If they commit to it being in there however, we will have to wait a whole lot longer for said launch. Getting this to work without bugs, loopholes or any other of the 1000 problems that this is going to bring up, with all mechanics working or even just existing,... They might even need a whole new studio, with artists and devs that have experience in this type of gameplay. Basebuilding and spaceship-flight mechanics are totally different things as far as I can imagine. Here I am ranting again. I guess I'm just a bit disappointed. If anything this has stopped me from buying a bigger ship during the general sale. I appologize for the negative vibes but typing it all out lifts some of the disappointment. /rant
  9. In my opinion it's a shame that they started the whole land plot thing before we know what we can actually do with them... This whole thing raises a huge amount of questions for which the answers simply don't even exist yet. There is 0 info on whatever mechanics will play into this: -Can we build factories? -Can the buildings/farms/whatever on your plot be raided? If they can, will we be able to get insurance on them and how much will this cost (even more issues in terms of eco balance, something that is already a big task)? -How will turrets, shields, defenses in general work? -Can other players mine on your plot when you're off? Can you 'trust' people in your claim so they can mine but strangers can't? -What if someone who owns a huge part of an org's land leaves (if I own a large part of our org's base and i leave after a huge fight with Tac I could destroy a huge part, theoretically even make the org go bankrupt)? -Can we farm the land? Can we go lumberjack mode and sell wood? If you're going to be able to exploit all of the natural resources we're basically playing 'Life is Feudal' or some very advanced version of 'Minecraft' inside SC. Implementing what is almost an entire game in itself could take AGES. -Would we be able to spawn on our plot/base or do we have to rent a SELF-LAND in the area? - ... All possible answers for these questions that I can imagine myself add even more questions, problems and balancing issues in themselves. The only thing we know is that we can drop outposts using Pioneers. But will we have to find a player to do it (if you want to keep your base secret you already have a problem here) or will we be able to hire AI's that come fly in with a Pioneer. They should have waited a year. By the next anniversary sale at least some of the questions above should have at least a concept or idea to answer them, if not a concrete mechanic at that point. I don't understand why this had to happen now. Just my 2 cents of course. Sorry for the rant, Reddit salt is getting to me i believe. Maybe I'm exaggerating but the things I have listed are actual issues. Kindest regards, Twistify
  10. It doesn't look very practical... But damn is it pretty. Origin sure knows how to make flying artpieces. Look like a prefect complement to the 600i ships.
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