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  1. Well, i didnt search for "high end" hotas. Only hotas. Maybe my mistake, but if i can make it, so will many others. I'm not sure how experienced you are with flight sim stuff, but my point for this thread is to present (which i feel i haven't described well enough) isn't necessarily to list, absolutely everything.... though.. i may just end up doing that anyway to avoid further confusion. I just didnt want to put garbage joysticks in here as well (like the ones you mentioned, earlier Saitek and the Warthog). So i will go a head an see if i can gather more stuff and organize the post better. I will just say, in my personal experience in searching for controls for Star Citizen, it took me a while to stumble across VKB and Virpil. SlawDevice pedals were the first hint of "high end" controls i ever found, and given you can only order by emailing him, and he only showcases his stuff though Facebook, i assumed there wasn't any proper manufacture making high end stuff, thinking the TM warthog and CM were the "highest end mass produced" (which is why i didn't include either of them in this list originally, but will add them). Whoa.. really? Bummer it isnt there anymore You're talking about the Switch Panels and such, aren't you? I thought about those. But those seem very specific for flight sim games, but i can add them to the list anyway. I just dont want to add things that would be insanely difficult to use with the game, and im not sure how those controls actually work (if they work as their own device, or just simulate keyboard controls). Yeah, that Equipment panel wasnt so much an enforcement for the brand as much as an idea of what *could* be done. But I linked to the Logitech page, for what that is worth. Heh, even with my more 'basic' searching, I heard & read stories about the Warthog being unreliable. Should i still include it in this list? I keep going back and forth for what i personally want. I'm leaning toward VKB GF2 MCG pro, with Virpril T-50CM Throttle, & Crosswind Pedals to start with. Then either making or buying some kind of 'button box'/ switch panel. I'd never heard of them.. Will look into it. Please, feel free to post links to other things that you think should be here.
  2. They maybe well known with Sim players, but they are not mainstream. Thrustmaster, Saytek, Logitech, THOSE are mainstream brands. Brands and products *most* gamers have at least heard of. Even with that, they may have devices (like the farming control box) that are not themselves mainstream. This is based on someone like me, who may have been out of playing any kind of sim or game that would use special control devices outside of the most ultra common ones (such as game pads, or cheap flight sticks). I had to dig around a bit to find the brands you mentioned which to me, means they are certainly not mainstream to most people. As far as the control boxes, they maybe overpriced (and i did link a DIY control box), but at the very least, it gives people (like me) an idea of the control methods of what is Possible. But i will add the MFD's. I'm trying to stay off items you can easily find on Amazon, but those and the gaming side keyboards aren't likely to be considered by most. So basically, if someone new to the game is looking for equipment and just did the most basic thing of going on Amazon or Newegg and buying a basic cheap HOTAS, and is looking for something Beyond that, that is what this thread is for.
  3. @TheNOOBIFIERI've been slowly picking though some videos, including a few of yours. Let me know if im missing any control devices.
  4. I think its less about if it controls better or not, and more about immersion. You feel more immersed flying something if you are using actual flight controls to do it. Ease of control is relative. There is a learning curve to any control method. But my biggest point of stick over mouse is.. Joystick axis have a center point. Mice dont. If you want to center your ship with a stick, all you need do is let go, or bring it back to the center when you can feel exactrly where it is. With a mouse, you have to move it back the other direction, aiming the reticle somewhere near the center reticle and hope you dont overcompensate and start going the Other direction. Not too hard in normal, calm flying, but when trying to dogfight, my personal experience is, this is a pain in the ass. Your point about More buttons is abit unfinished. Its not about " More buttons ". Its about ' More buttons within easier reach. With the t16k, for example, your hand is on 3 axis, a trigger, and your thumb is on 7 buttons, with very minimal movement required. If you are using two sticks... double that. If you are using the throttle, then its even more. All within very easy reach. Sure, not as Many as a keyboard, but also not as hard to reach as a keyboard either. The key idea is to get the controls you use most or need during critical moments, within fast/easy reach. You can keep the other, less used controls on the keyboard for when you are not under pressure to hit them quickly.
  5. So don’t know if this will be approved, but I was hoping to get a mega thread together of all the more unique and maybe less mainstream peripherals that may have a place in Star Citizen setups that some of us may not know is an option to us. I’m not going to include every joystick and HOTAS set, but any that may not be mainstream, is welcome. I've tried to post as many weird/helpful things as i could find. If you find any more, please post them so we can all benefit from knowing they exist Virpil Controls VKB Controls MFG Crosswind Rudder Pedals Slaw Device also makes pedals, but has no site as he makes them to order. Its all metal construction. Not sure im allowed to post his email here. GameSir GK100 Gaming Keypad Blackhog Control Pannel Logitech/Saitek Heavy Equipment Side Panel Elgato Stream Deck ignitiON Button Box Controller (has various layouts) Home Made Button Box (how to build guide and parts list video as well) Thrustmaster MFD Cougar Pack CH Multi Function Panel Game Glass (as seen on Tactical Advance)
  6. That's kinda where im starting to lean. While its, interesting and neat having dual sticks, im finding im not liking having to switch between throttle and left stick constantly, especially in combat and don't want to have to move my hand too much (if at all) if i don't have to. Even switching the throttle to the z-axis on the stick base is alot because you are still 'disabling' some of your movement in order to do it. So yeah, im leaning more towards stick+throttle+pedals. On that note, im now looking into reviews of pedals. So far im looking a Slaw vs MFG (about to watch noobs mfg video).
  7. I still don't really consider SC an "arcade" as far as controls. NMS is more what i think of in that respect. heh. I did forget to mention. My current setup is 2x TM t16000m sticks and the TM TWCS Throttle. I've been debating getting pedals, but have been holding off given my currents setup having 3 Z-axis available. Mainly just looking for user experience. How do they feel, is it worth the price, horror stories, ect..
  8. VPC MongoosT-50 Throttle Grips WarBRD Base I watched a youtube video or two from a "shootout" compairson, but more looking for long term use opinions.
  9. Hey all. I know ive been kinda radio silent for a while. My PU wasn't loading up at all. The game would crash every time i attempted. Even a new video card didnt help. I finally figured out that something i did a LONG time ago was the issue. Back when i built my computer, and made an SSD my boot drive, i disabled the windows page file. Because i figured 16gig was Plenty enough that it shouldn't ever need to touch the page file. Which as been true for every other program & game, and even SC.. until this version of it anyway lol. I got the page file back on, and the PU (after a time) did finally load up. Woot!
  10. Well.. I bought a new 1060 gpu. While it has improved my other games, Star Citizen (PU) crashes harder than it did with my radion when i try to load it. Looks like im still not playing
  11. Right, but what about the new 1060 and i7 i linked? Curious if that would help enough to make it playable.
  12. Nothing further to add from anyone? heh Curious of opinions on last linked GPU/CPU upgrades, if it would be worth it from what i currently have.
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