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  1. Wolfwood

    ATV Holiday Special 2017

    That is some fucking cool looking gameplay. Its amazing that is all part of ONE MISSION! If this is an example of the entire campaign, its going to be great!
  2. Wolfwood


    Twisty, i think you are over thinking what a land claim actually does. ALL a claim does, is tell the UEE "hey, i own this" and they will be like "gotcha, you own that" Thats it. IT wont stop people from doing anything to it they want, only flag them as outlaw if they do. It wont stop them from destroying your equipment or buildings... only flag them as outlaw if they do. It wont stop them from setting up a blockade to keep you going to/from that land. The only thing this claim seems to do, is flag people who violate it, but will not actually STOP them from doing so, and more than a RL person bringing a shovel, and starting to dig into your property. Someone on Reddit made a good post about the value in land claims. Land claims will generally be important for explorers to find, prospect, and claim, then sell to miners or other resource gatherers. Anyone wanting to make a home wont need to be in a race or get a very specific spot in the verse.
  3. Wolfwood

    3.0 PTU before Dec 20th

    Got my email, copying my profile over now. Waiting on the ok-to-go email now.