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  1. Need my TS activation link reset... can't active... getting "activation code not found or expired" when i got to activate.

    1. Tactical Advance

      Tactical Advance

      Ok i will take a look

    2. MG_Longshot


      Please try again and PM me directly if there is still an issue

  2. Thanks boss, I didn't see the notification.
  3. Oh wow the bossman himself commented on my thread!! Lol No, TA no business affiliation here. IT WORKS VERY WELL BY THE WAY.... Now if i could just get the password for TS.....
  4. Looking for some help getting on team speak. I was active this time last year just catching up with SC. It seems that the forms have changed a bit and some new things have been implemented though. I was trying to log on to TS I guess I didn't save the bookmark. I directed myself to this site and tried to message a mod but I was not allowed to message anyone... Could I get a hand with this? I've finally got a rig that can run SC and can't interact with the Org.
  5. 347155... not too shabby, I joined when the game was in concept :P
  6. Just singed shadow.tech and I mainly did it because I wanted to be able to play SC. Anyone else use this service to play their game?
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