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  1. Need my TS activation link reset... can't active... getting "activation code not found or expired" when i got to activate.

    1. Tactical Advance

      Tactical Advance

      Ok i will take a look

    2. MG_Longshot


      Please try again and PM me directly if there is still an issue

  2. CodeNameREM

    Running Shadow

    Thanks boss, I didn't see the notification.
  3. CodeNameREM

    Running Shadow

    Oh wow the bossman himself commented on my thread!! Lol No, TA no business affiliation here. IT WORKS VERY WELL BY THE WAY.... Now if i could just get the password for TS.....
  4. CodeNameREM

    Trying to get to TS

    Looking for some help getting on team speak. I was active this time last year just catching up with SC. It seems that the forms have changed a bit and some new things have been implemented though. I was trying to log on to TS I guess I didn't save the bookmark. I directed myself to this site and tried to message a mod but I was not allowed to message anyone... Could I get a hand with this? I've finally got a rig that can run SC and can't interact with the Org.
  5. CodeNameREM

    Whats your Star Citizen number?

    347155... not too shabby, I joined when the game was in concept :P
  6. CodeNameREM

    Running Shadow

    Just singed shadow.tech and I mainly did it because I wanted to be able to play SC. Anyone else use this service to play their game?