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  1. Bursar

    Anvil Aerospace - Valkyrie 2948

    Looks great with lots of capability. But not for me - unless it has cargo capacity
  2. Bursar

    Mining A Rock

    Thats really good going, well done. My best is 4,500. A fraction lol.
  3. Bursar

    Project Funding

    Found this very interesting - Possibly right to the point that they started listing the systems. ie each sytem costs $1 million to develop! https://robertsspaceindustries.com/funding-goals
  4. Bursar

    keeping sharp :)

    This is now my go to excuse whenever I am told gaming is rubbish and a waste of tim :D It's keeping my brain younger lol.
  5. Bursar

    Cloud Tech

    Cloud Tech is going to be big fun! Scooping gasses for fuel is going to be much less simple than I thought originally.
  6. Bursar

    PTU 3.3 is open for all

    I'll wait patiently until the comes to the PU. They'll sort out a lot of bugs on the way
  7. Bursar

    Updated ship size chart with Kraken

    Problem is, I can carry more with a Hull C As an Industry Base of Operations, the Kraken could be very useful indeed, especially with repair facilities. But I anticipate is costing a lot to run and maintain too. Not convinced i'll need one any time soon, same as Pioneer AND I expect the price to be steep! So it's out of my budget It's also about the crew requirements. To much for me to handle in that regard.
  8. Bursar

    Drake Interplanetary - Kraken 2948

    I think as a mobile base of operations they will be very useful - and very expensive to run.
  9. Bursar

    FINALLY got the PU to run again!

    When 3.0 came out I was alarmed to see it taking 24gb of my 32gb on some days. Fortunately having that amount, it wasnt an issue, but a lot of people have suffered because of performance creep.
  10. Bursar

    Evocati 3.3 leaks have started on reddit

    Nice to see the leaks but a shame about the quality. I can be patient and wait for more buggy lagged gaming sessions as they introduce stuff
  11. Bursar

    Mercury Q&A

  12. Bursar

    My first time building a PC

    You might want to look at transfer rates, an M.2. comes in at 2k mb+, typically an SSD is 500mb. A fourfold+ increase in transfer rate isnt "completely" useless i'd suggest otherwise there would be no point in an M.2. drive would there? An SSD is a step behind an M.2. in evolution and development. Boards initially came with one slot for them and many now come with a pair. Interesting comments about things like ROG boards. I know a lot of us use and like them. I know I do. Personally I wouldnt touch anythig with a Gigabyte label in it - from regular failures over the years. Which I havent had with Asus. Personally running a pir of 7200 WD drives (mirrored) gives me redundancy. Some things need it - in my case 20 years of family digital pictures and the like. I also run an NAS mirrored too. Just because something says its reliable I wont trust my family images to it. And for the record I have an M.C.S.E qualification and experience with network admin.
  13. Bursar

    Mercury Q&A

    Clears up some things but leaves others opaque - nothing new there! Hasnt dented my decision to purchase one.......