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  1. I thought it would add significantly to my setup and was considering a Crucible before it appeared anyway. While not as capable this offers a slightly wider range of abilities albeit at a reduced function AND cost
  2. Downtime Notification: Insurance Claim Hotfix

    Back to 18k after 2 runs - will return to rebuliding my bank and upgrading my ships later
  3. Geez its one hell of an ugly ship. But I suppose function over form does the job. This also ticks boxes in 3 areas. Says single crew ship - but has 2 bunks AND needs two people to run the 4 drones Single person my Ar**. Anyway CIG take my money and just stop with these concept support ships for a while so my bank account can recover.
  4. Downtime Notification: Insurance Claim Hotfix

    They only do this to me once I get back to 2 million credits! Barstuds........
  5. Ship Potential.

    Possibly because the crew is listed as 1?
  6. I am already upgrading my ships in game. But here is a useful video on what is where for B Grade components..... Both my Cutlass & Freelancer are now running upgraded systems. Not overly expensive if you can put in a few cargo runs and build some money.
  7. Another person commenting on the Freelancer being the biggest ship through the smallest jump point. Also the potential of the Max to be upgraded to a "Semi - Dur".
  8. PSU AX860 - Owner query

    I'm no expert, but it does sound dodgy. What is the replacement policy?
  9. I understand what youre saying about the Connies. I just cant get past their limitations. A Max runs 122 SCU, the Andromeda 96 although we've yet to see the final figure on the Taurus. The Dur "should" have good exploration capabilities, its certainly got more firepower, better jump drive and long range tanks etc. The Connies seem a big jump up in size while not much of a performance increase in a lot of areas, while a significant decrease in others. Not convinced
  10. Thanks for the offer - I get one to try every month as a subscriber. I thought this time i'd review it I understand what you are saying about parking and roving. All I could comment is that a DUR is probably half the size. It can park a hell of a lot closer
  11. Well this month we get an Andromeda. I'm a relatively recent backer and the larger ships are something ive been very curious about. The Constellation sits at a particularly sensitive point in the size range too. One step down and you have the Freelancer which even in its current base form is already an exceptional ship. The Freelancer offers pretty good handling, amazing acceleration and a very adequate 66 SCU. Not to mention four rather large guns at the front and a turret at the rear. First impressions of the Andromeda are favourable. The modeling is amazing, its a seriously good looking ship from all angles and its big. No, I mean really big. So, what do you get for your money? You get 96 SCU in a very pretty package. Yes, that's it. You appear to get 4 bunks for a potential crew of 5. I did check and I couldnt find a 5th anywhere. You get two lifts, one for crew and the other drops a major portion of the cargo hold to the ground or as a vehicle carrier. What dont you get? Handling, in any way shape or form. It isnt as bad as the Starfarer - nothing is quite so bad - yet. But its really not good. Acceleration is pretty mediocre, especially with a load of cargo on board. Top speed is also lacking. Maybe it is me, but I had some serious expectations. This is one of the flagships we see in all the videos of the game. I expected some sparkle, some pazaz, or possibly even a twinkle. Unfortunately I just didnt feel it. This is a very big ship outside but get inside and its actually not very big at all. As a side issue, push the right pedal down for a while and watch the needle experience a lot of gravity. This thing needs to be nursed to be economical on its fuel consumption. The smaller ships (even the Starfarer) dont seem to even twitch the fuel gauge. My Andromeda managed to drop to 94% with what I would consider reasonable maneuvering. The others didnt. In fact the others havent ever moved, despite some pretty heavy handling on occasion. Maybe it's a game mechanic, but the others arent affected in the same way. In all honesty I am both a bit sad and slightly disappointed. I really wanted to like this ship. I really wanted to be thinking about what I could juggle to get one. In the end however, I am back to my original plan. A Freelancer Max & DUR will offer me a significant percentage of a Constellation, but without the drawbacks - and importantly - at a big cost saving. They will also offer me significant benefits in handling and performance, while not being such a huge target that spends a lot of time at the filling station............ I'm keen to see how other people rate the Andromeda from what we have seen and specifically how they feel it compares to the Freelancer please
  12. 3.01 You Have Been Warned

    If it was only tanking the server i'd be happy. Seeing the server vanish on a repeated basis is a bit of a giveaway. I'd like to know who is receiving the stress. While they may be doing it to the server, its really not doing me any good either....... I am now back to 700k with a full military systems spec Freelancer, although who knows if this gear does anything yet
  13. 3.01 You Have Been Warned

    An interesting little side issue - pirates. Are we supposed to have 15 of the buggers appear if you shoot and kill one of them? Only it does seem a "bit" excessive.
  14. 3.01 You Have Been Warned

    Things in 3.01 appear to be settling down now. Chose your time of day carefully and you should be fine. Cargo runs - get to the places you want to use early on or they get stripped out. If you see someone already there it probably means you arent going to get what you want. I am now back to over 500k pretty easily
  15. A quick summary of the new 3.01 patch..... OMFG what a total pile of steaming cr*p 1) Frame Rate :- Varies, regardless of server between 2 & 52, but there is a reason. 2) Pirates :- If the real universe has this many NPC pirates there simply wont be enough room for the rest of us. Go to quantum, get dropped out. Burn past, count to 15 Quantum, get dropped out. Burn past, count to 15, go to quantum, get dropped out. I am averaging 7-9 interdictions per run. Not quite sure where the fun in that is. Oh, if you want to deal with pirates, one question. How do you like dealing with them at 2 FPS? Because that's what you get any time an event happens. 3) There appears to be a pirate Caterpillar stuffed with cargo that you can meet quite regularly. Now I am sure it was meant as a fun interlude designed to give joy and smiles to all the family. However, When you destroy aforementioned ship it spews cargo everywhere, go back to 1) see FPS issues!! So far one step forward but at least 4 backwards. Time of play right now seems immaterial, most likely just because its the new & shiny thing everybody wants to try again. Good Luck, you're really going to need it. PS, your bank is back to 5k Yes, YOURS - Mine is already back to 50k lol - last one to a million gets the drinks in

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