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  1. Bursar

    Mercury Q&A

    Clears up some things but leaves others opaque - nothing new there! Hasnt dented my decision to purchase one.......
  2. Bursar

    Crusader Mercury up for sale!

    I'll stick with the stock model Really dont want Advocacy on mine
  3. Bursar

    Crusader Mercury up for sale!

    Since the Q&A we have a much clearer idea what the Mercury offers. Personally I am not a huge fan of the design, but that is subjective. In my mind it offers 75% of a Max in cargo hauling ability. Superior Herald Data Running & Terrapin levels of scanning. I recently CCU'd my Herald for the Vulture because I wasnt convinced about the gameplay. However, now we have all the details, i'm inclined to say the Mercury potentially offers a lot of multi tasking gameplay without a serious hit to payload. My Max has been CCU'd and I now have a Mercury
  4. Bursar

    Crusader Mercury up for sale!

    Sorry, not doing it for me this time :)
  5. Bursar

    Q&A: RSI Apollo

    Hmm, well they have given a lot of detail, but frankly its all still pretty unknown. I suspect that's why there wasnt too much whining. Nobody knows exactly what they are doing - including CIG.
  6. Bursar

    No Man's Sky

    It isnt SC, but by the same token, it's also pretty clunky. It needs some refinement for the keys used in combination with the mouse. I know my way around it now - but. When you do something on one side of the refiner and then differently on the other, it hasnt had a proper screening to ensure continuity. And the grind. It really does get a bit tedious - I'm saying this after only 55 hours gameplay. Multi - tool use - Upgrade and loose all your refinements - whats that about? Latest patch has also had some changes, especially with minerals - platinum amongst other things. I think I am in the same place. Clunky, not bad, harsh grind and lurid colours.
  7. Bursar

    No Man's Sky

    I have now bought it. 40 hours in so far. Quite good apart from the lurid colours. Having said that the grind is pretty harsh.
  8. Bursar

    My Journey to Star Citizen

    An M.2. Drive big enough for Windows and Star Citizen wont do you badly, I have a Samsung 512gb. An SSD is adequate though. Yes 16gb ram - plus. I run 32GB. You wont go wrong with an Asus board either. They arent cheap but they are lovely. Simply put, build in redundancy whenever you can.
  9. Bursar

    Ship Shape - The RSI Apollo

    With the Cutlass being modular, I will work on getting the best bed in it I can. Even if it's a single bed. In my case, it's a fallback position for an emergency and not a direct route for gameplay.
  10. Bursar

    3.2.1 - Live

    Ted Rodgers Special is now running.......
  11. Bursar

    Ship Shape - The RSI Apollo

    As originally specified, the Cutlass had two beds. IF they are the lowest tier then the probability exists to be able to swap two out for 1 and get the middle level. That'd be adequate for my initial needs.
  12. Bursar

    Ship Shape - The RSI Apollo

    Goody, a ship I dont want at last Have a Cutlass red which would appear to have 1/3rd of the capacity of the new one. Cant see any benefit for me here yet. Nice to see things moving along though
  13. Bursar

    My first time building a PC

    You have gone for SSD...... why? M.2. is superior I have the 512gb M.2 and a 1TB SSD for games storage. I filled it out with 2 x 4TB WD Black (Mirrored) for storage.
  14. Bursar

    Drake Vulture Q&A

    I picked up the Vulture because of its size and the mechanic it offered. I know 12 scu isnt a lot but I figured they would balance it if necessary. It offers me another alternative if I come across something of interest while mining
  15. Bursar

    Do you even DCS bro?

    Sorry, not me Got enough on my plate without anything extra
  16. Bursar

    Alpha 3.2 - Aegis Avenger

    It would be useful if they made it modular - EMP / Cargo / Passenger with 6-8 seats and boosted environmental support perhaps. A small ship to insert a squad, but still able to amply defend itself.
  17. Bursar

    New Vulture

    The INTRO is just pure genius....................
  18. I will possibly hold off on this one. Not sure how it fits with my current set up - So it will most likely be an in game purchase. The alternative is to CCU a Herald and use store credit.
  19. Bursar

    New Vulture

    Having watched the videos about the Vulture, I decided to CCU my Herald and add a bit of Store Credit. It rounds out my Hanger with all current Industry options and it also has 12scu of cargo. This means that it slots nicely in towards the bottom end of my capacities and should enable me to carry anywhere from 12 to nearly 500 scu in convenient amounts. IF a ship / derelict is wrecked on a planet in safe space and say its a biggie - what's to stop you slapping a land grant in the 8km sq spot and effectively cornering it? It would add a layer of secuirty to either scrapping on a huge scale or the ability to repair over time. I see the Vulture as offering small capability that isnt otherwise offered, without the need to move a big ship, crew and costs to do a job. Everything scales, so 2 or three vultures would potentially offer a small salvage crew that doesnt need a big ship.
  20. Bursar

    New Vulture

    I think both of you are right. These big ships are going to need a lot or resources to fly, be that crew or money. The small ships make a lot more sense and I think a lot of people have overlooked the potential of the smaller ships. In this case could 5 Vultures do as much as 1 Reclaimer? Same crew numbers, but they will be simpler to operate too. Plus they looks small enough to fit inside something larger.
  21. Given the number of vehicles we now have in the verse. It is reasonably comprehensive - what are we missing? I know we're waiting for the Vulture.
  22. Couldnt have happened to a nicer pirate
  23. Bursar

    4 years with the ORG!