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    Citizen life crisis.

    "Thus... I am torn as I skim through the ships page. Has anyone else felt the pangs of this conundrum? Am I worrying too much or expecting to do too much with the org?" Look at my ship lineup We have both Exploration AND Industry. I have no combat ships of any measure lol Why do you think you'll be of no use? I specifically designed my lineup to cover as much Industry as I could. I have also aimed at small crew ships. I did this because I dont want to push people for support and I like the freedom. We have plenty of roles for all the ships currently on offer. You load your hanger how you want it and you play how you want to. There is always a place for people who want to be here
  2. Freelancer Dur - stated scu 28 - actual 36! Just added a very capable explorer that can double up for light cargo runs. Freelancer Max - stated scu 122 - actual 120 An excellent cargo hauler that can cope in a more hostile environment.
  3. Bursar

    Freelancer Variants

    I think you are misunderstanding my issue I want to push the F key to switch engines on and off and spool etc. The Max is the only one in the range where that doesnt happen cleanly and simply from the cockpit seat
  4. Bursar

    Freelancer Variants

    They can do it perfectly well on the Dur & Base - but not the Max?
  5. Bursar

    Hardware choices

    Asus for Motherboards - Not the cheapest, but rock solid. I always go for the ROG models. Suspect you'd be better off with the 8700 over a 7900 too. Look at the cores and threading numbers. OC Intel® Core™ i7-8700K 3.7GHz OC @ max. 4.7GHz 12MB Cores/ Threads 6 6/6 Total 12 OC Intel® Core™ i7-9700K 3.60GHz OC @ max. 4.9GHz 12MB Cores/ Threads 8 8/0 Total 8
  6. Bursar

    Freelancer Variants

    Having now flown the Max, I think it needs the following comments:- 1) The top speed is 210 - not the 205 of the other models. 2) Rear Door still has no lock on it. 3) Controls are a pain to use in the cockpit - Using the F key it's stupidly hard to click anything. I have to use shortcuts on the keyboard mostly.
  7. Well in the last couple of weeks I have managed to lose around 260k ish. This is all down to Server Instability and crashes. 3.3 was way more stable and predictable. Currently I can see no benefit of even playing in the PU when it is so bad. I will be awaiting the return of staff from their Christmas break in the fervent hope they can give the servers a damn good thrashing and get some consistent level of game play back. I even had the joy today of flying to Daymar and within 10 seconds of picking up some cargo, the game crashed - again. I'm not prepared to put up with this level of abuse so I will game elsewhere until things improve. When our own Team Speak Server is also back online consistently, I will try to be there too
  8. Bursar

    Current State of Pu

    Good call Thanks. I was going to the "Best" Server. I suspect European. Spent about 3 hours solidly on the US server and seems fine right now.
  9. Bursar

    Trying to get to TS

    Our Team Speak server either needs some more coal or someone to use a cattle prod on it. It's stability is questionable right now. Not Team Speak as a whole it would appear, just ours
  10. Bursar

    Team speak

    Think Tac was doing something to the setup lol
  11. Bursar

    Merry Christmas

    Happy thingy
  12. Widow has the biggest value and margin in the game. Here's why it isnt a good idea to go anywhere near it.
  13. Bursar

    3.4 live

    I've been in since 8.30am Insomnia is becoming a nasty habbit with these updates and new toys.
  14. I suspect I am one of the older ones around here (51). I also wear hearing aids usually. I have lost about 40% of the treble part of my hearing - probably too many weekeneds in Ibiza in the 80's These days I like something with plenty of clarity and as little weight as possible. I went for these because they are designed for telephony - not gaming. I dont need the bass boosting - actually the opposite. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B005HWEZGG/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  15. Bursar

    CIG v Crytek.

    I really enjoy watching Leor Leser. He gives very clear information about sometimes confusing legal facts. And where is Derek Smart? Will he just say the jdge was bought off or biased
  16. Bursar

    CIG v Crytek.

    Latest info and court judgement. Basically Crktek have been told they can submit a 3rd ammended complaint, but the judge has effectively thrown out all their previous complaints. https://www.docdroid.net/Jv5BRif/031129522308.pdf#page=6
  17. Bursar

    Star Citizen: Reverse the Verse - Anvil Carrack

    The Midden has hit the windmill over this lol.
  18. I get lost in a Starfarer. Not going near this
  19. Ive been waiting for a while now. I have just upgraded my Cutlass Red to the Apollo. Unfortunately lost a Cutlass from my hanger as its a small ship I like a lot. The loaner for the Apollo is a Connie. Yes, I will probably just ignore it My medical needs have now been met though. The Cutlass was never going to offer the best facilities, while I plan on equipping the Apollo with 1 x Tier 3 and 2 x Tier 2 beds.
  20. Bursar

    first time at lorville

    I waited until the PU, then gave it a few more days befor checking out Lorville. A quiet Sunday afternoon quickly disappeared as I spent 3 hours flying there, wandering around - on all 3 metro lines - and then flying back to Olisar. Very impressive, just make sure the ship you use has a good power / weight ratio to pull out of the atmosphere. I was very pleasantly surprised with a Connie.
  21. Ive made about 65k in trips to Yela buying Iodine for Olisar. Only do it if you can afford to lose half due to cargo glitches. I dont start at 5k, I start at 35k. It makes the cargo mechanic simpler to run with and not have to build up. The downside of cargo right now - very slim margins. I specifically got the Caterpillar because with tight margins you need to do things in bulk. Also what I have to do at Olisar is store the Caterpillar with another ship, to get the cystem to recognise both the cargo AND ship, otherwise I cant trade. It will be dropped / replaced with something else once my Hercules C2 eventually arrives. Cat - 566 cargo, C2 624 cargo. Not sure what quite yet, but it may actually be some big land grants so I can put my flag in several places 4-5 large blocks in one place make a significant outpost of 256 - 320 sq km PS, I have a buggy for $15 I thought it was a bit of a steal lol. I am waiting to hear if the skins are still available for them too. I dont have particularly high expectations of its performance, but for shots runs on reasonably flat ground, its like a go-cart Use this for Cargo rates and profits. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16vZzeCHnDIVRmKeqN4VHqy5Rm3nkkLrsig2odQTxuNo/htmlview?sle=true&fbclid=IwAR0ViIUoxXv0dvJcPxmf63CswewNZaLUpP96ZM2P1OXT-ZV-SwuIIEt4nkw#gid=1653049119
  22. The Cat isnt for Hurston It's for some cargo runs to earn money easily. I've gone past 100k so far and that just keeps stacking nice and easily.
  23. I have had a moment of weakness I now have a Caterpillar. It will be either sold or swapped out once my Hercules arrives, but it isnt a bad ship at all. It handles so much better than the Starfarer, that i'd put it almost on par with a Connie.
  24. Bursar

    Hesitant ship-decision

    Difficult one to answer. Currently and I suspect ongoing, cargo running isnt going to give particularly high rewards. As I understand it, at least part of the appeal with a Merchantman is it's ability to house shops and to trade.That mechanic isnt offered elsewhere. To counter argument is we have no idea when the BMM is going to appear. As long at they keep resetting things i'd be inclined to keep what you have. The Max is a great ship, but isnt due until the next patch anyway. While the Prospector is in game now, unless you are actually interested in the mining mechanic, there is little point in picking it up. IF you could justify it, then getting a Prospector separately would be amusing, or the Max when it appears. Both are useful ships. I'm not convinced I would step down from what you have currently though.