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  1. Couldnt have happened to a nicer pirate
  2. Bursar

    4 years with the ORG!

    Congratulations on an amazing feat. Do you come here often?
  3. I think this is where a lot of us are with Star Citizen. https://medium.com/@baron_52141/star-citizen-delays-as-a-content-creator-98c5235adf4e This is my fundamental issue with the game ---- " Where CIG gets into trouble is their habit of routinely overpromising and underdelivering with their updates. This isn’t intentionally malicious behavior — there is an unbridled enthusiasm and optimism at the management level that, while sometimes endearing, is terrible for PR. Every time a date for an update is given, they 100% believe they’ll hit that date. And then the date goes by. So they change it up, maybe alter the way they present their schedule. And then that falls down too. It often feels like the only thing CIG is ever on time for is another fundraising opportunity. " This is it. This is what generates all the frustration and annoyance - Oh and directly after they have failed yet again we get another concept sale for more money - right when we're feeling fed up.
  4. Mining! And plenty of work to do on the Avenger & 600i - well they'd better pull their fingers out.
  5. Given the number of vehicles we now have in the verse. It is reasonably comprehensive - what are we missing? I know we're waiting for the Vulture.
  6. Bursar

    Is it me?

    Lifted from the Star Citizen Facebook group. Asking what people use to measure FPS - Paul W Long Fraps LikeShow More Reactions · Reply · 8h Brian Mundy Shadowplay has a FPS indicator that isn’t from 1997 LikeShow More Reactions · Reply · 7h Paul W Long If you're going to try and take the piss at least get your facts right - Initial build was 1999, but current build is 2013. However, I have heard how poor your research is from others ----- Or is the Noobifier a total bell end. He is just smarting because someone was having issues with Voice Attack and I posted the You Tube video of a Voice recognition software Lift in Scotland - His Comment - they arent Scottish - My Reply - Clearly I need a Sarcasm Font.
  7. Bursar

    Hercules series now on sale for everyone

    I dont want it to grow at all. Right now it looks ideal. Additionally it serves the purpose neatly - if expensively. But the C2 is the variant that's getting all the good attention, the M2 & A2 arent. In the same way a lot of people are asking why the Gemini.....
  8. Bursar

    Hercules series now on sale for everyone

    The M2 also looses out on cargo in a big way. So unless its a combate delivery system, the C2 makes a lot more sense. C2 - 624 M2 468 And as usual this isnt on release. We all know things tend to grow with CIG Right now its approximately the same size as a Starfarer.
  9. Bursar

    Hercules series now on sale for everyone

    Got mine already :)
  10. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/extras?product_id=&sort=store&search=hercules&itemType=skus&storefront=pledge&type=extras I have CCU'd my Cutlass Black to the C2 Hercules and dropped a couple of other things in the process (Titan, Argo, Cyclone & X1 Force) plus some credit). The Black was too similar to my Freelancer and as I have both the DUR & MAX on the way, the Black became obselete to me - I still have the Red. The C2 will offer me some serious cargo hauling capacity over a Caterpillar - another 50 scu. Plus front and rear ramps for vehicles. It also while not pretty, its a lot prettier than the Caterpillar! Seems like a no brainer to me although I will be interested in seeing what the loaner is - a Caterpillar?
  11. Bursar

    Hercules CCU Available..

    I looked at all 3, but these arent small ships and they will have a cost to run. The A2 will most likely have the highest operating costs because of its role. The C2 the lowest because its basically Ro-Ro (Roll On Roll Off) with the doors front and back. I'm also hoping that the shape should make it easier to handle in an atmosphere. I think there is also a valid point in mentioning the base cost of these things. They arent cheap. I could buy a Hull C for a lot less and get a massive amount of capacity. However any Hull above B cant land with the cargo - this can. Perhaps this will work well with a C & above ferrying cargo from ground to orbit or the reverse.
  12. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/16565-May-2948-Subscriber-Flair
  13. Bursar

    Subscriber Stuff for May

    Free weaponary is always going to tick boxes I have a Pistol - Gold Pistol and Boom stick Oh and a blue SMG Just ready for someone to pinch them.
  14. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/gift-cards-are-no-longer-worth-the-cash-paid-for-t
  15. Really? Warbond M2 comes with a Cyclone to further inflate the price for new money. AND the non Cyclone model without Warbond is £76 MORE ?!?! WTF?? I assume these things will appear on normal sale too and I hope they are upgradeable from existing ships. For that i'll stretch to one, but its really becoming a milk the cow for as much as they can screw out of people.
  16. 3 variants? AND its not a small ship either. Wondering how much pain it will inflict on my wallet. If it comes in around the $350 I might stretch to get it. Otherwise it will cause issues with my master plan A mil spec cargo hauler OR the MAX - painful decision......
  17. Bursar

    Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy - Oso System

    Another one ticked off the list. AND it's Cheri - not one of the weirdos they dont let out much.
  18. Bursar

    3.5 added to Roadmap

    I had the Connie as a loaner. I was both surprised and very disappointed. The handling was very poor, spped was low. But what really got me - Considering just how huge it is outside, its small inside. Tardis effect in reverse!
  19. Bursar

    Refueling Official Detail

    Ships like the Starfarer and Vulcan are going to become critical. I am wondering if its possible to buy volumes of Quantum fuel and then refuel. Starfarers will be very valuable then.
  20. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/16517-The-Shipyard-Fuel-Mechanics I found this illuminating and very interesting. Finally detail and very useful detail too. I am very glad I am the owner of both a Dur & Starfarer Form an orderly queue and no pushing at the pumps A small part of the page - Ships either have a Fuel Intake, do not have one, or have the option to equip one. To determine which ships fell into which category, we looked at their intended careers and roles, as detailed in the Shipyard series. Combat (Short Range) – The in-game equivalent of a carrier based ship, such as the Gladius and Hornet. These ships will not come with nor have the ability to equip Fuel Intakes. Combat (Long Range) – These ships, like the Vanguard and Retaliator, will have Intakes as their role requires them to traverse long distances. Exploration – These ships will have Fuel Intakes by default. Their very nature dictates that they can travel long distances, well away from the nearest refueling location. Industrial & Transport – Typically, these ships will have Fuel Intakes by default, as again they are required to travel long distances. Support – Naturally, the Starfarer and most other ships in this career will retain them as they’ll often be expected to execute long distance and extended duration missions. Competition – These ships will vary depending on their type. Some ships, like the Razor, feature technology that allows them to refuel, whereas others, like the M50, deal with the issue differently by having larger fuel tanks.
  21. Bursar

    3.5 added to Roadmap

    Dont expect the view to change. It's basically the same as the stock model but has the extras bolted on As for "exploration ships" I will stick with the DUR over the Connie any day, a lumbering waste of space if ever I saw one 😁😁😁
  22. Bursar

    3.5 added to Roadmap

    Dur re-appears amongst other things on 3.4.
  23. Bursar

    Refueling Official Detail

    I think we're going to find that refueling is going to be critical to most things. Quantum fuel ONLY available from Cry Astro and the like? Think about how that puts a crimp in Exploration. As for the rest - we're going to need to look very closely at operations and availability.
  24. Bursar

    Star Citizen Alpha 3.1.2d PTU

    Whichever patch it is right now I have 5,000 aUEC repeatedly and the opportunity to crash out of the server at frequent intervals. Really not worth playhing until there is some stability.