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  1. Questions for Guild Meeting

    Well mine are updated as far as possible given the limitations of the list Although one thing I am curious about is how many people actually went for land parcels. Do we have potential to make a network?
  2. SC Ship Concept

    I like the idea of a sniper, if only because I am rubbish at pvp. Potentially from the shape this thing would be a nightmare in any kind of atmosphere too
  3. Always be over the top when it comes to a PSU. I need nearly 900w so I run a Corsair 1000w. 10% is a good margin
  4. Q&A Land Claims Part II

    OK the bit that caught my eye............... Can I kill trespassers without becoming an outlaw? No. Trespassing is a minor offense and will not elevate a player’s criminal status. Only players that have committed a serious transgression – such as damaging or stealing private property, including any resources that may reside beneath or upon your land – may be legally assaulted within UEE space without the attacker committing a criminal act themselves. That's a significant statement. Walk across a claimed piece of land, youre a naughty boy. MINE someone elses land or steal / damage anything and youre allowed to shoot first
  5. Hi chaps - considering 3.0 is out and we have many people in it, would it be worth looking at several actions now? :-- 1) An update to find out who is active and either in 3.0 or 2.6**** 2) An update on the ship roster. As we have recently finished a Sale period with new items & ships, we could probably benefit from knowing who has what. With the cargo mechanic now enabled and Mining in the nearer future, maybe we now need to see what & who we have available, possibly set some goals.
  6. Q&A: Anvil Hawk

    Benji, its fairly simple, you ask them which of their 2 legs they dont need and then when they answer shoot them in the kneecap 4 x S2 & 2 x S1 mounts - That is rather a lot of firepower. 2 Shields AND two coolers. It also appears to have decent armour AND an EMP. Not something to approach without care
  7. Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy - Tohil System

    Excellent - these guides if they hold true give us great knowledge
  8. Whats your Star Citizen number?

    1,847,323 Oh yes total noob here
  9. Now the owner of a Herald and swapped in an X1 for a Dragonfly
  10. What is the name of the condition where you want more ships but really cant justify any?
  11. Medical Condition

    Bugger - Beans on toast for January, oh and a Herald in the hanger..........
  12. YOU Pick the Next Drake Ship

    Well I voted for an Entry Level Salvage ship

    If a land claim isnt at least the same price as the cash value they are sold for, there will be some upset individuals

    Twisty, you carry right on Look, IF it gets implemented, IF it works, I agree totally, but IF it happens and we can take advantage, then we'd be silly not to. I am also thinking that 64sq km is enough of an area to secure mineral rights. A guaranteed area that's just mine. Another 16 sq km close to civilisation that shouldnt get raided where I can store materials and good bits and pieces.

    Perfectly reasonable rant Twistify lol. I think because the Pioneer has already been sold, it was inevitable to see land grants become vavailable too. We know how SC operate. This is the first sale. We know there will be more. We also know the price will be increased over time. Potentially I'm putting my stick in the ground early and hopefully saving some money by doing so. Akanoes / Tony Zurovec have done an excellent Q&A on them already for us to look at. Yes there will be risks, but we're constantly being told 90% of the encounters will be NPC. I suspect they will be law abiding to a degree on planet. There would appear to be the ability to patrol a land plot or implement some form of security. There also appears to be the ability to sell or transfer land. Maybe the Org buys it from us at market rate at a later date? I dont know, but I take your point about leaving and stripping the Org of resources. It's open to discussion and an agreement though, not something we cant sort out. However the opportunities that come with a piece of land are huge. It's also a good way of tieing us to the game. Land is tangible, even if only in pixel form

    Ive picked up 1 big, 1 small. The way I see it is we're going to need ground facilities at some point. A base can work as a spawn point too. You can also use a ground area as a resource you can exploit over time. So, yes, possibly another land grab, but also an opportunity to grow the Org and have a network of facilities where we can securely have downtime.
  17. Lookin for a Transport/farm gun ship

    A Cutlass wont be a bad call. The new modle is nimble, great space inside, can work well with up to 3 people. I have a DUR & MAX - Both for different reasons, plus a Cutlass Red amongst other things. The Starfarer is huge and handles really badly in 3.0 as I found to my cost Fingers crossed they finesse things
  18. 600i was referenced from BMW "look"? Ok, i'll look elsewhere then lol
  19. Good luck using Auto-Land in the middle of nowhere, on rough terrain at night with marginal conditions Fun doing that already on the dark side of the planets / moons we now have in 3.0
  20. As my weapon of choice I was keen to see just how the Starfarer was going to handle in 3.0. Specifically landing in tight spots, on planets and in limited visibility conditions. I think anybody who thought the larger ships were going to be simpler, easier or more manageable is going to be brutally disappointed. I appreciate there will be some increased FPS, finessing and polishing of the game to come, but in all honesty, its going to take a lot more skill than I suspect a lot of us appreciated. AND the Starfarer isnt even the biggest thing we can drive. Limited views, incredibly sloppy handling and poor throttle response are just a few of the things you can look forward to. The fighters will be a doddle compared to the big ships. I realised pretty quicky that I was going to have to be repeatedly punching F4 to see as much as I could just to tweak movement and landing. Even then, there is still an element of guess work. The smaller the ship, the simpler the task. The bigger the canopy, the better the view and the simpler the maneuvering. The Starfarer works best when it has the time to make a VERY controlled maneuver, at slow speeds and frequent use of the F4 to see as many different angles as you can. In flight refueling? Well I suspect just sitting there like a Fuel pump is going to be by far the simplest option. Some of the smaller ships are a sheer joy compared to landing the Starfarer at a Station or on a Pad. I can forsee quite a lot of Starfarer owners needing to practice all kinds of things they're going to be asked to do. Having said that, as a blunt object the 'farer isnt something you want to be in the way of. It will flatten most objects it comes across
  21. I hope youre right, but I'll wait and see how much they add Handling characteristics alone mean this is going to take a lot more planning than we probably envisaged. Having said that, It's going to take us all time to practice so we can work together Good luck to Polaris & Idris drivers lol.
  22. What sold me was the 6 weapons and EMP. I know they say it has light armour, but get close enough with the EMP and then shoot engines and the target has issues. Not sure about using it as a "slaver". Not sure how that fits with my character
  23. Ok, guilty as charged, i'll try it initially and see how I get on. Upgraded an X1 anyway and its a way of adding smaller amounts to my total Although from the schematics I've seen, I like the way it folds up.
  24. Prospector!!

    We know Mrs ichi has excellent taste - at least in spacecraft I view the Prospector as a solid way to earn a living in SC. The fact its come in as a great looking ship that appears to handle well is a real bonus.

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