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  1. As / when 3.1 releases, can I call dibs on someone who has a Reclaimer please? I'd like a look inside
  2. ATV: Reclaimer X Cyclone Teaser

    It says 15th March?
  3. Calling Dibs

    If it's Slaine he will want an arm and leg and thats just to look from the outside!
  4. Out of our three divisions, we only have one that exclusively needs to be all in the same place for an operation from the supplied information. Both Industry & Exploration can run perfectly well in different places with a unified command structure from what you have implied. While there would be a degree of crossover I dont think its insurmountable. I think there is a necessity to actually have an international Org. This game doesnt stop when you Log. Having coverage through all time zones is a distinct advantage. It just means we will need to hone our communication skills and make sure the structure works properly. Personally I feel the differences are what make us work well. We all bring something to the table and the variations complement, not detract.
  5. These sealed coolers are effectively maintenace free. You take them out of the box and fit the system. That is it. The fans are good floating ones. In my case I specified Apache silent ones. By push / pull I mean one either side of the rad. One fan pushes air in, the one on the other side pulls air out of the Rad. Sometimes you can get some static pressure from a fan pushing air through the rad. One either side should help reduce that. In my case its a 240 rad so two top and two bottom. Not sure of the benefit of silicone. Frankly they come with a guarantee. Once that is passed, be aware and monitor. There are lots of people about who do a pre-built system. I used pc specialist in the UK. Effectively I specified every component and it was built to my requirements. i7 6700k 32GB Corsair 3000hz Gaming Ram (4 x 8) Asus Maximus VIII ROG gaming M/Board GTX 980Ti Zotac 1 x Samsung Pro M.2. 512GB (Windows & SC) 1 x Samsung 1TB SSD (Games) 2 x Western Digital 4TB HDD (Mirrored) (Storage) Corsair H110i Sealed CPU cooling 2 Additional 120mm Case fans (Silent) Corsair Obsidian Full Tower case ( Boring & plain, but huge inside) Corsair 1000w RMx Gold power supply Standard DVD RW - dont need blu ray. 2 x Iiyama 27" 144hz screens - I plan to add a 34" 100Hz curved and run 3 screens. Whatever you get, balance it. One really good component can be ruined by a poor one. My system is now 2 years old, still performs perfectly and its more than capable of running anything I want. Subnautica runs at 144 FPS, World of Tanks & Ships at 60+. Even Star Citizen on a good day can hit 55fps. I think the current equivalent would be an i7 8700k & a 1080Ti, but pretty much the rest is still current. The GPU i'd wait on to see what NVidia get up to, then most likely buy a (hopefully) cheaper 1080Ti
  6. This is the cooling I have. Under load I can hear the fans wind up. Only suggestion - a can of air to keep the rad clean My 980Ti barely if ever even has a speck of dust on it, so clearly its not working hard. https://www.corsair.com/uk/en/Categories/Products/Cooling/Dual-Radiator/Hydro-Series™-H110i-280mm-Extreme-Performance-Liquid-CPU-Cooler/p/CW-9060026-WW Sealed loops are great now. Very reliable. All I would do to this is add 2 more fans to push / pull.
  7. I think you'll also find its interesting from an NVidia point of view too Seb. There is a new range due out at some point this year. We know NVidia jumped a bit when AMD brought out their new series in 2017. Having said that, there is still nothing better than an i7 & 1080Ti for gaming, period. Yes Intel like to change their board setups periodically, typically every couple of generations it seems. And it can get expensive then. However, I expect my 6700k to be viable for at least the next 2-3 years. Right now its 2 years old already. Is a 4-5 year lifepsan unreasonable? I have a 980Ti, which I had right before the 1080 was released. It's still more than competetive. The only area I will consider changing currently is my screens which are 1920 x 1080. I will change them, having taken advice, to 2k, not 4k yet. Two 27" screens is a lot to upgrade! The area these days for gaming seems to be heat though. Pragmatically a sealed loop fluid system is where cooling is at, even if its just for the CPU. Air cooling is slowly becoming a thing of the past. In the same way that people marvel at an air cooled engine. Not that it worked, but why some people still insist on doing it In this area AMD get their performance gains by pushing the electrons faster. Much faster in some cases, but this isnt always as effecient. Have a good look at the actual wattage everything needs. It isnt uncommon for a good system to actually be power hungry. Although in some cases, while a similar system may cost the same, the power usage may well be much lower. Sorry, but AMD are well known for just turning the dial round the clock and watching things glow to get a performance gain. I'd also consider other items. M2. & SSD is the way things are going if not have already gone. Speed up the background items and the one that grab the headlines work better too. A balanced system will always out perform one with a couple of big items. I run an i7 6700k, M.2 SSD (Samsung 512GB) for Windows and Star Citizen, 1TB SSD (Samsung) for other games and 2 x 4TB WD Blacks (mirrored) for storage. 32GB of 3000mhz Corsair gaming ram with heat spreaders, 3 extra case fans (Apache silent) and a Corsair 110i CPU fluid cooler. All of this is bolted to an Asus ROG motherboard. I picked quality (and expensive) components which I expect to get a long life from. The PSu is well over spec at 1000w Corsair RMx series. Dont skimp, dont go cheap on one item. Balance it. AND a good case you dont mind working in
  8. If youre unhappy with Spectre & Meltdown, i'm not sure where you go. Intel and AMD are both affected along with pretty much everything else out there, more or less. I still lean towards Intel because if the patches and fixes cost some of the performance, you have more to start with if youre an Intel owner. It's a shame. Intel needs decent competition just to keep it from stagnating and giving us cr*p. AMD is the only other horse in town. Or more accurately - pony compared to Intel.
  9. Old question - how much do you want to not spend? that's all it comes down to. Intel is still better performance, AMD is still cheaper. I swapped from AMD a while back and went to my first Intel an i5 K. Havent looked back since. Currently running an i7 6700k. Yes, 2 generations behind the current 8700k now, but its still more than capable in SC. Looking at a lot of the posts, the 6700k onwards is the sweet spot for performance. Not sure why you'd go for an i9 over an i7 7800k too. Either you have money to burn or you wont get any more performance than someone running a new i7. Spend the spare cash on really good screens, ram, cooling and GPU
  10. Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy - Kayfa System

    I only want to see Cheri presenting - the rest are really weird
  11. 3.1 -

    Am I the only one looking at the 3.1 Roadmap of what we're supposed to get and thinking they havent got a hope in hell as usual? Looking at what stage things seem to be at, the ships are not being polished yet, let alone finished. As usual I am anticipating quite a lot of things not being there, which is a regular feature of announcement, fail to release, re-anounce, release late or just hide, that we've all come to know and love to well For some reason we've now lost the Dur at the back end of the year. We lost the Red & Blue from 3.1 very early on.
  12. Star Citizen: Cutlass Black Cinematic

    Sod the black, where's my Red?
  13. I'm going to throw this out there, simply because i'm sure i'm not the only one suffering. Since the 3.01 update things havent been great. Right now I have 11 different Cutlass' in my hanger. None of them functional - even after an insurance claim. I own a Black, Red & Vulcan so should get a total of 3. My single Freelancer ( And I own both a Dur & Max) never appears with any doors. Interestignly it also doesnt register in any way as actually being present when I try to buy cargo at any location. My Avenger has no HUD or seat. My Loaner Andromeda has some form of magnet inside. A manget that attracts pirates like they are going out of fashion. A single jump to Yela got me kicked out of Quantum 7 times. On those seven occasions I took note of the number of Pirates - because there were "many". There were 56 to be precise. Now I know there are more people able to get in since the update, but what the hell else have the fiddled with? Even in the PTU I had more sense of a good game than right now. Ive been trying to play since the start and right now this game is more unplayable than ever. I know...... Wait til the end of the month and CIG will wave their magic wand and my bank will go back to zero again...... and hopefully things "should" get a lot better. I'm still mourning the loss of my Cutlass Red that vanished from the 3.1 release - never to be seen or heard of again. So, 3.1 only has improved server thingies and a Cyclone for me to look forward to..... great. Bitching over, but dont expect to see me trying to play until 3.1 is released.
  14. I suspect the vast majority of the claims will be dismissed, if not all. Crytek is just badly butthurt.
  15. I think they are hoping for a miracle.
  16. I think this is probably one of the really important ships in the game. The gameplay opportunities it offers either in civilian or military life are very wide. Couldnt resist one for my hanger as it rounds out a very flexible and useful setup. I was looking at a Crucible and while this will only offer a percentage of that capacity, it offers more opportunities at a much lower price poing AND crewing requirement. This ship for me was a must have. The fact I get a uniform to look like a Thunderbird was just the icing on the cake..... FAB
  17. Corsair are lovely. I have an Obsidian - it's bloody huge and nearly gives me a hernia. BUT its incredibly easy to work on with all the space. The bigger you can justify the better, make life easy on yourself and future upgrades. Mine sits under the desk so I dont need lights and whirly things.
  18. A rather lengthy but interesting Video by Leonard French - An actual copyright Attorney. Leonard goes through the CIG response to the Crytek attempted cash grab. Longwinded, but interesting.
  19. I dont see a Reclaimer conflicting with a Vulcan. They have very different roles, even if the Vulcan offers 3. I've picked up a Vulcan instead of a Crucible as a budget alternative. Plus it offers the refueling / rearming option. I have a Starfarer to collect and refine the fuel too. Basically apart from fighting and reclaim, I am covered in every department of smaller ships now. They will need to offer something spectacular to open my wallet now Although I will admit being in much further than I wanted to be, in a game that isnt even live yet!
  20. I thought it would add significantly to my setup and was considering a Crucible before it appeared anyway. While not as capable this offers a slightly wider range of abilities albeit at a reduced function AND cost
  21. Downtime Notification: Insurance Claim Hotfix

    Back to 18k after 2 runs - will return to rebuliding my bank and upgrading my ships later
  22. Geez its one hell of an ugly ship. But I suppose function over form does the job. This also ticks boxes in 3 areas. Says single crew ship - but has 2 bunks AND needs two people to run the 4 drones Single person my Ar**. Anyway CIG take my money and just stop with these concept support ships for a while so my bank account can recover.
  23. Downtime Notification: Insurance Claim Hotfix

    They only do this to me once I get back to 2 million credits! Barstuds........
  24. Ship Potential.

    Possibly because the crew is listed as 1?

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