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    Bursar got a reaction from solarfire in Mining A Rock   
    Thats really good going, well done. My best is 4,500. A fraction lol.
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    Bursar got a reaction from solarfire in Ship Potential.   
    Another person commenting on the Freelancer being the biggest ship through the smallest jump point. Also the potential of the Max to be upgraded to a "Semi - Dur".
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    Bursar got a reaction from solarfire in keeping sharp :)   
    This is now my go to excuse whenever I am told gaming is rubbish and a waste of tim :D It's keeping my brain younger lol.
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    Bursar reacted to solarfire in keeping sharp :)   
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    Bursar got a reaction from FriendCalledFive in Updated ship size chart with Kraken   
    Problem is, I can carry more with a Hull C As an Industry Base of Operations, the Kraken could be very useful indeed, especially with repair facilities. But I anticipate is costing a lot to run and maintain too. Not convinced i'll need one any time soon, same as Pioneer AND I expect the price to be steep! So it's out of my budget It's also about the crew requirements. To much for me to handle in that regard.
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    Bursar reacted to FriendCalledFive in Evocati 3.3 leaks have started on reddit   
    133FPS in Evocati test on planet!:
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    Bursar reacted to The_Director in FINALLY got the PU to run again!   
    lol more like 16gb just for the game and another 2-4 for your OS and background programs.
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    Bursar got a reaction from FriendCalledFive in Mercury Q&A   
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    Bursar reacted to Wolfwood in FINALLY got the PU to run again!   
    Hey all. I know ive been kinda radio silent for a while. My PU wasn't loading up at all. The game would crash every time i attempted. Even a new video card didnt help.

    I finally figured out that something i did a LONG time ago was the issue. Back when i built my computer, and made an SSD my boot drive, i disabled the windows page file. Because i figured 16gig was Plenty enough that it shouldn't ever need to touch the page file. Which as been true for every other program & game, and even SC.. until this version of it anyway lol.

    I got the page file back on, and the PU (after a time) did finally load up.

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    Bursar got a reaction from FriendCalledFive in Mercury Q&A   
    Clears up some things but leaves others opaque - nothing new there! Hasnt dented my decision to purchase one.......
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    Bursar reacted to FriendCalledFive in Blowing stuff up with a mining laser   
    Had some fun experimenting with the mining laser with moher4. Not he was doing the firing and his PC was lagging so couldn't see what he was shooting at too well!
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    Bursar reacted to Tactical Advance in Teamspeak problem   
    TS is fixed now.  You can now update sorry for the inconvenience. 
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    Bursar reacted to Tactical Advance in Teamspeak problem   
    Going to be running an update soon.   TS messed up and launched the patch early.  The TS website has been going down all day due to people flooding the forum trying to understand why you would not tell anyone before you push an update that causes people to unable to connect.
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    Bursar got a reaction from Lumpy in No Man's Sky   
    I have now bought it. 40 hours in so far. Quite good apart from the lurid colours. Having said that the grind is pretty harsh.
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    Bursar reacted to Akanoes in No Man's Sky   
    Actually no, the bad reviews were from people who were lied to by the head of the studio. The trailers showed things that weren't in the game and he made huge (and false) promises about multiplayer and other stuff
    It was a bare game at launch and seems like they've improved on it a bit but yea, people were mad they were lied to and paid full price for what was basically an early access game.
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    Bursar reacted to Benjamin_Smaridge in Immersion up the wazoo   
    that's why push to take and push to mute are a thing, 
    Push to talk in teamspeak and set the same key as a push to mute in voice attack so that it won't be listening when the button is pushed.
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    Bursar reacted to PlatedWolf in Ship Shape - The RSI Apollo   
    But also on the notion of a polly making the endeavour redundant....

    I dont think it will. If I had a duo like that the Polly would immediately have t3 / t2 beds, for speedy evac of multiples and i'd put the two to rescue missions during org combats.
    Now that I think about it in more depth, the apollo is either that "Two man space clinic on the fringes"  or that large ambulence.

    Consider the case scenarios...
    1- You want something to go about in, land in places and do yo' clinic thing. You want to be small, mobile, and profitable.  You wouldnt bring an endeavour to cure a small town. So Bam. Apollo.
    2- You've got an endeavour and want an ambulence during combat. -Well. If you want something fast, zippy, and able to hit back, Get the cutlass. I doubt many ships would go down fast enough for one or two cutlasses to not keep up. Sure, the appollo can carry more. But you have to remember that this is a bigger ship, hauling more ass, and having to grab folks one or two at a time move to the next guy, pick him up, and so on. It's space combat, These fellows will be in the great black covering entire KM in their manuvuers.  -If you've got a good load of folks who cover eachother and dont drop off often, Cutlass here is supreme.in some aspects. 100%.
    3- On the flip, If you're expecting ALOT of casulties in space, maybe an apollo, as it can carry more and if the air is thick enough with folk, you wont have far to travel to fill up with almost dead people. Assuming you've got 6 T3 Beds. Sustain, drag to an endeavour, Bam, repeat.
    4- Just had a unit of fellows on the ground, a small squad etc, going up and down in atmousphere would be a pain for a cutlass, but bring in a polly, maybe with a t2x2 + t1x1 setup, you have a reasonable medic respawn that can handle saving some folks from moderate damage, or even sustain folks with major damage, if you already have a major damaged guy being healed. Throw it in rotation with the other guys in the unit, you have a stream of folks frogleaping forwards.
    These arnt every eventuality, but a good jist of how to setup and think about these things.
    Long story short, In many ways the cutlass can be trumped by an apollo, but at the same time, in others a cutlass can trump one in situations where numerics dont matter, only speed, and armament.  It seems the polly is more niched into the medical feild, but as a result, alot of the eventualities / scenario's that I can come up with for comparability suggest that it's also more versatile in that specific niche feild - As you'd expect. and can handle more than a cutlass.
    Medical gameplay is an enigma right now... Or rather, the notion of character death / respawn. I mean... How can they keep the game realistic and justify respawning in this game?
    All I can think about is that agent smith concept we heard about.  The concept of a ship, Lets say a polly in this case, picking up a body / Npc, and treating them. A player somewhere has an unfortunate stroke of luck somewhere and dies, Then has the option to agent smith INTO that NPC you've just treated. He's both himself, and "the dude you just treated."
    -Free respawn.
    -No real break in immersion.
    -You've just switched out an NPC for an actual interaction with another player on your ship.

    -You have to ofcourse get an npc, or recover -a- body to treat, to get someone to agent smith into it. So if you go into a situation with an empty ship, How would someone spawn into it? this means that people respawning may not have the option to respawn at your ship, until you've actually done your job.
    So perhaps in this instance, have two or so free respawns, to be able to have bodies / folks to treat, to continue that realistic vibe of "I found a guy, healed him, Now he is here."immersion, whilst providing that: "I just respawned in this ship" convenience.
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    Bursar got a reaction from LordSeb in Ship Shape - The RSI Apollo   
    With the Cutlass being modular, I will work on getting the best bed in it I can. Even if it's a single bed. In my case, it's a fallback position for an emergency and not a direct route for gameplay.
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    Bursar reacted to LordSeb in Ship Shape - The RSI Apollo   
    I got the Medivac version. The red version of triage I won't lie looks cool, but to me the Medivac feels more ambulance coloured. It might be a bit slower, but considering my combat skills having the better armour is more up my alley (Haha I managed to kill an interdicting cutlass with my 85X, but I don't imagine the AI will always be as silly and me as very very lucky).
    That the Apollo fits in my Hope  is also a tick in my box of why I bought it.  What has got me a bit stumped is what I am going to do with Apollo V.S Hope flying.
    If all that is going to happen is a T.1 bed does everything it makes a hospital sized Hope quite a bit redundant and this also is made worse by the fact if players can respawn at  other med ships. I think that respawning really should be a luxury left up to an Endeavor Hope as it makes it special and well also has a damn hangar. The only consolation is if the respawning is taken away from being a Hope exclusive I might buy more components for the Endeavor and rejig it to being more science focused with the Apollo in the hangar.
    I think that an Endeavor and Apollo will still be an amazing team, whether shuttling to the hospital or having your clinic ship working alongside a science ship. You can either way still treat the wounded and if it came to a fire fight you can get the Apollo into the Endeavor as fast as you can and rely on the Endeavor's shields, whilst you get the hell out of there.
    Cutlass Red got replaced by Apollo for me because of the medical drones, size and ability to treat more people. I would be lying if it wasn't also an aesthetic reason haha it looks a bit USS Voyager ish.

    How many of us have medical craft in Tactical Advance? Maybe if there is a lot of uptake for new medical craft we should make a medical wing. 
    If we are all lucky just like the Terrapin, the Apollo will get fast tracked because I think squadron 42 will have great need for them. 
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    Bursar reacted to PlatedWolf in Ship Shape - The RSI Apollo   
    Cutlass has been described as an ambulance, So i'd expect it's options for heavier casualties are stabilising folk and hauling ass to a more capable facility.
    Apollo on the other hand can be described as a "Clinic" with the option to do more with up to six T3 tables, or at MOST two T1 beds. -So you can either have an ambulence that hauls ass with 6 people at a time, Or if in a more remote area with engagements being few and far between, go for a more dedicated doctor playstyle.

    The point I've seen here, entailing the notion that the cutlass seems more like a dedicated ambulance, compared to the 'Polly which can be a little more versatile in it's medical role.
    Polly also has two variants as of yet, although the cutlass red -Is- a variant itself which may lead me to believe it is more of a one trick pony than it's counterpart.

    I've already seen discussions of a Polly variant which would take samples of flora and fauna for research, replacing the beds with stasis tanks or something of the sort on spectrum.

    Here are the current variants of Polly, Listing Physical differences.

    Apollo Triage:                                                                           Apollo Medivac:

    Length: 43                                                                                 Length: 43M
    Width: 30                                                                                   Width: 30
    Height: 10                                                                                 Height: 10
    Max Crew: 2                                                                             Max Crew: 2
    Armour: Medium                                                                     Armour: Heavy
    Speed: 205 M/s                                                                       Speed: 195 M/S
    Cargo: 28 SCU                                                                         Cargo: 28 SCU
    Turrets: 1 Remote w/ 2X Laser cannons.                           Turrets: 1 remote w/ 2 Balistic Gatling's.
                                                                                                       Missiles: 2x S3 Missile Racks.

    Red Stats Indicts Stats that differ from the other variant. 

    -The Video this thread is about,
    -Medical Gameplay article, Rsi
    -RSI Apollo Brochure.

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    Bursar got a reaction from LordSeb in Ship Shape - The RSI Apollo   
    Goody, a ship I dont want at last Have a Cutlass red which would appear to have 1/3rd of the capacity of the new one. Cant see any benefit for me here yet. Nice to see things moving along though
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    Bursar reacted to FriendCalledFive in Drake Vulture Q&A   
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    Bursar got a reaction from Kiwi in New Vulture   
    I think both of you are right. These big ships are going to need a lot or resources to fly, be that crew or money. The small ships make a lot more sense and I think a lot of people have overlooked the potential of the smaller ships. In this case could 5 Vultures do as much as 1 Reclaimer? Same crew numbers, but they will be simpler to operate too. Plus they looks small enough to fit inside something larger.
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    Bursar reacted to FriendCalledFive in New Vulture   
    Being more of a solo player I really like the Vulture in preference to a Reclaimer. I will be tempted when it comes up for sale.
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    Bursar reacted to Drakin in New Vulture   
    I really like the Vulture, which surprises me because I wasn't expecting much from it.
    I agree that it makes more sense than a Reclaimer for a solo player.
    However, I think it is a small enough ship that it shouldn't be too difficult to earn in game, whereas the Reclaimer will be far more difficult to earn in game.
    Personally I have a Reclaimer, which I'll get around to using whenever I can come up with sufficient crew and resources to fly it. I may well be able to earn a Vulture in game before I'm able to afford taking out my Reclaimer for more than short rides.