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    Bursar got a reaction from FriendCalledFive in Is this a graphics card issue? Just not enough oomf.   
    Pulled this from the Wiki:-
    System Requirements
    Minimum System Requirements[19] for Star Citizen, as of March 16, 2016 (Star Citizen Alpha 2.2.2) are:[20]
    OS (Operating System): Windows 7 service pack 1 (64 bit), or Windows 8 (64 bit) Processor: Quad core CPU more that Intel i5 1700 RAM: 8GB Memory GPU (Graphics Card): DirectX 11 graphics card with at least 4GB Video RAM Recommended System Requirements As of June 11, 2016, Alpha 2.4.0 are:
    OS (Operating System) - Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8 or 8.1 (64-bit) or Windows 10 (64-bit) Disk space - 200 GB SSD Processor - Quad Core CPU (Intel Core i7-4770K or comparable) RAM - 16 GB RAM GPU (Graphics Card): DirectX - Version 11- AMD A10-7700K, AMD Radeon HD 7990, GeForce GTX 780 or similar with at least 4GB Video RAM System Requirements will change as the developers continue update and optimize the testing modules of Star Citizen. The game's final recommended system requirements and minimum requirements, at launch, may be vastly different to those above.
    As you can see they are suggesting at least a 4GB card. PErsonally I prefer NVidia over AMD and have done since AMD swallowed ATi. Ive never had issues with them, but its subjective
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    Bursar reacted to Shadowbringer in Very clean and professional   
    This is a personal reflection, but I have to say that this is one of the best websites I have seen in a long time. Clean and professional aesthetics. My hat off to you.
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    Bursar reacted to Osi in New Beginnings - ideas for 1st base deployment   
    Hi Guys,
    Welcome to the group, here is some ideas i've thought of that might help us get a good start in star citizen, and successfully deploy our 1st org. settlement.
    1. Location, Location, Location
    At the start of the game it might feel tempting to just set off and build our own settlement to get started mining, but unless we know where the good areas are, (we might find some good ones during the PTU / beta phase), but we may miss something even better, we might have to hold off jumping straight in but it will all depend on how much exploration we do until launch.  Ideally id love to start on launch, but I think we might still need a period to build up some UEC balances, this might work better in our favour as we might have enough resources at this point to build multiple on 1 visit.
    Ideally this location will also not be too far away from market maybe somewhere in the range of (250-500 km away) where there is a high demand for the minerals were extracting/refining and also as not to be too easily discovered by passers by and within range of UEE patrol defences (to be determined).
    Ideally I think once we have identified a great location for our first base in the UEE, we will need an armoured escort mission with military to take the beacon to said location, (does the beacon need to be protected?) and then securely delivered to the nearest UEE land claims office.  Once the land is in our name I suggest we gather all the people looking to construct a settlement and build 1 central base with a manned presence and most of the facilities we need at this location and ensure it is well defended.  Around this location either within the 8x8 km range or just outside in another org. owned land claim, we build more mining/refining facilities, which can easily be accessible from the main base facility.
    Initally I see us bring the pioneer down to the planet and building the outposts, but I think we will need a decent military presence during this op, and an Idris delivery of several ground vehicles, for base defence including several tumbril Novas and cyclones for masking the IR signatures of the larger ships.
    3. Future Trading base
    I see us late on building a trading base away from our farms and central base as to not give away our location (very important) we could set this up at the market if its safe enough to do so, or build it in a separate location nearby the major market.  At this location we will setup outposts with defences, and another manned presence and sell product straight from our merchantmen, either by creating contracts or selling to traders directly. We will need a beacon cyclone at this location to give traders awareness of its location, we might need to have level of military presence here at all times.
    4. Outposts in Other Systems/ Non UEE territory.
    After we have successfully built up enough capital to build more risky operations away from home.
    Please feel free to add to the discussion.
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    Bursar got a reaction from Grey_cold_Wind in The Karmic Wheel.   
    Today while doing my regular 3 stop cargo run I encountered a problem. I couldnt get my Mobi Glass to pull up the Quantum Jump points. Fairly crucial as we all know. I was sitting on 46 SCU of high value cargo I had just bought and was facing a restart and blowing the lot. I popped a question into chat and a very nice person told me to just press the F2 button instead. He was right, I jumped to Olisar and made a nice profit!
    5 Minutes later he had grounded his ship on a rock and couldnt get up the rear ramp. He was in the local of my cargo run. So, I dropped my cargo, jumped out to his location and put my ramp down. He got on board and then I maneuvered my Cutlass so he could get back into his one - also full of cargo.
    Moral of the story - remember your deeds will follow you. He helped me & in return I was obliged to return the favour. Both of us gained, nobody lost and I have someone new on my contacts list. It is always worth seeing who is in chat because odds are they might know something you dont.
    Stay safe out there and avoid the idiots
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    Bursar got a reaction from AthomSmasher in Potential Intel Issues.....   
    Saw this recently, more somethig to be aware of than worried about I suspect.
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    Bursar reacted to MaK0 in On the prowl for a monitor. Any recommendations?   
    I have much the same experience as Bursar, I am currently using an Iiyama 27" GB2788HS. The FreeSync on it has gone to waste a little bit (still hoping either AMD gets its s**t together or nVidia will start to support it at some point), but otherwise its 144Hz is nice and it's bright enough even during bright summer days.
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    Bursar got a reaction from FriendCalledFive in 3.0 Cutlass Black   
    And lo it has come to pass that on this day I completed a faultless mission using a Cutlass. It wasnt very difficult, collect some cargo and transport it elsewhere. Interestingly though there were a couple of chaps who decided to try & drop me out of Quantum. It worked - twice, but judicious use of the afterburner and re-jumping solved the issue. The Cutlass has performed flawlessly. It is agile enough without being twitchy. Fast enough without being silly. Comfortably maneuverable while still being predictable and docile. It has very adequate firepower AND a turret should it be needed. Cargo is proportionate and easily accesable.
    Compared to a Freelancer, personally while I have both a Max & Dur, I am giving serious though to converting something else into a Cutlass Black - simply because it is so friendly and easy to use.
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    Bursar got a reaction from Mr Canis Majoris in New Avenger   
    Ok guys ive seen the images and I am really in two minds. Right now the Avenger really has its own niche. It's bigger than the starter ships, but not as big as the next level up. It's small, very well armed, maneuverable and a capable ship. Changes, especially in size will move this balance which I really like.
    Open to opinions.........

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    Bursar reacted to PlatedWolf in Plated Perpetual Plan of Pandering to out of proportionate splattage.   

    Endeavour Hope class w/ Telescope
    Vanguard Bombers
    Vanguard Dropships X?  (W/ complement)

    Tumbril Nova X3     (9)
    Tumbril Cyclone ReconX1   (2)
    Tumbril Turret X2   (3)
    Tumbril AA X1  (2)
    15 Dumbasses (For thinking this was a good idea.)  (Because Plated-Logic)

    Tumbril Nova X3     (9)
    Tumbril Cyclone ReconX1   (2)
    Tumbril Turret X2   (3)
    Tumbril AA X1  (2)
    15 Dumbasses (For thinking this was a good idea.)  (Because Plated-Logic)
    Op 1:
    Idris slowly descends into atmosphere and lumbering unloads it's hungry pack of man eating badgers into the realm of the enemy before chuckling quietly to itself and lifting back into the air to begin using it's huge AF cannon as Bombardment from outer-atmousphere. 

    Landing Pattern 2:
    Fly like an irrational man with his pants on fire down to the planet, opening ramp prematurely and allowing vehicles to drive out of the rear whilst in low atmosphere. A recommendation of a 30 M drop at a maximum speed of 20M/s. Kindly angle the ship irrationally to compensate for the downward angle of the ramp, to allow vehicles to drop and hopefully land on the horizontal plain, as opposed to face planting into the ground and becoming the equivalent of fence posts in the terrain. (Preffered Plated Doctrine)


    Idris Primary Designation:
    Erradication of power supply / source for deactivation of modules detrimental to operating personelle.

    Nova /Tonk Primary Designation SQ1:
    The removal of armourered threats / stationary buildings of 'Safety' Should the situation change to encounter vehicular resistence Primary will designate unto them, This also applies to "Air" targets.
    Cyclone Turret X2 Designation SQ1:
    Anti infantry support coupled with Flanking manuvers. Primary doctrine to down Targets before securing them for Capture. Men are to stay with the cyclone at all times, However may disembark for cover leaving the turret operator to "Lock down" a place. However this tact is both encouraged and frowned upon due to the now immobile cyclone becoming an emplacement thus easy to flank or attack. If should a doctrine is adopted, operators are encouraged to remain within 25 M of the vehicle at all times.
    Cyclone Recon Sq1:
    Primary objective: 
    Scout the area and potentially jam comms. The use of "Rick rolling" Over the radio to drown out noise is neither condoned, or encouraged. Provide infantry fire support as needed. Sniper rifles may be used to provide assistance from afar.

    Cyclone AA X1 SQ1:
    Provide anti air coverage, utilise the Recon & any other notions of information gathering to maintain a secure coverage. High terrain with cover is encouraged, slightly adrift from the immediate combat zone. Sniper rifles may be used to provide assistance. Team will be attached to the Recon variant in SQ1.

    SQ2: designation:
    Rince and repeat as above, provide assistance, or operate same protocol elsewhere. Potentially sit in reserve.

    Endeavour Designation:
    To remain as a respawn hub in space, protected by Idris in formational pattern, Utilising telescope to designate targets and place objectives to the ground below. Flagship. (BECAUSE WHY T/F WOULD YOU THINK THE COMMAND WAS ON HERE WHEN IT'S NEXT TO A F**KING IDRIS?!?!?)

    Idris Secondary Designation:
    Implement landing for Phase one before utilising recon of ground & Space to bombard with main cannon, provide auxiliary support to local endeavour Via secondary guns. 

    Optimum result:
    S**t is f**ked up. Clean up crew in the form of a reclaimer & various transport ships confiscate of value. Avengers lower to planet surface in the aftermath to secure prisoners and retain profit from the warzone Via bounty hunting means.

    Long Live the UEE.

    I want to f**k s**t up already.
    Terms and conditions apply, These writing are the ravings of a madman and may not be suited for actual military application. Detrimental affects to vehicles and ships are not considered and the writer will not be held responsible for any detrimental effects to personelle or assets in the implementation of these manuvers and or random acts. All personelle are to be made aware as to the mental nature of the man hatching this plan in conjunction with the notion that whilst the manufacturer of this plan may be unhappy to be made privy to the potential after effects of such a notion should they be negative in outcome, in utilising this theory to it's doctrine you are hereby agreeing upon the notion in a contractual nature that Platedwolf and #Platedlogic are not liable for any unfortunate happenstance and that in conjunction that ~platedlogic and Platedwolf are infact perfectly within their rights to steal your thunder in the aftermath of any ensured success with the words:
    "b***h, I am the brains behind this AHM A FUKKEN GENIUSSezz!"

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    Bursar got a reaction from icecurle in Let's go 3.0!   
    Hey Ice, well 3.0 is out and quite a few of us are in . I dont know the minimum Ram needed. I run 32gb. No issues for me. From reports ive seen are most are saying 16gb or 8gb but an SSD sometimes.
    Current Industry plans:-
    1) Scouting out cargo runs.
    2) Looking for opportunities and systems suitable for :- Prospectors, Orions and Reclaimers.
    3) Systems hubs, transport links etc.
    4) Linking Lore info up with other info & videos to enable easier research.
    Ice - being in NZ it should all be downhill to you so faster download
    In 3.0 I've been flying my Starfarer a lot - despite the idiots trying to shoot me....... Practice makes perfect and the fuel tanker is an awkward ship to handle. I'd urge anybody with 3.0 and a big ship to get in it and spend as much time as possible just learning how to fly and land them. It isnt easy and they really dont handle well.
    Ice have a super break & we'll catch up on the far side - i'll have a lot more hours trying not to crash into things by then
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    Bursar reacted to icecurle in Let's go 3.0!   
    Of course... I've been waiting 2 weeks for 3.0 to go live, and then I go on holiday for Christmas, without wifi or my PC, 3.0 is going live tomorrow.. hahha
    Anyway who's excited?! I know I am! Whats the plan for 3.0? Other than the moon landing, do we have any other plans or events in the org? Cannot wait to play. And does anyone know how many GB's they think 3.0 will be - it may take a couple days for me to download down here in New Zealand :0
    Please put your thoughts, plans and ideas for your to-be endeavours in 3.0. I'm guessing @Bursar has a few!
    Also I wont be able to make the community meeting so is someone able to summarise it somewhere on the forums?
    Anyone who's curious about the forum signature development, you will be glad to hear that its underway. By mid January hopefully we will have the signature generator up and running! Heres a sneak peak on what I've been working on
    I wish everyone a amazing Christmas with your families and if your alone you can rejoice in the company of yourself!
    See you in the verse on the 27th.
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    Bursar reacted to ichi in Livestream postponed 24 hours!   
    the original SQ42 demo was called the Morrow Tour, so this version is called the Two Morrow Tour
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    Bursar got a reaction from FriendCalledFive in Livestream postponed 24 hours!   
    And we're surprised that CIG have missed another target? It's what they are all about.
    To quote Douglas Adams - "I love the sound deadlines make as the go whooshing over my head" - this should be the motto of CIG
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    Bursar reacted to Drakin in Tumbril Nova Tank on pre-sale (for Concierges)   
    Yea, don't take my decision not to get one the wrong way. Definitely if it tickles your fancy, by all means get it! It will be very cool to have a tank and I'd love to borrow yours for a spin. I personally just don't see an emphasis in tank driving in my own future given the way I intend to play.
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    Bursar reacted to BooJuice in Land Grants   
    I have a herald dude
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    Bursar reacted to ichi in Land Grants   
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    Bursar got a reaction from AthomSmasher in Updated Specs My Build   
    Very nice
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    Bursar got a reaction from Naraul in Medical Profession/Medical Division   
    <<< I have a Cutlass Red Bought it specifically to offer support on the Medical front.
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    Bursar got a reaction from BooJuice in Fleet/ Organisation Name Change Suggestion   
    I joined Tactical Advance - Not some other organisation. "Imperial" Anything has Star Wars overtones. Division names are fine, broken down by either what they are or something familiar, but I like the "Tactical Advance" brand with its connections to our glorious leader - long shall he reign
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    Bursar reacted to Roy in Fleet/ Organisation Name Change Suggestion   
    Just a small correction - there is no d by the end of Tactical Advance .. as for the rest - there will be multiple names for multiple sub-divisions, there is no need to drop out brand name of organization at all
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    Bursar reacted to AirBorn4Life in My New Stream   
    I am starting a stream tonight at about 5 pm central standard time. If you can just pop in and show your support it would be very helpful! I will be playing a variety of games including Call of Duty Total War and a few others. 
    Test stream for setting up video settings and correct audio, comment on how it sounds etc.
    Steam Link^
    Twitter- Airborn_Twitch
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    Bursar reacted to ichi in Q&A Land Claims Part II   
    and don't let me catch you peeking in my windows!
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    Bursar reacted to ichi in Q&A Land Claims Part II   
    for some odd reason the link is https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/16319-Q-A-Aegis-Hammerhead

    (LOL CIG!)  but its another Q&A about land claims
    Greetings Citizens,
    Below are answers to the most voted questions in our Land Claim Licenses Q&A thread posted last week on Spectrum. Thank you for taking the time to submit and vote. In case you missed our initial Land Claim Licenses Q&A, you can find it here.
    Also, special thanks to Tony Zurovec and Erin Roberts for their help in answering your questions.

    Are there any passive expenses to owning property? (land tax, maintenance, insurance) If so, how costly will they be?
    The passive expenses associated with the ownership of property are controlled by the goods and services you purchase to protect, operate, and maintain your land and also the equipment and structures you place upon it. If your land is rich in precious metals and you’re concerned about theft, for example, you might procure your own fleet of security drones to keep close watch over your real estate, which will in turn require routine maintenance that you may elect to outsource. Alternatively, you might elect to hire mercenaries or contract with an organization to safeguard your burgeoning empire, either of which will cost you a recurring fee. Automated mining equipment, refineries, power plants, and other modules that you may construct will require ongoing capital investments for new parts and supplies to remain in working order. So passive costs will ultimately be dictated by player choices.
    Can you move a land claim, e.g. “unclaim” a piece of land you have and claim another piece instead?
    You can’t unclaim a property and switch it for another, but you can sell your property back to the UEE, a property broker or another player at an agreed or present market value. If you bought a dry patch of desert and struck gold but don’t want to bother with the excavation – or the security hassles of guarding it – you could likely sell it for a profit. If, on the other hand, you’re just looking to dump a worthless plot of land back on the original seller you’re likely going to take a pretty good hit.
    Can I kill trespassers without becoming an outlaw?
    No. Trespassing is a minor offense and will not elevate a player’s criminal status. Only players that have committed a serious transgression – such as damaging or stealing private property, including any resources that may reside beneath or upon your land – may be legally assaulted within UEE space without the attacker committing a criminal act themselves.

    Can you extend a land claim to make it bigger?
    You may add as many parcels to your estate as you wish, provided that the neighboring lots are available to claim or are for sale from another player.
    Will it be limited or controlled how much land a person or org can claim?
    There is no limit to how much land an individual player or organization can claim. However, there are enormous quantities of land available and players wanting to maximize the likelihood of earning a return on their investment will need to be selective. Further, the difficulty and expense of procuring, exploiting, and protecting that land increases with the area, meaning that most organizations will reach a natural limit as to how much property they can effectively control based upon their size.
    What if a pirate buys a land claim. Will the UEEnow be bound to protect the unlawful player?
    UEE security will engage any criminals that they encounter, regardless of whether or not they own property. They’ll also, however, act to protect the property of any private citizen, regardless of whether they are a criminal. If a property owner is a felon and in the vicinity when a UEE force arrives to deal with another player committing a crime upon their property, both the owner and the other party would be considered targets.
    Can a land claim be revoked by UEE? Do land claims ever expire if the owner has not interacted with it in a certain amount of time?
    At present, once you own a parcel of land it’s yours until you sell it.
    How far above and below the ground is considered part of our claimed land?
    A land claim gives you rights to everything on and below the surface of your parcel. The skies are community property.
    Can you Claim Part of Water ? or Just all Land?
    The oceans and other major bodies of water are considered a public resource, and as such are not available for sale. However parcels that include ponds or lakes or other liquefied resources – can be harvested for profit and belong to the land owner.
    What kind of protection against attack is covered by the license? (if any)
    The natural resources embedded upon or within your property and the objects and structures you place upon it are considered an extension of yourself. Thus, anyone attempting to steal from or attack those assets is committing a criminal act, which UEE security will deal with as they would any other transgression of a similar magnitude.
    Can we charge other players and organizations (or NPCs) rent for using our land?
    We do intend to allow players to license access to their property to other players and NPCs for a recurring fee.
    Can you place landing pads and hangars in the land you have claimed?
    We are planning to allow for the construction of landing pads – along with a variety of other modules – when building an outpost. Hangars may follow at a later date but it’s not currently on the drawing board.
    What role does insurance have in land claims?
    Your property claim is on file with the UEE and cannot be seized by another without your permission. You will be able to insure structures you build on your land.
    Will I be warned when entering land claimed by others?
    Yes. Your mobiGlas can patch into the UEE’s property network to inform you when you’re on or near private property. Since some players will want to entice others to visit their outposts, these signals can be set to either generate a warning or extend a customized welcome.
    Can I alter the terrain within my land claim, such as creating a lake?
    We don’t have any current plans to allow players to dramatically alter the topography of their land. We may, however, allow the composition of soil on the surface to be subtly altered through various processes so as to allow for more effective farming. Longer term we may support some level of localized atmospheric modification to allow further control and refinement of this endeavor.
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    Bursar reacted to ichi in Using VoiceAttack in 3.0 PTU   
    video of me using VoiceAttack to wake up in Port Olisar, get a ship, travel to a moon
    basic commands include loading a profile, adjusting TrackIR, even controlling video capture, as well as loading a ship and controlling movement
    I use a HOTAS so everything is designed to allow me to not take my hands off the stick - still a long way to go before I release the full profile but here's where we're at 
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    Bursar got a reaction from ichi in Time to wake up?   
    Hi chaps - considering 3.0 is out and we have many people in it, would it be worth looking at several actions now? :--
    1) An update to find out who is active and either in 3.0 or 2.6****
    2) An update on the ship roster. As we have recently finished a Sale period with new items & ships, we could probably benefit from knowing who has what.
    With the cargo mechanic now enabled and Mining in the nearer future, maybe we now need to see what & who we have available, possibly set some goals.

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