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  1. Greetings Citizens of Tactical Advance. Do we have a meeting today like last time? Somebody said or it was suggested on the last meeting, that we'll have meetings every two weeks on Teamspeak. Well, this Saturday is two weeks.

    1. Akanoes


      Yes, we have biweekly meetings. The meeting starts in about 5 hours.

    2. ichi


      5 PM UTC Saturday Sept 30


  2. I don't understand still very good if this is ground vehicle only or we can upgrade it to space vessel? I'd buy it only so I can upgrade it later to my dream spaceship. I need your help. Thanks in advance, Selecting out.
  3. I'm having weird problems with forum. I click submit post and it gives me error EX0. Thank God that it created my post. I was thinking it bugged out and I need to write all over again. And some forum posts I can't open. It give me different error. notetomyself: always write in word then c/p on forums.

    1. Lumpy


      I was having similar problem. I couldn't get on any of my previous posts. M_G Longshot helped me out. Try a message to him. There must be a glitch in our forums.

  4. Selecting

    Speculative ships?

    From SC FB page some say it will be space station. As much as we are eager to know what it would be, let's not hope for miracles, so we don't get disappointed.