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  1. Lots of ships are armed and shielded for going into hot areas but most of them manage to look a bit more interesting than the reclaimer xD And I do hope it will be customizable because the first thing I would do if I had one is get rid of the rubbish color scheme. Its all horses for courses though I suppose
  2. The exterior looks about as bland and dreary as a breeze block wall. And the interior aint much better. I think they are missing the mark with the rugged and industrial theme. Just because its rugged and industrial does not mean it has to be boring and bland. Loads and loads of grey tones does not shout industrial activity to me. Where do you ever see a grey digger or dumper truck on a construction site? I get that going full health and safety with it would be bad but just a little less grey would compliment it I reckon.
  3. Always found corsairs to be pretty decent quality. A bit sharp around the edges but nothing a bit of sandpaper cant sort out. Can be quite loud though. If you can get hold of some automotive sound insulation or similar it can help with the noise.
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