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  1. Kinda gutted that the Orion isn't coming out this year, and by the looks of things doesn't look like we will be leaving the system any time soon. Hopefully by the end of this year all the mechanics will be setup and then they can implement more planets and systems and just apply the mechanics to thoughs systems shouldn't be too difficult or time consuming once we have the mechanics! Next year looks promising for indepth gameplay potential and hopefully by the end of next year we will have a new system to travel to... that will spice things up!! Thanks for this @Bursar xx
  2. Hello everyone! It's Christmas Day for me now so I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas with your friends and family. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
  3. Thanks @Twistify! I only have my cellular data atm so can't watch any YouTube
  4. Haha great! sounds awesome. I'm excited to get back into the verse with the team. Thats great your getting some practise flying that mammoth, your going to have to teach me how to fly that thing! because I will be flying it around shortly also. I was more meaning how big is the download of the game? p.s like your little nz joke haha Is someone able to go over the squadron 42 live stream and let me know what happened? I missed it also :/ (Basicly just the important stuff)
  5. Hahahahahhaha thank you... made my day xD. Thanks that would be great! I'll DM you my phone number x
  6. Of course... I've been waiting 2 weeks for 3.0 to go live, and then I go on holiday for Christmas, without wifi or my PC, 3.0 is going live tomorrow.. hahha Anyway who's excited?! I know I am! Whats the plan for 3.0? Other than the moon landing, do we have any other plans or events in the org? Cannot wait to play. And does anyone know how many GB's they think 3.0 will be - it may take a couple days for me to download down here in New Zealand :0 Please put your thoughts, plans and ideas for your to-be endeavours in 3.0. I'm guessing @Bursar has a few! Also I wont be able to make the community meeting so is someone able to summarise it somewhere on the forums? Futhermore, Anyone who's curious about the forum signature development, you will be glad to hear that its underway. By mid January hopefully we will have the signature generator up and running! Heres a sneak peak on what I've been working on https://imgur.com/a/jFP5t I wish everyone a amazing Christmas with your families and if your alone you can rejoice in the company of yourself! See you in the verse on the 27th. Ice
  7. If anyone needs some designs done for Twitch, Youtube, Teamspeak, anything really, just let me know and I would be happy to help. Just put your requests below and I'll try get on to it as soon as possible!
  8. Yes, Airs right but also creating a name for the whole fleet which represents all the divisions. And then on my Expanding idea I suggested that the Divisions contain a brigade... E.g the industry divisions brigade, is called Mercury core - The Mercury core brigade
  9. Thanks for going into detail for each suggestion. I didn't suggest these ideas on their google definition I simply suggested them because PERSONALLY I think they sound like a cool fleet name. Every name I suggested was either a basic/ relatable idea or used in context. Litterally the only reason I suggested these was because of Star Wars/ Elite Dangerous and they where only intended to be ideas to think about. Again we could use the name in a lore perspective, in the future we may take over a system/ planet and could name the fleet after that.. who knows. Thanks for your input Haha thanks man. Some people just need to be more open minded towards the suggestion instead of just shutting it down straight away. But, hey it's their personal opinion and that's fine!
  10. I never once suggest imperial would be the final fleet name. I used Imperial as an example to broadcast my idea better. Bursar, I never suggest to change the Division names I just suggested to call them brigades for a more interesting space orientated idea Fixed
  11. Hello all! My Idea: I have been thinking about the organisation and its future endevouers with Star Citizen. Personally, all rights to Tactical Advanced but I don't think "Tactical Advance" is a appropriate fleet/ organisation name for the Star Citizen space cultured environment. However, I do strongly agree that Tactical Advance should continue to be the name of the Community I just think we should have a different name for the fleet. Currently the Community (teamspeak and forums) is divided into 2 main sections, Star Citizen and Other Games. My idea is that "Tactical Advance" community name represents both Star Citizen and the Other games - everything. The main part of my idea is that Star Citizen part of the community has a more orientated space name for the fleet/ organisation; similar to such as the Republic, Federal, Federation, Rebel, Imperial etc So, in the end the whole community (forums, teamspeak, etc) will remain to be Tactical Advance but the name of the fleet/ organisation will be changed to a more space orientated name. Expanding on the idea: So for the purpose of my idea I will just use "Imperial Fleet" as the name for the fleet/ organisation. So the Imperial Fleet would be the name which represents all of - Industry, Military, Diplomacy and Exploration. Expanding further another interesting idea would be calling these groups within the Imperial fleet "Brigades" - Industry Brigade, Military Brigade, etc. So in the end it would look something like this... Imperial Fleet Brigades: - Industrial - Military - Exploration - Diplomacy This could be interesting because then we could continue to create our own lore for the fleet - we could also relate the fleet name to something todo with Star Citizen's lore. Please remember this is just my idea, and my PERSONAL opinion, I would like to apologies in advanced if this has offended anyone. Please leave your honest thoughts below. Best Wishes! icecurle
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