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  1. Front page of CiG website for Concierge .... The Tumbril tracked TANK is a thing!
  2. AthomSmasher

    Hey sorry I've been away RL problems

    Thanks guys, I should be back Tuesday or Wednesday evening. Catching up on paper work right now.
  3. But now I can't access anything. P.S. I'm not one to pour my heart out re- RL sorry
  4. AthomSmasher

    Hey sorry I've been away RL problems

    I was on TS late last night and saw some new sections but couldn't access them either. I'm guessing that's where the links are?
  5. AthomSmasher

    Game breaking issue lads

    As FriendCalledFive says the patch from Microsoft hasn't made any noticeable difference I can see. The Intel Spectre patch is being deployed by the Motherboard manufacturers; my MB OEM hasn't got the patch out at last check I made. I must have another look, so thanks for the reminder
  6. AthomSmasher

    CIG Off the Hook v Crytek

    Yeah Drakin I am aware. I was just updating and intrigued. Judges don't like wasting court time The Judge seems to me to think she has enough information (my thought's), clarification of some points may be required. Could be the Judge has other more important cases to deal with etc...
  7. AthomSmasher

    CIG Off the Hook v Crytek

    Crytek v CiG Update. The Judge is considering the motion to dismiss based on the information she has from CiG & Crytek already. Here's the statement: Thursday, February 08, 2018 27 (IN CHAMBERS) ORDER by Judge Dolly M. Gee: The Court finds that Defendant's Motion to Dismiss the First Amended Complaint or Claims for Relief Therein or, in the Alternative, for a More Definite Statement and to Strike Certain Portions of the First Amended Complaint (FRCP 12(B)(6), 12(E) & 12(f))19 presently scheduled for hearing on February 9, 2018, is appropriate for decision without oral argument. Fed. R. Civ. P. 78(b); C.D. L.R. 7-15. Accordingly, the motion is taken UNDER SUBMISSION and the hearing is vacated. IT IS SO ORDERED. THERE IS NO PDF DOCUMENT ASSOCIATED WITH THIS ENTRY. (kti) TEXT ONLY ENTRY Link to source: https://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/comments/7w92iw/crytek_vs_cig_judge_says_no_oral_arguments_needed/ I know, it's Montoya
  8. AthomSmasher

    Game breaking issue lads

    Intel to release patch for chip security issues: https://www.engadget.com/2018/02/08/intel-spectre-cpu-patch/?utm_campaign=crowdfire&utm_content=crowdfire&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter#864285827056238593-tw#1518104627404
  9. AthomSmasher

    Loaner Of The Month - Andromeda

    After spending a lot of time flying the Andromeda I have to agree. The manoeuvrability and acceleration/top speed are somewhat underwhelming. I'm certainly hoping for a few tweaks.
  10. AthomSmasher

    Patch 3.01 in Evocati .... Allegedly

    Thanks Akanoes
  11. Apparently a patch is now being tested by Evocati which is an interim till 3.1 release in March. Info from Boredgamer who got it from Reddit. Found the Reddit link:
  12. AthomSmasher

    Subscriber's Town Hall January 2018

    Thanks AKA-noes Missed it earlier
  13. AthomSmasher

    CIG Off the Hook v Crytek

    And here is You Tubers Law's interpretation: It seems to now be a wait and see
  14. AthomSmasher

    FYI: In game chat is now working again

    Cool. It was a pain in the neck for sure EDIT: If chat don't work on login, delete your USER File and try again. This worked for me after finding out that it doesn't work just from log-on.
  15. AthomSmasher

    Story and Music! Week 1

    Gigowatt that is excellent. I really enjoyed reading and listening to each part. I agree with Lumpy, you are now our official story teller Just one thing though. In your story you said: "I AM RUNNING!" Cerulean said loudly, but not shouting. He was definitely in control of his faculties." I'm not entirely sure that Cerulean has or could be "In control of his faculties" A minor thing I know
  16. AthomSmasher

    CIG Off the Hook v Crytek

    CiG reply update: I'll be interested in what YouTuber Law says.
  17. AthomSmasher

    Problem with "General Questions & Chat" section

    Ahh right. Thanks TAC
  18. Every time I open this section it puts in my last post to GQC? I have just deleted the "Last post" stuff, so will post this to see if it happens again; brb Okay. It seems not to be repeating my "Last post" now, so a glitch. Not sure I explained the problem very well .... So, ASK
  19. AthomSmasher

    Problem with "General Questions & Chat" section

    General Questions & Chat ............................ Roy
  20. AthomSmasher

    Reverse the Verse - Squadron 42 Q&A

    Yes, on review you are correct Roy
  21. AthomSmasher

    Reverse the Verse - Squadron 42 Q&A

    Lots of info in RV, for instance; a patch before 3.1 to address some issues
  22. AthomSmasher

    New Road Map for 2018

    Disclaimer: Everything is 'Subject to change' + 'SOON TM' + SURPRISE!!!! Seriously, the Road Map does seem a little light to me. It is possible there's other stuff not announced yet. We will see I guess.
  23. AthomSmasher

    Spectrum website update

    It was mentioned by Boredgamer on the Redacted pod cast. I deliberately said "Apparently" because Bored didn't elaborate on the source. Sorry for not making that clear.
  24. AthomSmasher

    Spectrum website update

    Apparently the new Spectrum website will be done tomorrow, Thursday 25/01/18
  25. AthomSmasher

    GPU Patience.

    More money .................