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  1. Ok ship line up change, I now have an Arrow, an Ares, a Perseus and a Gladius.
  2. Hey as it stands right now we have 4 tanks, 2 ballista's and 2 Ursa Rovers for ground combat, who else has some ground vehicles they are letting the org use?
  3. I have an Anvil Arrow, an Ares Inferno and the Aegis Nautilus.
  4. Hey does any one know if the new mustang delta has an ejection seat? also with the new rework does it still do a nose dip when you engage boost? we seem to have a nice assortment of light fighters so it would be nice if it was brought up a level.
  5. Hey every one 3.0 has not been a very good treat, I actually cannot even control my ship. The pip accelerates at a ridiculous rate and you cannot find the dead zone, I have found some other people on the forums who are having a similar issue and there has been a ticket started, it is STARC-49501 I was hoping some people could also contribute to it so they can fix it. It seems like in 2.5 they thought the ships moved like airplanes and were fighting to far away from each other so they made the ships move like drones with no mass for 2.6 than 2.6 they thought the ships had no inertia
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