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  1. AlecI

    Best Website Ever

    Great website! web archive was fun to look at
  2. AlecI

    My new T's are in

    Looks awesome :) I must get 1 :o
  3. AlecI

    Rainbow Six Siege

    Looks great fun!
  4. Really helpful man, thanks!
  5. AlecI

    This is so true

    That's brilliant haha!
  6. AlecI

    new size comparisons inc. the Redeemer

    That Reclaimer is one big ship.. damn
  7. AlecI

    Dishonored £2.49

    ohhhhhh nice, I shall be getting that!
  8. AlecI

    The Tactical Advance Fleet

    I have a few new ships since that post :D - RSI CONSTELLATION - ORIGIN M50 RACER - AVENGER - AURORA MR +
  9. AlecI

    Suggestion. Not too serious.

    Yeah some of us used to play that, it was great fun!
  10. AlecI

    Ship Size Comparison Chart

    Oh nice, thanks!
  11. Darn it, I have work so I am going to miss it :(
  12. AlecI

    No Man's Sky

    Yeah I saw this at E3 also, looks like it is going to be amazing.