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  1. Apologise to all,


    Really sorry I've not ben active on the forum or TS the last couple of weeks gentlemen.

    I got rushed into hospital with a burst appendix with severe infection.

    I am slowly recovering and I will try to be back ASAP! 


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    2. 2woFace


      thx guys getting stronger each day... developed a air pocket between my lings and my rib cage, so back in hospital tomorrow to have a needle in.

      missing the verse and can't wait to get back on Ts to meet some more of you great org members :-)

    3. Spacegod


      Best of luck! Hope to see you back soon, best wishes. 

    4. AthomSmasher


      Ooh flipping eck! Like the others said, just get better .... SOON! :-)

  2. Thank you for accepting me into your org, it's is with extreme pleasure I am here, always willing to help others if needed.

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    2. Bursar
    3. Roy


      Hey 2woFace, welcome.

      Please create a topic under basic training in Academy, and confirm that you're ok to make TA your main organization (you are currently listing XPLOR as your main)

    4. 2woFace


      Thank you for the warm welcome guys ;-)