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  1. Hi Tac, I originally signed up here on the forum, then on the RSI site. EnlistedFeb 12, 2014 UEE Citizen Record #388737 Handle nameAnglerFish Vice Admiral When I follow that link above it send me to RSI TA, then go to 'register on our website,' the landing screen just talks about teamspeak. "say hello" and "download the TS client." I already have TS and there's no details about becoming a member. There's 4 steps according to the background image and I've already done 3 (RSI website.) Slightly confused as I've been a community member on this forum for many years now and now I'd like to become a full member. I suppose as long as I'm a member on the RSI that's good enough at this point, I can keep comms open on discord and TS. Cheers for the help Henry
  2. Sorry if the info is elsewhere. How do I go from cummunity member to member status? I'm in the org in game and on discord. Any advice is appreciated. Regards, Henry
  3. I would personally prefer to use Discord, it's better with multimedia
  4. This is very exciting news! The language used does seem to point towards this gameplay/ship. Not long now. It's been a while since I've logged onto TAC Advance, have been assigned roles in game yet?
  5. I don't know but that jacket is mint
  6. Will is contain sensitive information, like rare mining material locations? We wouldn't want that to fall into the wrong hands Members only area/page?
  7. Amazing! I'll be on in the near future
  8. That sounds like a bad idea to me. Cool on paper though. Input lag has to be extremely low in order not to make the user feel sick. From what i've heard mobile VR is nothing compared to wired PC VR. Edit spicy GFX demo
  9. I'm ready to go back but with next gen engines Personally fed up with future/modern guns, they lack character! Also hyped for ....
  10. It's hard to tell, you have the occupations/styles covered but we are still mostly using single seat ships. Once the game opens up to mid size and capital ships I think the core design will change a lot. We do have the connie to fly but it's hard to get a full team due to getting friends in the same server instance right now. I fly my vanguard all the time, but solo, and I miss out on having a decent turret gunner and engineer. My point is it's too early to judge "covering bases" because it's all about to change and we're only looking at a small picture. I guess you're good if you flying solo but then you'd miss out on the mining ships and endeavor scale of things. Multi-crew is where the game gets interesting for me. With that amount of metal you could get a hefty ship in the future then again I'm sure I'll need some crew! All aboard! Edit Not to say flying solo won't have it's advantages lol
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