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  1. Epic ship congrats on the buy!
  2. I see what you mean there. That's epic you have the max, I'm sure that ship will be great! If not great one of the best in the game. The dur is one bad ass looking boat too I'm not going to lie. The dur with the mis load out on the wings, that will be a serious force for exploration. And you can land a lancer in a capital vessel which I'm sure will make it of value "for the org!". Definitely can say connies are a slug boat, lacking in many areas, but Andros fire power and just something about the looks of the ships series makes it feel something out of a movie, in my opinion the closest ship to that millennium falcon feel "That old cargo hauler" and later it turns out "This is the ship that made the Kessel Run in fourteen parsecs?" "Twelve!" ;}
  3. Good day sirs hope its going well, I loved the freelancer it was a great ship, but something about having ships from different brands bothers me lol, and I like the Rsi ships. The Taurus seemed like the best bang for the buck, and lets hope it can outfit turrets and weapons at a later date, if not the andro is the way to go with that fire power and the ability to later add a scanner to one of the turrets. Personally love the andro for that snazzy white interior, but the lack of extra cargo space for a rover and cargo at the same time and the snub on the back are things I don't like about it, especially since the snub fighter wasn't made by the same manufacture, I'm just weird like that. The idea of having a snub fighter is amazing but its not rsi. Also the price, you can get into the connie line for much cheaper with the Taurus which more than likely will go up in value at a later date, maybe 20 bucks more, making it easier to decide if upgrading to the andro is the right choice. I'm 50 50, if we are doing mainly cargo, or at least me personally that's what I want to do but don't want to fly the hulls or something that isn't aesthetically pleasing, or will have no later purpose in end game play like exploring once the money is made, or just taking a brake from cargo runs, then the Taurus all day, but if it cant defend it self then might as well go for the andro, for that end game multi purpose ship. Also so far its been the only ship I've been able to get lti on so I'm kind of stuck with it once I've upgraded to the andro. Kind of to early to tell, will be deciding once the Taurus comes out though, just some personal thoughts I guess.
  4. As a Rsi fan boy I hope they add this ship, I mean just look at it, it's gorgeous. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/50172/thread/new-rsi-northstar-official-thread-wip Hope this is ok, its my first topic on the forum
  5. Spacegod

    A cool fan made ship

    Wow great work dude and thanks!