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  1. cranker_up

    New Enterprise!!!

    I find this so interesting looking at the development of things like this very very interesting!
  2. cranker_up

    Great F2P

    I would play it if i had someone to play it with!
  3. cranker_up

    Gamer Tags

    Steam- cranker_up Origin- cranker_X_up Psn- cranker_up (ps3)
  4. cranker_up

    Luxury Connie!

    The connie just keeps getting better and better :D
  5. cranker_up

    freelancer advert (pretty bad ass)

    It sounded like a ford F150 commercial
  6. Aurora can hold its own for a while but the hornets mini-guns shread through stuff
  7. cranker_up

    Caption Contest 5

    The cream is a lie
  8. cranker_up

    New Arena Commander teaser video

    dont really know why they posted an 18 second video kinda makes me still a bit worried :shock:
  9. cranker_up

    New Avenger variant

    :oops: ahhhhh
  10. cranker_up

    DFM Delayed

    Yes I was a bit upset but I realized I would way rather play a game where I wouldn't crash every two minutes because something spawned. But I was hoping that maybe they could maybe just release a map where we could just fly around in, I know as many of people just want to fly!
  11. cranker_up

    BF3 Now free on Origin

    For a while because its origins, game on the house thing
  12. BF3 is now free with Origin's on the house deal, pretty sure most people have this game but if you don't just letting you guys know you can get the game for free!
  13. Sounds cool to me, count me in!
  14. cranker_up

    ArcheAge - Thoughts?

    really looking forward to this game, seems to be a blast
  15. cranker_up

    F-18 E Reskins

    Very cool very cool