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  1. Hey guys. Very Random enquiry here but I'm looking to upgrade my graphics card very soon. Slaine gave me the great Idea of asking here if anybody had any spare parts they were looking to get rid of. If so it would be great if could let me know...message me and we'll talk about a price!! Cheers peeps
  2. I'll deffo be there dude i've been looking forward to something like this!!
  3. Well hopefully if its a know issue it will be solved as soon as possible
  4. Hey guys, Gaarafam here. Im gonna be hosting an event this Saturday after the meeting, It will hopefully consist of us jumping into Arena Commanders Free Flight Mode (Normally the most stable least graphically intesive mode in the game), Showing off all our shiney ships and from there we'll be doing a few races / rounds of pirate and vandull swarm. If the free flight is still on and we can only select the 300 series then we'll be jumping into the verse where i can show people which missions stack up the most UEC and how to get to jump town. Anyone interested let me know and add your RSI Profile Link to the link below and be sure that you're following Gaarafam on the RSI site so we can spend as little time as possible grouping up.
  5. Hey guys well up for this and I'll also be hosting an event next week where we jump into free flight, show of all our fancy ships and mess around like we usually do. Just to get people flying together and having fun. Maybe do some vandall swarm and some races... It will start at 8pm UTC
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