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  1. I have taken all of precautions you can think off, taken picture in two different phone and uploaded them in to the cloud used my high res SLR camera, and backed the photos in two different drive and in cloud.... and i managed to misplace two keys... LOL
  2. Hello everyone, Here is a post I found today in SC reddit that shows the Quantum Travel time from PO to Arc corp and Hurston based on your Quantum Drive. Not sure how accurate but it will give you a ballpark of the time. Note as SC is still in development these may change. Fly safe Thul
  3. Well, I see some Muscle Flexing here, my spec: Asus ROG Strix 1080ti OC to 2012MHz Core I7-8700K no OC due to stability issue need to troubleshoot but I have no time. 32GB of DDR4-3000 Playing in 3440 X 1440 res avg FPS is 61.
  4. So Anthem launches in a couple of days, so let's do a small poll to see who is interested in the game. Also if you wish to add your ID for Origin or any other platform you use. My Origin ID is Thul-Qarnayjn
  5. Ah I forgot that the caterpillar had a turret down under :P
  6. I'll make sure you are nowhere to be seen when I decide to jump
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