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  1. Yes it works nicely . Needs more functionality. But essentially it feels like your pressing the MFD on the ship with touch screen . Very useful for all the keybinds. Probably more useful for Hotas pilots then keyboard . Bit more video below https://imgur.com/a/nZGqB7R
  2. check it out https://imgur.com/a/PTC3efT
  3. Hi , I’m using t1600m fro left stick and thrusmaster warthog on the right. Recently bought some pedals , but so far not been able to map them . Cant beat dual sticks for immersion for space combat . ( in my opinion :)) . Let hope the new flight model makes it a more viable option .
  4. size 5 on the turrets from size 4......keeps getting better. improved range and DPS
  5. killswiitch


    my setup, the attachments are all from monstertec
  6. welcome to the club!! about the club logo. had a friend do it and it had 2 revisions. will leave it for now. thanks for the comments
  7. The official logo .

    © Killswiitch

  8. Your probably right , but the thrill of firing 4 size 4 Gatling guns ....even for 1 second will be a thing of pure exhilaration 😬 working on a club badge for the forums and motto . ”To Protect and Serve “
  9. welcome to the club :)...gatlings are awsome
  10. I currently own Prospector dragonfly aurora mr hammerhead Polaris F7A hornet military upgrade all subject to change...:}
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