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  1. Also AMD new CPU and motherboard need some tweaking.
  2. Hallgrimd


    I found the great wall of china on Lyria!
  3. I'm also dying ramdomly. Died on my cutlass on the ramp at paradise cove and other time on hurston doing fps mission I died entering the bunker. Had also other issues like coming out of qt at any R&R station then game crash.
  4. I'm up for it. Might also get another that isn't part of our clan to join. He a game reviewer here in South Africa.
  5. Have to wait and see when it is in game. I don't like the exterior but think the interior is better. Like ships that has corridors and rooms to make the interior interesting.
  6. Here is a video where to find hunter masks in The Division 2.
  7. Yes Set the voltage to 1.200 just like in this video. System was fine just on desktop but after 30min in a game it will blue screen.
  8. Update had to lower my CPU to 4.4ghz because of blue screen of death. LORVILLE 36fps Leaving Hurston 55fps quantum travel 40fps Viewing my ship from third person view fps went up to 77fps
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