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  1. Hallgrimd

    Flight pedals(rudder)

    Currently using logitech extreme 3D. https://www.wootware.co.za/logitech-942-000031-extreme-3d-pro-joystick.html Was thinking of getting the T-16000M FCS Flight Pack. https://www.evetech.co.za/thrustmaster-tm2960782-joystick-t-16000m-fcs-flight-pack/best-deal/4056.aspx Can get it also without the flight pedals for half the price. So just wondering if they worth it. My mind is split between dual sticks and throttle with stick.
  2. Hi all Currently I'm burrowing a joystick to play star citizen and can't go back to keyboard and mouse. So looking at getting a Hotas. Just want to know if anyone in the org using flight pedals with theirs hotas. Would you recommend getting them? Regards
  3. Received my new headset today the Sennheiser GSP 500. Will chech how they are tonight. Here is a review about them Sennheiser GSP500
  4. Hallgrimd

    Whats your Star Citizen number?

  5. Hallgrimd

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas all!
  6. Hallgrimd

    Anthem - Gear and Progression Gameplay

  7. This is my current fleet
  8. Hallgrimd

    Apology to the Connie.

    So far enjoying the free flight weekend to figure out what kind of ships I enjoy flying. So far I don't like flying the bigger multi crew ships. They just to slow for me and I feel lonely flying them. Looking forward to the Aegis event. Really want to test the Sabre before I decide to buy it.
  9. Hallgrimd

    So....what ship do you have?

    Hi Got standard Hornet F7C (going to upgrade it to the tracker version) and going to buy later Avenger Titan (just to have a ship with some cargo space)