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    dont mobi and drive

    Awesome driving
  2. Hallgrimd


    Almost looks like your ship is a submarine under water :P
  3. I might upgrade my cutlass blue to it depending the price. Not that I want, just to test it out and later upgrade it to the prowler that I actually wants.
  4. Also AMD new CPU and motherboard need some tweaking.
  5. Hallgrimd


    I found the great wall of china on Lyria!
  6. Hi everyone Are you joining? I'm hosting FPS event on 6th July the Saturday evening around 7:00 PM UTC. Have a few matches in Marine commander and later go in the verse and do some bunker missions on Hurston. Anyone interested please add your RSI Profile Link to http://forums.tacticaladvance.co.uk/topic/8321-share-your-rsi-profile-link-for-live/ And also please follow everyone in that post.
  7. I'm also dying ramdomly. Died on my cutlass on the ramp at paradise cove and other time on hurston doing fps mission I died entering the bunker. Had also other issues like coming out of qt at any R&R station then game crash.
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