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  1. Hey Gigowatt, As a player keenly interested in the MISC Endeavor for it's medical purposes, I generally keep tabs on all news related to the ship. Bursar, the Director of Industry also shares a keen interest in this endeavor (no pun intended). As of late, there has been no news of late regarding the MISC Capital Platform. The last update we got was sometime back in 2018, just after Citizen Con. At that point, we were informed that they wanted to make the Endeavor larger to better accommodate some of the modules that will be available for the ship. While I don't have the source handy to cite, you may have noticed that the Endeavors Price continues to raise as the years go by. As for just how much larger the ship is getting, there is no officially stated size, but the ballpark figure that's been thrown around is roughly 100m which would bring the total size of the MISC Endeavor to 300m. Now anything beyond this is pure speculation, but this potentially could mean a variety of things from more Modules, to a redesign of the concept we saw back in 2016. Either way, that's pretty much the latest on the MISC Endeavor for now. For certain it will be one of the last ships to come out of the pipeline, so I wouldn't expect anything on it until after Squadron 42 is released to us backers to play. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask anyone on the Forums, Teamspeak, or Discord. We're always happy to answer them to the best of our knowledge.
  2. Hello Everyone! I hope 2020 has been treating you well. Later in the week, I'm going to make a forum post about medical, and in it I'd like to take the opportunity to answer some questions you might have in regards. Send over a DM on the forum and I'll do my best to respond when I make the posting. 

    1. Gigowatt


      Saal, you're gonna be like one of those doctors who renders services for money under the table right? 

    2. BooJuice


      Five months in and it's all gone to s**t Saal 😂 

  3. Today is the final day of the decade! Cheers everyone!

  4. I've an Endeavor and Corsair for my main ships, and then 3x Pisces and an ARGO SRV Cargo to act as shuttles. This is by no means final, but it's what I currently have. In CitizenCon's Ship Panel, they announced 4 new concepts, and I'm highly interested in concept 3. I would upgrade one of my Pieces to it if given the opportunity.
  5. The Anvil C8X Pisces is now flyable in-game and can be purchased here.
  6. Wowzers, 3 Capital Class ships and only at a cost of a little bit more? Nicely scored mate and congrats on getting the Kraken. See you in the 'verse!
  7. Welcome back Mark, There is a distinct likelyhood that these vessels and many more shall become available once again during Star Citizen's Anniversary where they have a massive unvault on ships. While you will not be able to achieve lifetime insurance, this would be your best bet for attaining the ship. As I've explained in a previous post, here, there are optimized ways of attaining figuratively "more" in Star Citizen for the same price, through careful planning and patience. While Ebay is certainly a valid avenue which (with enough digging) could yield better results, the Above methods remain tried and tested. Additionally with November now less than 2 months away, the Anniversary Sale is upon us. Whichever avenue you pursue, I wish you luck in your enveavor(s). See you in the 'verse.
  8. If the Carrack can fit an Ursa Rover, it should be able to fit most vehicles. The cargo section is quite sizable which means leeway when it comes to these things. In terms of loading the cargo bay, look to classical designs such as the Constellation and 890 Jump. Elevators would appear to be the popular avenue for CIG's Cargo Loading solutions. Nothing wrong with that either, since larger ships such as the Carrack and the Hammerhead honestly need all the clearance they can get. It wont do you too good to be unable to land when you get your destination of choice, now will it? Edit: And after revisiting that video I am reminded that they've still opted for a lower Carrack with ramps. We're still getting a massive cargo hold on her though.
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